Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant: Customer Review

What is your preferred brand of tire sealant? For the ones who have used Orange Seal tubeless sealant, we have only heard good things. Here in this review, our customer Sharon Lovrich talks us through start to finish what it's like running Orange Seal. Check it out!

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Let me first start by saying it would be much more fun to write about how good the Maxxis Minion DHF tire performs, but the reality is, that tire is of no use if it is flat. The ability to run a tubeless setup these days has made mountain biking so much more extreme for the average trail rider. Hard riding with tubes through a rock garden usually results in a pinch flat. The ability to swap those tubes with sealant and tape seriously reduces the risk of pinch flats, reduces rotational weight, and allows much lower tire pressures resulting in higher grip and comfort. Tire Sealant and Rim Tape are one of the best unsung heroes of modern mountain biking.

Orange Seal makes some killer tire sealant that absolutely works! I have not got a flat in almost 6 months after going tubeless! You can say that’s just luck, but tubes are the weak point in the wheel and tire equation. After removing the tubes, I have noticed a few pin holes that the Orange Sealant must have plugged up mid ride without me realizing. The best products are ones that work without you thinking about them. Orange Seal does exactly that and is extremely reliable.

My Maxxis tires and WTB Rims were both tubeless ready before I decided to take the plunge into setting up tubeless. A taped rim, sealant, and new valve stems are required. The first  time through, I went through the whole process without taping the inside of my rim. Only the Nylon from the factory was in place, to my surprise the Orange Seal actually was able to seal up my rim anyways. I would not suggest trying it, but this stuff can seal up huge openings! Orange Seal also comes with an applicator bottle attachment that makes filling the tire through the valve stems possible. This is way easier and leaves little to no mess.


When the time came to replace my tires months later, I reinstalled the nylon tape with proper Stan’s Tubeless Tape. The key is to buy the right size and make sure your rims are very clean before taping. I used a 39mm width tape for 40mm internal width rims. There are many setup videos on YouTube, and I can say with certainty, if you can replace a tube, then you can lay tape and set-up tubeless.

Performance and Final Thoughts

Pro Tip: Always check your sealant levels every few weeks. If the sealant dries up, the risk to flat returns! After 6 months with no flats, exactly this happened when I slightly bent a rim and unseated the tire bead. If enough sealant was in the tire, it would have only been a slow leak for about 30 seconds. After that the Orange Seal would have filled the leak. Orange Seal makes an Endurance formula, which last a very long time, but every now and then a few ounces can be added for better flat security.

These two products have made mountain biking so much more enjoyable. I used to have anxiety that I would be the guy who would flat and hold back the group. Now there is such a slim chance to flat, I ride with more confidence and push harder. I will never go back to riding with tubes ever again if I have the choice. BTW…Don’t forget to buy Tubeless Valve Stems along with these products!

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March 25, 2018

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