OneUp Components' New Dropper Post (Sizes Ranging From 100mm - 210mm!)

The OneUp Dropper Seatpost took over the seatpost market in 2018 and for good reason. It was hard to beat the cost, reliability, and ease of use and installation. Not to mention the adjustability riders had with the travel spacer. The OneUp Dropper Post instantly became one of the most popular products we sold in 2018 and stayed on top of the charts as others fell off. For 2019 we see a bunch of changes that only make the post even better! Here is what OneUp has to say about the updates.


OneUp Components' New Dropper Post

The shortest total length of any dropper (420mm with actuator for a 150mm post)
Shortest stack height of any dropper (183mm for a 150mm post)
New upper DU Bushing in the collar for increased bushing overlap and durability
The new OneUp dropper line now covers 100-210mm post lengths in 10mm increments. 20g lighter than our old post, you need to spend twice as much on a dropper to get something lighter than the OneUp post.


OneUp Components' New Dropper Post

Price: 120mm,150mm $199 USD / 180mm, 210mm $209 USD / Remote $49 USD
Weight: (30.9) 120mm 435g / 150mm 480g / 180mm 525g / 210mm 570g / Remote 41g


 OneUp Components' New Dropper Post

If you want to upgrade to a longer travel dropper post, you’ll probably be limited by your new post's total length or stack height, which is why we've minimized both. Our 180mm post is shorter than every 170mm or longer dropper and even some 150mm posts. Most frames aren’t yet designed around long travel droppers, so the shorter the total length of your post the more likely it is to fit your bike.


OneUp Components' New Dropper Post

Say goodbye to the double drop. Many riders are forced to run a shorter travel post because of an interrupted seat tube or still have to use a quick release with their dropper post to get their seat low enough. Upgrade to a longer travel post, even if your current one is already slammed. If you are 5'11 (180cm) or taller, it's likely that you can run a 210mm post. 5'4" (162cm) Christina was able to run a 180mm travel OneUp Dropper Post in her size small frame.


OneUp Components' New Dropper Post Remote

I-SPEC EV Direct Mount Remote on a new XTR M9100 Lever

The updated remote has the same awesome lever position for ultimate thumb wrap and control but now has a more durable aluminum body and is available in 22.2, I-Spec EV, I-Spec II and MMX clamp options, for perfect integration with your brake lever at no extra cost.

April 12, 2019

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