OneUp Composite Pedals: Customer Review

Here in this review, our customer Rachel does a quick comparison between the OneUp Composite pedals and the Race Face Chester pedals. Rachel says that the OneUp pedals provide great grip paired with some Five Ten Freeriders and come in at a great price. Check out this review below!

OneUp Composite Pedal Review


Let me start by saying that I’ve ridden many miles on the Race Face Chester platform pedals. They’re great pedals, hold up well, and are priced very competitively. But this isn’t a Chester review, so what am I getting at? There aren’t enough pins, and the platform size/pin placement is just too small for those of us with a size ~10+ shoe. I wear a size 13 wide and my feet would constantly be shifting around on Chesters. If this sounds like a familiar situation, keep reading because you’re in luck.

When I saw OneUp announced their composite pedals, I got pretty excited. A wider platform, with 10 pins (instead of 8 on the Chesters) that are spaced further apart than the pin placement on the Chester sounded great. Then I saw the price, which made me even more excited and I just had to try them.

OneUp Composite Pedal Review

I typically use clipless pedals, but some days I just like shredding some platforms with good ol’ Five Ten Freeriders. It keeps me honest and is a reminder to keep my technique in check, so I don’t rely on clipless pedals to pull up. The main issue I experienced with Chesters, is that since my feet would shift around (yes, even with Freeriders), I would pay so much attention to my foot placement that it would detract from my riding experience. Especially compared to clipless, when I can just clip into the pedal and that’s it…having to look down and lift/reposition my foot every time I went through some technical terrain was pretty annoying.

OneUp Composite Pedal ReviewPerformance and Final Thoughts

I’ve put these OneUp pedals through the wringer, and after several hundred miles I am glad to say that they’re everything the Chesters are and more. They offer the outstanding grippy pins, but with 10 of them instead of just 8, and being that they’re spaced wider apart overall, these pedals are perfect for me. I never got bounced off my pedals or found my feet sliding around. They’ve seen numerous pedal strikes on rocks and roots, and they’ve gotten me through some fast, gnarly descents, on a hardtail no less. Oh, and at 355g they weigh nearly the same as Chesters, which are advertised at 340g for the pair, but actually weighed in at 350g.

For smaller feet, I still think the Chesters are a great pedal. But if you want to crank the grip up a notch and/or have larger feet, definitely give these OneUp pedals a try.

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March 22, 2018

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