OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post [Rider Review]

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Dropper posts have been one of the biggest innovations in the MTB world over the last 10 years. Now with companies like OneUp Components, Fox, and PNW, riders have more options than ever before. In this review, our customer tests out the OneUp Components V2 dropper post. Check it out!

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post Rider Review


I think most riders have at some point felt that terrible sinking feeling… of a dropper post that starts to sag…

As soon as the post on my Pivot Firebird started to sag I decided it was a perfect excuse to put a longer dropper post on. I had previously used a OneUp V1 Dropper on a Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail and had a pretty positive experience despite the somewhat fiddly way the actuator connected to the cable - but that was now fixed on the V2! The ability to adjust the drop is huge and the value offered by OneUp’s products is always something I’ve been impressed with. The low stack height is also a huge advantage when trying to get the most drop possible on your bike.

Picking The Right Size

I usually hate ordering dropper posts online as I am always afraid I am going to order the wrong length and it won’t fit. However, OneUp’s website offered a pretty foolproof way of figuring out the right length. I was pretty stoked I could get a 180mm shimmed down to 160mm on my size medium frame that is a bit oversized for my 5’6’’ height. Headed over to Worldwide and ordered the 180mm travel dropper and the new dropper post remote. Side note - my previous dropper did not have the Shimano i-Spec EV clamp on it which made me unreasonably annoyed as it added another standalone clamp to the bars.

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post Rider Review

Installation and Setup

Installation was a breeze and the package included everything I needed including the cable housing and cables. I used packing tape to temporarily attach the old and new cable housings together and then pulled the old cable out while pushing the new cable in and it worked like a charm.

Next came setting the length - which was even easier than the previous V1 design. Just drop the post, unscrew the collar and add some small brass keys into the slots to set the height. It fits perfectly and offers the most amount of drop that I can get on this frame and my height.

Initial Thoughts

The action on the lever is just light enough to be able to feather to get the exact right height for those technical climbs and the post itself is smooth and returns quickly. Cleaning up the cockpit with the i-Spec integration on my XTR brakes was another added benefit. I’m not sure if it makes me a better rider - but it certainly looks better. Another feature I love with the OneUp posts is that you can service them at home and even a completely new cartridge is only $60.

I’ve been using the new post for a few weeks now and have no complaints. To me, a good dropper post is one that you don’t notice. It’s quiet, smooth, and makes riding my Firebird that much more enjoyable.

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post Rider Review

Final Thoughts

OneUp Components has really hit the sweet spot with this dropper post. Great value, user-serviceable, low stack height, and length adjustable. I’ve used a bunch of different droppers in the past and I have to say that when I’m ready for my next build - the OneUp dropper will more than likely make another appearance...and the dogs seem to like it too.

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November 19, 2020

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