OneUp Components EDC Gear Strap: Rider Review

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Looking for ways to lighten the gear you carry on your bike while riding? Gear straps are a great way to make it happen! OneUp Components makes a version of their own that is clean, sleek, and affordable. Our customer Michelle recently picked one up and is here to share her thoughts!

OneUp components gear strap review


I decided to try the OneUp Components EDC gear straps out after using other methods of carrying tubes, tire levers, CO2 cartridges, and a multi-tool on every ride. It seemed like a really good idea to strap all these items together so I didn't have to bring a pack on shorter rides. On-bike storage seems to be the way to go anymore. I'll stick with a water bottle and just the essentials from now on because I was really pleased with how they worked.

Initial Thoughts

At first glance, I thought I'd overpaid for a couple of pieces of silicone straps. But the closer I looked at them the more I saw how good of quality they were. They are very thick so I thought they would be very durable. So many other materials are thin and flimsy. Especially hook and loop straps. And the length should accommodate most anything you would want to secure to your bike, not just tubes and cartridges.


These definitely worked better than I expected. Anything that was cinched down tight never moved. If you are particular about your paint you'll appreciate the fact that they are strong enough to secure items but soft enough to not damage the frame. Unlike zip ties which can really do some damage if they're not cut flush after installed. They also weigh practically nothing so if you are into saving weight, bonus. Also, the fact that they are reusable is a nice feature. And even though you can reuse hook and loop it just doesn't look as nice and definitely doesn't secure items as tight. After a very muddy ride, the OneUp straps clean up fast too. Ever try to clean mud off a hook and loop lizard skins chainstay protector?

OneUp components gear strap review


I had currently been using a rubber zip tie type strap and although it worked I just didn't think it performed as well as the OneUp Component EDC Strap. It seemed rather clunky and thin in design sitting next to the OneUp Components. I also didn't feel like I could pull on it as tight without feeling like I would tear it from overstretching it. Not a good feeling to have when you're way out on the trail. And as previously mentioned hook and loop, zip ties, and even electrical or mastic tape don't stand up to these straps. Not to mention you need side cutters and scissors for the latter two.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend these straps. They are simple and intuitive and are made very well. I don't expect them to wear out any time soon either because of their thickness. Extremely durable product. And as all good designs, they perform how they're intended to. A perfect product to use when going for shorter rides when you just need the essentials.

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February 29, 2020

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