OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post [Rider Review]

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Have you ever wanted a dropper post that can change travel lengths so you can swap it to new bikes down the road? OneUp had this in mind when creating the V2 dropper post. Our friend, Nick, just installed a new dropper on their Ibis. See what they think!

OneUp V2 Dropper Post Rider Review


Setup was dead simple. I was a bit thrown off by how to attach the cable to the post actuator at first, as I was used to the type where you thread cable through a housing which held the cable in place by a 2mm screw. OneUp makes it easy by utilizing the knobby end of the shifter cable. All you have to do is slot the knobby end of the cable into the actuator and then feed cable into the outer (rubber) cable that runs through or attaches to your frame.

The only other setup step is to twist off the air cap on the top of the post and inflate it to the recommended air pressure that OneUp provides in their online installation instructions.

Initial Impressions:
Before the OneUp 210mm dropper, I was using a 150mm drop post. So the first time I hopped on the bike, hit the lever, and heard “plunk”….I felt like my knees were at my chest! This was an odd feeling at first. But after riding the post for about two months now, the lowest position does not feel awkward in the slightest! At first the sliding of the post sounded a little “dry” but I trusted that this was simply a difference from brand to brand, as it was extending and dropping at an expected rate.

OneUp V2 Dropper Post Rider Review

Long(ish)-term review:
As mentioned, the longer drop felt awkward at first but now I would never go back to a shorter drop length! I have the post mounted to a Ripmo AF size large and have about an inch of post exposed above the seat tube. I do have proportionately longer legs, but there should be no problem fitting this post onto modern geo bikes with a shorter seat tube. OneUp does publish the dimensions and Ibis posted their maximum seat post insertion figures, but I honestly struggled to put all the math together and instead just relied on reports on the bike forums saying that a OneUp 210mm dropper would fit my frame size.

When dropped,the height of the saddle is now in a spot that is away from my inner thighs.

On bike park days with my previous dropper, I would find my inner thighs getting rubbed raw from the saddle position but that has been no problem with the 210mm of drop.

Final Thoughts

Reliability has been no problem thus far and I can clearly see that the internals are proper greased by some of the residue appearing on the post shaft, when extended. As you can see in the photo, I don't care much for keeping dirt and grit off the dropper and it just keeps on ticking!

OneUp V2 Dropper Post Rider Review

December 03, 2021

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