OneUp Components Dropper Post: Rider Review

We all have that one friend that refuses to get with the times. In this review, our customer was the last of his friends to upgrade his bike with a dropper post. When he finally decided to make the move, he went with the OneUp Components dropper post. Check his review out to learn more!

OneUp Dropper Post Rider Review

The Problem

“Wait up guys! Just have to lower my seat first, only take a moment!” We’ve all been there, and are all equally envious when our friends simply snap the saddle up or down while pedaling. Prepare to meet the most important innovation and product you can’t ride without any longer. OneUp Components Dropper Post and Lever!

OneUp Components Dropper Post Review

The Seatpost

No matter the discipline of your choosing, at some point the seat is either too high, too low, or simply in the way. OneUp Components has a reliable and clean solution to this with their new dropper seatpost, the first truly affordable and dependable dropper. I purchased the 170mm travel post to replace a cheaper brand dropper and fell in love, but what sets it apart? OneUp claims their post to be very compact, easy to install, and smooth actuating. In my experience all that and more is true with consistent action and silky decent into “full send” mode. This post is masterfully machined, feels solid and stiff, and is also pressure adjustable (using a shock pump) to dial in your preferred rebound speed and weight needed to lower the saddle. Personally, mine is tuned to glide gently down and yet protect my future bloodline by rebounding…safely. Play around with the amount of air pressure and you’ll smile every single time press that lever and feel it actuate, trust me you will use it far more than you could imagine!

OneUp Components Dropper Lever Review

The Lever

What good is a slick post without a carbon fiber lever to match? That’s right, carbon fiber baby! Joking aside, the sealed bearing lever that OneUp machined to pair with the post is a work of wonder. Optional mounting styles, cables and ends included, thankfully simple installation, and plenty of leverage makes this product a masterpiece. The carbon fiber keeps it lightweight while providing friction for the thumb to grip, paired with Jagwire cables and housing ensure long-life with proper care (lube your cables once in a while!) Overall it is just a joy to use and look at! 

Final Thoughts

“But I really don’t think I NEED a dropper post.” Perhaps, but if you desire to take your skills, confidence, and overall enjoyment of saddle time to the next level, do it! Worldwide Cyclery has the selection and supply to suit your needs, and videos on the product as well. Subscribe to their channel and whatever you do, GET OUT AND RIDE!

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May 07, 2019

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