Ride 5Dev Trail/Enduro Crankset [Rider Review]

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If you're the type of person that appreciated well machined products, you will defiantly love 5Dev cranks. Their products are all machined in San Diego, CA. Our friend, Scott, is running their Crankset. See how they like them! 

Ride 5Dev Trail/Enduro Crankset


These are some really nice cranks! The machine work on these is spectacular and I get the feeling that they are probably the best crankset, in terms of durability, that you can buy.
The cranks came quickly in the mail and I was super excited to get them unboxed and on the bike.
I installed them on my 2022 Ibis Ripmo Carbon Frame.

The install:
They looked really nice in person and I was impressed by the fact that the spindle was machined as a separate piece that was threaded on both sides. It was a new concept for me but self-explanatory and the installation was very simple. I was running a SRAM AXS drivetrain so I didn’t need to source a special chainring as the cranks mount the 3 bolt chainrings. If you’re running Shimano you would get a chainring that has the 3 bolt mount but the Hyper Glide tooth profile. They use a spindle that is compatible with SRAM DUB bottom brackets and this was especially helpful for me as that is what I was already running. I really hate it when I have to change a bottom bracket to put on a new crankset if the one I’m using is still operating smoothly. It’s just another thing that made the installation of these cranks extremely easy and pleasant.
They may be a little heavier than the carbon XX1 cranks I took off, but appear to be much stronger.
These should outlast your bike.

Ride Impressions:
I bought the 165mm versions because I continually seem to have pedal strikes here in the Sierra Nevadas. The 165mm length has really solved this problem for me and I don’t really notice the difference in leverage so it was well worth it for me. They are holding up great to everything the trail throws at them so far. I did notice that the black finish seems to be a bit more scratch resistant than the Kash coating on the pedals and chainring I bought from them. Time will tell if they will rub silver from my feet slipping off the pedals, but so far I don’t see any evidence of that. Also, there isn’t a clear protective sticker to protect them as my carbon crank arms had. This isn’t going to be possible because they have holes in them to reduce weight. I’m fine with that as well because they always get dirt under the edges and make your cranks look old.

Final Thoughts

As far as I can tell these are superior cranks to anything I’ve ever seen. They are machined perfectly and look stunning. I paired these with the 5Dev oval chainring and their flat pedals. It really made the bike pop, especially with the Kash coating on the chainring and pedals! I’m sold on this company and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.I expect to see big things from this company in the coming years for sure!
Ride 5Dev Trail/Enduro Crankset

September 08, 2022

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