POC Sports Tectal Race Helmet (New SPIN Technology): Employee Review

I have been using the POC Tectal Helmet for the past 2 years. I chose this helmet because it looked very clean, it is not incredibly big as other helmets I have tried on (6D and Bell for example), and it is very comfortable. I have always wanted a helmet that actually fits around my head instead of just sitting on top of it. Having a glossy white finish was a bonus too. The heat waves we have been experiencing in California have been rather unforgiving and having a helmet that reflects a lot of that heat as opposed to absorbing it like a black helmet would have been game-changing.

POC Tectal Race Spin Review
I am not a doctor or a safety specialist so I cannot comment on rather the new SPIN Technology is actually as safe as they say it is, but it sure seems like it is. Here is a little video explaining the whole design.


Everyone has a different shaped head so finding your perfect helmet can be hard. Fortunately, I came across the POC Tectal Race SPIN and it cut out the competition immediately. The helmet fits perfectly on my head and the position of the adjustment system was spot on and didn’t bite into the back of my head like other helmets had. The adjustable visor was easy to use and when pushed all the way up, looks incredibly clean. The best feature is the goggle strap. Sometimes you just want to go full-enduro. People always warn you not to go full enduro but sometimes you just can’t help it. Besides the key features of the helmet, I would say that sizing is very true. A M/L fit perfectly and only required a couple turns for a snug fit.

POC Tectal Race Spin Review
In my honest opinion, I do not think I will ever ride in another helmet. Nothing matches the comfort and look of the Tectal Race SPIN. I fully trust the company and the engineering that goes behind each product they produce. They are truly trying to protect people to the best of their abilities. That is what you want when choosing a helmet, a brand that really gets it. I recommend this helmet to anyone looking for a lightweight and comfortable trail style helmet.

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October 10, 2018

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