OneUp Components Dropper Post: Rider Review

Back in 2012, I bought my first dropper post, my riding buddy told me I was crazy to spend $300 dollars on a dropper post when a quick release is so fast and easy and already on the bike. After our next ride, he ordered one for himself. I will never have another trail bike without a dropper again. I have used a lot of dropper posts over the years. Even though I had some reliability issues with droppers it was still worth it to me for the convenience. Fast forward to now. I recently purchased 2 Oneup Dropper Posts from Worldwide Cyclery. I go through bikes quite often as I like to try different things out. I feel the need to always have a dropper, but they can get expensive. The post had to meet the following.

OneUp Components Dropper Post: Rider Review

My Requirements:

1. Around $200 or less
2. 170mm drop minimum (I used to think 150mm was enough, after using a 170mm I won't take less anymore)
3. Internally routed
4. Lots of review proving reliable service, or a good warranty in case there is a problem

I had narrowed the search down to two posts, the Oneup 170mm, and the PNW. I went with the Oneup for a couple of reasons.

My Reasons for Going With OneUp:

1. I already have the PNW Bachelor 170mm on another bike, and I wanted to try something different.
2. I prefer to have the cable clamp at the lever and not the post. (for me it's easier to change posts in the future)
3. One of the bikes I plan to put it on has a tall seat tube and Oneup sells shims so I can get the maximum drop without the seat going too high. (a big plus for me on that bike)

I have the post currently installed on my Yeti SB150. I love the post, I have it paired with a Wolf Tooth Remote. Comparing it to other droppers I currently have, or have used in the past it has some pros and cons.

OneUp Components Dropper Post: Rider Review


The return speed is perfect (similar to the fox transfer, so much better than the command post or the previous race face turbine post) cable clamps at the remote makes a noise when it hits the top so I know it's where it needs to be(not quite as loud as the fox transfer, but louder than the PNW) has the shims to adjust the amount of drop (not needed on the Yeti, but will be needed on a Fezzari I'm planning on buying) looks cool (very little looseness or play so far(it's still basically new) the seat clamp is solid, and the allen bolt angle is enough to loosen and tighten without hitting the stanchion (same as many droppers nowadays)


Seems to have a little more friction when dropping than other posts I've used (more than the Fox Transfer, KS Lev, RockShox reverb, Giant Contact Switch, Raceface Turbine, Command Post, PNW Bachelor and Cascade, and probably a few others I can't remember at the moment)

OneUp Components Dropper Post: Rider Review


Overall I am very pleased with the Oneup dropper so far, the additional friction isn't a big deal for me but it is noticeable. All the pros including the price make it a post I will buy again. The only post I like a little better is the fox transfer and maybe the bike yoke revive. But at almost $100 dollars cheaper or more the Oneup is what I will buy again. - Kirt Johnson

OneUp Dropper Post Review

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April 19, 2019

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