Park Tool PH-1.2 Hex Set: Rider Review

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Park Tool has been making tools for longer than many of us have been alive and with a history like that, you can expect their products to be the best. And that is exactly what they are. You can see their iconic blue tool over bike shops around the world, as well as some home workshops for those garage mechanics. Let's see what Jonah thought of his PH-1.2 Hex Set!

Jonah's Review

For a long, long time I made do with my fist sized multi tool from my pack for all of my allen/hex wrenching needs. The 473rd time that I stripped an essential piece of hardware, I fell to my knees and cried, reverently pleading for these tools to come into my life to save my bike from me. And when they came they sang to me a sweet melody of quality and value. Then, when I awoke, I joined in their song so that together, we serenaded my bike under the full moon, and all became well.

Park Tool PH-1.2 Hex Set Review

Ok - look. If I haven’t lost you yet, just, listen... These things were a game changer.

Having both the extended shaft and the short shafted hex in the handle makes a big difference when wrenching in areas with marginal clearance. I have seen hex sets for almost twice the price without this feature. Even my fabricator buddy with all the nice tools was complimenting the finish and quality of the steel. I probably owe it to the quality of the steel machined edges that I haven’t stripped any hardware yet. I use these on my ‘20 Specialized Enduro with which I ride a lot of gnarly So Cal & Cen Cal single track.

These wrenches have a lot of feel in the action, which allows me to have the confidence needed when I’m threading hardware (into a frame that’s worth more than my car) that I won’t fowl any threads, or that the hardware is not secure when I’m done.

The included holder is super convenient. Moreover, I was tickled pink to see that they included the holder mounting hardware that fit perfectly into my workbench‘s peg board. Installing them was as simple as pushing a couple of mounting pins into the brackets of the holder.

Park Tool PH-1.2 Hex Set Review

Another quality which I appreciate is that when I have accidentally contacted my frame with the handles while wrenching, the plastic handles did not scuff or scratch the paint - yet these tools are not flimsy. I know this because I’ve also used them as punches for pivot links and bearing extractors. The hammer didn’t even leave a mark on the plastic, even though I have hammered away at the handles to punch a bottom bracket bearing extractor. The exactness with which these are machined gave me the confidence to use them for this more delicate operation.


"There are a lot of choices of brands out there for this tool, but if you’re even minimally involved with your bike’s maintenance, you would be wise to consider this Park Tool. The difference of having tools specifically geared towards bicycles may seem small, but these are very well thought out, effective in saving you money, and keeping you rolling." - Jonah

Park Tool PH-1.2 Hex Set Review

October 17, 2020

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