Renthal FatBar Carbon V2 Handlebar [Rider Review]

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Renthal has been dominating the moto scene for years so it should be no surprise to see their MTB handlebars doing so well. The Renthal FatBar Carbon V2 handlebars look great and get the job done. In this review, our customer picks up a new set for his bike. Check it out!

Renthal FatBar Carbon V2 Handlebar Rider Review


Being new to mountain biking for almost a year now, I have been riding local trails and some downhill rides. I had been looking to get more comfortable on the bike for more mileage and longer rides. I watched reviews from Worldwide Cyclery on upgrades to accomplish what I was after. I decided on the Renthal Fat Bar Carbon V2 handlebar because it fit my preference of a 40mm rise and an 800mm width. I wanted to start making lighter upgrades to my bike while achieving comfort. Being an avid motocrosser, I am familiar with the Renthal brand and use their bars on my motorcycle. Renthal has a reputation for durability and different styles or fitments to choose from. After doing some research with other options of a handlebar it came back to the preference of size and patriotism to Renthal. I like to support the brands that support our sports.


I decided to purchase the Renthal Fat Bar Carbon V2 handlebars along with Odi Ruffian lock-on grips and a WTB Volt saddle. The purchase was made during the pandemic; however, the Worldwide Cyclery kept its promise to deliver and kept in communication throughout the whole process. Another deciding factor to purchase was the discount the Worldwide Cyclery crew sent for first time purchase. I have also received additional discounts from them through email.


Upon delivery and myself being somewhat mechanically inclined, the bars were seemingly easy to install. The first step of the installation was the removal of the old stock bars along with shifters and brakes. This is where the lock on grips comes in handy. I had to remove the grips of the old bars for the removal of the other components. I used a cell phone app to find the angle of shifters and levers so that going back on with them would put me in a general area and then be able to fine-tune them. I was a little concerned about the 800mm width coming from a 780mm. After installing the bars, I noticed there was not enough difference between the two different widths. 

Renthal FatBar Carbon V2 Handlebar Rider Review


It came down to the availability of the rise for my decision to purchase. The Renthal Fat Bar Carbon V2 offered the 40mm rise that other bars did not offer or the combination of the width.

First Ride

With the handlebars installed on the bike, it was time to test them out and see or feel the difference. Right away; I was able to notice that with the rise, it put me in a better more comfortable position. I also noticed the little bit of flex the bars had that seemed to assist with some vibration and damping.

While riding on the trail the bars seemed to have corrected a position previously that left me looking down more instead of ahead.

On downhill rides, the bars also seemed to give more confidence and stability with corners and allowed an aggressive attack position.

Final Thoughts

I am very satisfied with the purchase of the Renthal Fat Bar Carbon V2 and the Worldwide Cyclery crew. The pricing was competitive and the initial discount to purchase was a nice decision-maker. I will be using these bars for a long while.

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December 16, 2020

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