Rockshox Reverb Dropper Post: Customer Review (Because Hydraulic is Cool)

Do you have a dropper post on your bike yet? If you don't already, take our customer Tim's advice, get one! In this review, Tim Nuccio walks us through his Rockshox Reverb dropper post on his Surly fat bike. Tim is a fan of the Reverb's hydraulic action. Check it out below!

First of all, if you're on the fence about getting a dropper post, you need one. It will totally transform your riding. I am an intermediate level rider at best, and I can honestly say that the dropper post did make a huge difference in my confidence. You're riding a mountain bike because you're near the mountains and let's face it, you love going downhill. Downhill is when you will love having your dropper, and you will quickly learn to activate it in a pinch when you need it. Just punch the button and down you go.

Rockshox Reverb Dropper Post Review

I was going to buy another brand of dropper, but I ended up going with the Rockshox Reverb because 1) it comes factory on several high-end bikes, 2) it's rebuildable with parts available online, and 3) I like the idea of hydraulic activation vs. mechanical. Hydraulic might seem more complicated, but it's very easy to bleed and less hassle than adding more wearable parts (cable, housing). The bleed kit is included. I can bleed the post in five minutes at most. There are videos on Youtube to show you how to do it. I recommend watching them. Once you do, you'll realize that you can bleed this post in less time than it takes to watch the video.

Rockshox Reverb Dropper Post Review

Finally, measure carefully. I thought I could fit a 150mm dropper, but with further measurement, my saddle would have been 4-5mm too high. I went with the 125mm and it has plenty of drop; I rarely use it all. I ride a small frame. Bigger guys will want more. Of course, install the largest drop you can fit. The most important measurement is to make sure that you have enough between the top of the seat clamp and the seat rails. You also want to loosen your existing post and run it all the way in to make sure you will have enough room such that your post will fit in the tube. Every brand has these two measurements on their website. Look them up and avoid the hassle of it not fitting. For me, having another inch of up and down measurement beat having an extra inch of drop. It takes five minutes with a tape measure to confirm, so do it first.

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July 22, 2018

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