Park Tool TS-4 Wheel Truing Stand: Rider Review

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In this review, one of our customers Richard Hartford tells us about his Park Tool TS-4 Professional Wheel Truing Stand, Park Tool WAG-5 Portable Dish Tool, and Park Tool TM-1 Tension Meter. Aside from the assortment of spoke wrenches you might need, this is everything you need to lace up, true, dish, and tension your own set of wheels. Having the right tools for the jobs makes getting the job done efficiently and correctly much easier.

Park Tool TS4 Truing Stand Rider Review


Very pleased with the new Park Tool TS4 truing stand and accessories. Purchased the stand, tension meter, and portable dish tool from Worldwide Cycle, who offered a good price, plus their prior purchase in-box coupon postcard applied successfully. A great deal!

Why the TS4?

This stand was chosen because it’s spec’d to work with all current wheel sizes and hub widths/styles. The lesser model requires adaptors and extensions to work with thru-axles and larger circumference wheels. The lesser model is also maxed out before it opens to accept a 197 spaced fat bike hub. No need to have a longer list of bits to purchase or be limited to save just a few bucks.

Construction and Design

The stand is constructed from a material as thick as sky-scraper girders and should outlast the next wheel long as it’s not larger than 29+ and 5” fat.

The tension meter removes the wizardry from the bike shop wheel builder, allowing mortals to get that fine-tune, high tension wheel without the worry of an explosion. It also eliminates the risk of hunch back, by lessening the endless hours of leaning over a bench to get the tension right by guess.

Park Tool TS4 Rider Review
The portable dishing tool was described to work with rims sizes through 29, whereas the beam version was stated to work with up to 28” rims. The actual measurement of 29 rims being under 28”, either works..but the wording got me. Seemed safe and great to be able to stick in the toolbox, although the truing stand itself is heavier than a boat anchor. If I did it again, I’d get the bench style, beam model and leave the portable to traveling race mechanics. When firmly bolted together, the portable dishing tool is rigid, straight and works great.

Final Thoughts

The stand is either a bench mount or vice mount, or Park Tool sells a plastic base-tray option. My last stand had the tray base. The tray quality did not match the stand in craftsmanship or durability. Clamping this in my big, old vise did not seem like a comfortable working environment to fine-tune high-end wheels, but being limited to one bench is difficult. Had some scrap walnut to work with and cut up a quick base. It makes this heavyweight stand sturdy, yet classy enough to throw down on the dining room table. When loaded with shiny wheel bits and some plastic hoops to assemble, this setup is worth more than many dining sets, anyway! Please pass the spoke prep.

Next up is a set of gauges to get a little crazier with precision...before going out to create more trail carnage to repair.

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August 22, 2019

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