PNW Components Loam Alloy Pedals Review (Big Platform + Lots of Grip!)

Words by: Reamonn Ryan

PNW Components has been one of our favorite brands to watch grow over the years. Their dedication to evolving and innovating the industry is very admirable and motivating to say the least. We now see them expanding their Loam line which has been dominated by the legendary Loam Grips, Loam Lever and as of recently, Loam Dropper Post. New to the lineup is the Loam Flat Pedal which holds a classic look but definitely shows an aggressive approach at providing the most amount of grip possible with pins that could destroy the Hulk's shins.

PNW Loam Pedal Review


  • Forged, post CNC'd 6061 aluminum
  • Custom replaceable steel pins
  • Steel axle with cartridge bearings and a roller bearing
  • Foot contact dimension of 115mm x 105mm with a 2.35mm concave
  • Approximately 445 grams per set

The Loam Pedals feature a forged, post CNC'd 6061 aluminum body for added strength in case you find yourself on a very rocky trail where pedal strikes are inevitable or if you find yourself sending too deep on some large gaps. They also feature a steel axle with cartridge bearings and a roller bearing to help provide a long life the the pedal. With custom replaceable steel pins and a platform of 115mm x 105mm (with a concave design) Your feet are not going anywhere! You might as well be clipped in... The Loam Flat Pedal will be offered in three colors: Blackout, Fruit Snacks (purple), and Nickleback (my favorite). Also, for all the weight conscience weenies out there, the Loam Pedals clock in at 445 grams per set.

PNW Components Loam Pedal Review

PNW Loam Pedal Review


The PNW Loam Pedals provide the grip I hope every pedal would, especially in wet and muddy conditions. I think that the crew at PNW has managed to add another strong competitor to their Loam lineup and it will be interesting to see how the public feels about these considering the pedal market is already flooded with so many great options. What stood out to me the most was the concave design which is almost essential to creating a great flat pedal. Your foot stay planted right where you put it after combining the concave design with these incredibly long pins and I never felt a lose of confidence going into chattery sections.

PNW Loam Pedal Review


"I think PNW is going to fit right in with the flat pedal market. They obviously spent the time to do it right and the Loam Pedal stands among my favorite alloy flat pedals like the Deity TMAC, Crankbrothers Stamp, and DMR Vault pedals. They look good, feel great, and make me spend more time enjoying the ride as opposed to thinking about my footing the whole ride. I definitely suggest checking these out if you are in the market for a new set of alloy flat pedals!" - Reamonn

PNW Loam Pedals at Worldwide Cyclery

Reamonn Ryan

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January 19, 2022

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