Our Five Favorite MTB Headlights

In this episode of Our Five Favorites, we are checking out some of the best MTB headlights for night riding. No matter if you need a headlight for your commuter bike, or are going on long night rides on the enduro bike, we've got what you need in our full collection of lights and accessories. Now that winter is approaching and daylight savings time is coming to an end, it's the perfect time to get setup with the proper night riding lights to keep the adventure going.

1. CygoLite Metro Pro 1100 Headlight

  • The CygoLite Metro Pro 1100 headlight projects an extra wide and long range beam for more performance. The Metro Pro is designed to be used during both the day time and night.
  • A lockout feature keeps you from accidentally turning on the light during storage. 
  • A low battery light indicates you when the light needs to be recharged. 
  • The Metro Pro 1100 is water resistant to handle variable riding conditions. 
  • 1100 Lumen output. 

CygoLite Metro Pro 1100 Headlight - Worldwide Cyclery

2. NiteRider Pro 1400 LED Race Rechargeable Headlight

  • The NiteRider Pro 1400 LED Race headlight is a compact, lightweight, super powerful high performance light for night riding.
  • The light had 5 different steady modes and 3 flashing modes
  • Mode/Run Time: High 1400 lumen - 1.75 hours, Med 850 lumen - 3.5 hours, Low 400 lumen - 7 hours, Race 250 lumen - 12 hours, Walk 125 lumen - 35 hours
  • The NiteRider Pro 1400 comes with everything you need; headlight, powerful battery, battery charger, helmet mount, and handlebar mount.

NiteRider Pro 1400 LED Race Rechargeable Headlight - Worldwide Cyclery

3. CygoLite TridenX 1300 OSP Rechargeable Headlight

  • The CygoLite TridenX 1300 OSP rechargeable headlight sets darkness ablaze with its 1300 lumens fitted in a triple beam design utilizing CrossFire Technology to give you a wider field of view out on the trail.

  • Includes: headlight unit, battery, wall charger, handlebar and helmet mounts, and a 2-foot battery extension cable
  • Features 8 lighting modes + OSP (Boost, High, Medium, Low, Steadypulse, Day Flash, Walking, SOS)
  • System Weight : 130g (head), 140g (battery).
  • Compact rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries.

CygoLite TridenX 1300 OSP Rechargeable Headlight - Worldwide Cyclery

4. NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 Headlight

  • The NiteRider Lumina Micro headlight is small, light and bright, it includes all the features of larger Lumina lights like Intellicharge, low battery indicator, lock mode and strap handlebar mount. The compact size and light weight is ideal for helmet mounting.
  • Daylight Visible Flash (DVF) can be seen for more than 1/4 a mile away in broad daylight
  • Easy on off strap mount fits up to a 35mm handlebar
  • Features Intellicharge charging, charge time is automatically adjusted based on the power source.
NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 Headlight

5. CygoLite Expilion 850 Lumen USB Rechargeable Headlight 

  • The CygoLite Expilion 850 headlight unleashes an impressive amount of lumens right through the darkest of nights with exceptional brightness and clarity. Its swappable battery stick design easily clips in and out with a fresh battery. The Expilion's DayLightning mode stands out in broad daylight to provide a safety advantage anytime and anywhere.
  • 850 Lumen output with Cree XM-L LED.
  • Built-in battery low and charging indicators.
  • Features Enhanced Cycling Optics that cast an extra wide and long range beam compared to conventional lighting optics.
  • Run times/Mode: 9 hours in Low, 3 hours in Medium, 2:15 hours in High, 1:15 hours in Boost, 4 hours in SteadyPulse, 22 hours in DayLightning, 38 hours in Walking, 38 hours in SOS.
  • Water-resistant design for all riding conditions.

Cygolite Expilion 850 Lumen Rechargeable Headlight - Worldwide Cyclery

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October 21, 2017

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