Renthal FatBar V2 Handlebar: Rider Review

There are only a few contact points you have with your bike. Of course, your handlebar can affect how your bike feels. A slight difference in the bend or rise can feel completely different. Our valued customer Darryl Chereshkoff Shares his experience with his new Renthal FatBar V2 handlebars. Check it out!

Renthal FatBar V2 Review

As soon as Renthal announced their new FatBar V2 aluminum handlebars, I counted the days until they were released. I'm a huge fan of Renthal's "flatter" feel with a little less back sweep than a lot of the other brands and the new 800mm width now fit my Greek God-like shoulders perfectly too. To top all of that off, they were finally available in black, instead of that weird, kind of gold color that matched absolutely nothing on any bike on the planet, ever.

I'm also a fan of the 31.8mm stem interface as it gives me the best feel and it's lighter than 35mm too. I've seen at least one new handlebar press release that said the manufacturer "designed their new 35mm bar to feel more like a 31.8" (The only thing better than that is a carbon rim maker saying they made their rims to feel more like aluminum... but I digress).

Renthal FatBar V2 Review

I paired my black 30mm rise bars with a 50mm Syntace Megaforce 2 stem on my 2019 Chameleon S+ and could not be happier with either. I'm 215lbs and have never been called weak and these bars and stem are rock solid, without being harsh on my rocky SoCal high desert trails.
Renthal FatBar V2 Review
There is a laser etched aligning grid on the top of the bars so you can easily get them centered and rolled to your liking with any stem. They also have a super tough bead blasted finish that really holds up better than any other handlebar I have used in terms of scratches and whatnot..... You know you care about that stuff too, don't act all kool.

I ordered them from WWC on Saturday morning and had them installed on Tuesday..... Always top notch service from WWC, both online and in person as well.

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January 17, 2019

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