Pedro’s Equalizer Pedal Wrench ll [Rider Review]

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One of the most satisfying things that come with owning a mountain bike is being able to fix things yourself. With that being said having the proper tools is crucial. Our friend Kyle shares his thoughts on the Pedro's Equalizer pedal Wrench II. Check it out!

Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II Rider Review


A pedal wrench is a must-have tool for any bike enthusiast. A proper pedal wrench is worth its weight in gold. There are many pedal wrenches out there and the blue ones are great, don’t get me wrong. But this Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II one is King Kong. Full disclosure, I am not wrenching on multiple pedals a day; but when I do, I enjoy and appreciate this tool every time. I am also not biased towards any one brand and don’t always go for the top of the line, rarely ever. From the looks to the feel, to the function; this wrench has it all and then some.

Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II Rider Review

The first thing that stands out is the signature Pedro’s yellow and that massively oversized, round, comfort grip handle. Diced cut rubber looks amazing. It’s like a pillow for your hands. It’s legit. Putting some heavy torque on it when a pedal is stuck is no problem. This is the second iteration of the Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench and there definitely is an improvement. With an extra-long length (350mm) and dual 15mm openings positioned at 30 and 75 degrees, it provides the best mechanical advantage. You can change positions quickly and easily. Being yellow it can get dirty though (you keep a clean shop anyway, right?). But it can easily be cleaned off if you do happen to get some muck on it.

Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II Rider Review

This is the pedal wrench you want.

Made of heat-treated Chromoly steel, this wrench will stand the test of time. I have fumbled mine a few times and my only worry is that I am not working on my bike barefooted, which I would not recommend but has happened. That is not to say this thing is heavy. It is balanced very well and has a good solid weight to it but not to the point where you would feel any fatigue after several pedal changes. This is where the comfiness of the handle comes into play.

As I said before, we all need pedal wrenches in our lives and there are many options. However, when you can add another layer of usability into a tool designed for one specific thing, that is winning. This wrench features a 24mm cut out to drive a socket for either a cassette lockring tool or an external bottom bracket. I’m all about multi-use tools in my shop (garage) for cost and space savings. This sets it apart from most others.

Final Thoughts

From form to function to price. The long tubular handle with yellow dice grips; while looking luscious on the tool wall, it also has some serious ruggedness. The added benefits of an inline socket and dual openings make this a must. I expect this thing to last me a lifetime and then some. As a bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty from Pedro himself. Just don’t play dodgeball with it. Enjoy!

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August 25, 2021

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