OneUp Components Composite Pedals: Product Overview

OneUp Components jumped in to the mountain bike scene with their large tooth cassette sprockets giving you more range on your drivetrain system. Since then, OneUp has designed a full lineup of sprockets, narrow wide chainrings, chainguides, pedals, and their popular EDC  (Everyday Carry) multi tool system. Here we are going to highlight the features and performance of the OneUp Components Composite flat pedals

OneUp Components Composite Pedals - Worldwide Cyclery


You may be familiar with other pedals in this same category, like the Deity Compound pedals and the RaceFace Chester pedals. The Nylon Composite material these kinds of pedals are made from allow them to remain lightweight and durable all while keeping costs down. Pretty cool stuff!

The OneUp Composite pedals come in at a very budget friendly price. With 10 bottom loading steel traction pins per side, these pedals are designed to dig into your shoes and keep your feet on the pedals. The leading edge of the pedal is thin and uses a chamfered design to allow these pedals to glance off of rock strikes. The pedal spindle is made from chromoly steel for the ultimate strength and spins on both DU bushings and cartridge bearings.

  • Weight: 355g 
  • Platform Size: 115x105mm
  • # of Pins: 10 per side
  • Axle Material: Black chromoly steel
  • Height: 18.5mm (13.3 at the leading edge)
  • Pin to Axle distance: 108mm
  • Color: Stealth Black
  • Body Material: Nylon Composite

OneUp Composite Pedals - Worldwide Cyclery

Check out the OneUp Composite Pedals and the OneUp Aluminum Pedals side by side

OneUp Composite Pedals Pinkbike Review

Pinkbike does a nice job comparing the OneUp Composite pedals to OneUp's aluminum model along with other composite pedals on the market. Here is their take.

"If you are looking for a crazy-affordable flat pedal that's lightweight, offers outstanding traction and a relatively low profile, you can't beat these pedals. Forty-eight bucks? Damn. If, on the other hand, you want the thinnest pedal possible and you hate DU bushings with a passion, you should still opt for something swank in aluminum."
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January 31, 2018

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