Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon Handlebar: Rider Review

One of the most popular upgrades for your bike could possibly be the handlebars. It's not a costly upgrade but has a massive impact on how your rig can feel. Our friend Peter shares his thoughts on the Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon bars he purchased. Check it out!

Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon Handlebars Rider Review


Just recently started a new dream project of mine and finally did my first frame up build. It was originally a parts bin special, slowly but surely have made it piece by piece my dream bike. I certainly had to put the best of the best on within reason.

Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon Handlebars Rider Review
When it came to handlebars I knew it would have to be carbon as I need all the extra comfort and vibration reduction I can get for my tired old hands yet still have performance. I selected the Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon bars for their size, build quality, and excellent reputation from motocross to mtb. On top of that, they are ridiculously light and I got a great price from Worldwide Cyclery. I have a set of Raceface Next bars that are a few seasons old on my hardtail and thought they were good but the Renthal bars felt better and of higher quality. The sweep and 30mm rise are working nicely for my monster truck trail riding style. I rode primarily Midwestern trails that are tight and twisty so the 740 width is ideal.

Final Thoughts

Looks great feels good and makes me happy to grab. Only downsides I could mention is that they seem to show marks pretty easily which kind of stinks when you are trying to feel out a new cockpit and constantly adjusting positions. Still would definitely buy again.

Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon Handlebars Rider Review CTA

July 06, 2019

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