RideWrap Covered Dual Suspension MTB Frame Protection Kit [Rider Review]

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If you work hard for the money to get your dream bike you might want to protect the frame. The last thing you want to do is worry about your expensive mountain bike frame. Our friend Sean walks us through his experience with the RideWrap Covered Dual Suspension MTB Frame Protection Kit. Check it out!

RideWrap Covered Dual Suspension MTB Frame Protection Kit Rider Review


A few years ago I started putting frame protection on my bikes. Yes, I know - it's a mountain bike so scratches are expected, but I was the kid that didn't want other kids playing with his stuff because they would undoubtedly break something. So when it comes to protecting what outside of my family (and dogs) are most important to me, I'll spend a little extra for the peace of mind that comes with "wrapping" your bike.

I've used countless brands of frame protection (Invisiframe, UPLND STOKE, AMS, etc.), and I keep coming back to RideWrap as my clear favorite. I typically like to go all-in with a full-frame wrap, but that wasn't an option just yet with my new bike (Revel Ranger), so I opted for the Covered Dual Suspension Frame Protection Kit. While this covered many of the key areas on the bike (downtube, top tube, seat, and chainstays), I would highly recommend going with the specific frame protection option if it is available for your frame. The price difference is around $30, and the full-frame kit covers every inch of the frame perfectly. With that being said, the ease of application and ability to withstand hits for the RideWrap kits is top-notch.

RideWrap Covered Dual Suspension MTB Frame Protection Kit Rider Review

This looked to be their best option for covering most of the bike without going the frame specific route.

When it comes to installing, the trick is a squirt bottle with a little bit of baby soap in it. I'm pretty sure RideWrap mentions this in their instructions somewhere, and every kit comes with VERY detailed instructions if you have not ever put it on before. Keep your hands, bike, and piece that you're applying wet, and then you just work out the bubbles from the middle out using the provided tool. Don't get me wrong, it can for sure be frustrating, but after using many of the leading brands, I think the RideWrap material is easier to work with and as long as the piece stays wet, does a good job of keeping away those pesky fingerprints. When installing the generic kit, there is more room for error though, and the install process is much easier than with the frame-specific kit. I did need to cut some pieces, and it's super easy to do so with the kit still on the backing. I've had a couple of spills since installing the kit, and the chainstay protection did what it was supposed to do! There just looks to be a little cut in the wrap, but no scratches or damage to the frame itself.

RideWrap Covered Dual Suspension MTB Frame Protection Kit Rider Review
I also purchased the generic fork protection kit from RideWrap for my Rockshox SID Ultimate. This kit provided a ton of protection, and it honestly might be the route I go going forward versus fork specific kits. The lower pieces wrapped nicely around and were a breeze to install. I don't see needing really any more protection than what the kit provided.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, RideWrap is in my opinion the best frame protection out there. Install isn't too bad, and the stuff holds up to some abuse! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some frame protection for their bikes!

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January 16, 2021

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