PNW Components Loam Lever: Rider Review

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The PNW Loam Lever has quickly become one of the most popular dropper remotes on the market. So many colors and options to choose from, we guarantee you can find the perfect one to match your bike. Our customer Garrett picked up a black body loam lever with an orange thumb pad. Check out his review!

PNW Loam Lever rider review


I don’t even know where to start with the PNW Loam Lever. It is just so good. This has been a total upgrade from my old Reverb lever. I had numerous close calls when it came to the Reverb lever and losing my grip. I also feared for its durability as it was mounted above the bars, and I have personally seen them break in crashes. When I was picking out parts for my new Yeti SB5 build, I opted for a 170mm ONE UP dropper. I have seen and used their dropper lever and for $50, it isn’t that impressive. Sure it gets the job done with minimal fuss, but I was looking for a little something “more”. I am going to admit, I am a sucker for machined parts. 

First Impressions

For roughly $20 more, I couldn’t resist a nicely machined and sturdy lever that should quite literally last forever. In the 200 miles, I have put on my new bike in the past couple of weeks, I haven’t really thought about the lever. Usually, if something is bugging me, I start to obsess over it and wonder how it could be made better. 

PNW Loam Lever rider review

Final Thoughts

In my time with the Loam Lever, I have only thought of one thing. The finish. The gray looks slightly out of place on my bars. It clashes with the black clamps on my brakes and lock-on grips. If they had an option that was raw metal or silver that showed more of the machining process, I certainly would have gone that route. Other than that minor con, the Loam Lever has it all. Rugged looks, build quality, thoughtful design, smooth action, and great grip.

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June 23, 2020

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