OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals: Rider Review

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Ask any real rider and they'll tell you that flat pedals are best. Totally kidding. We all know there's no right or wrong answer here. Whatever you choose to ride, just make sure they fit your riding style well. As one of the only contact points on your bike, you can't afford to skimp out. Fellow rider, Michelle Poinsett, recently purchased a pair of OneUp composite pedals and gives us her review. Check it out!


I was looking for a new composite pedal beside the Raceface Chester to try out on my trail bike and thought I’d give these a go. They were about the same price as the Chesters and had just as many good reviews. So during a sale, I picked up a pair and here’s what I think of them.

Oneup Comp Pedal Rider Review Comparison


These pedals grip very well. Almost more so than the Chesters in my opinion. I really felt as though my feet were supported much better. The Five Tens I wear stuck like glue as I expected. However, I felt like I found the correct foot position faster when placing it back on with the larger platform. This really inspired more confidence in my speed. I also felt more stable in technical areas. Another feature I appreciate is that I can wear larger footwear without feeling like my foot is hanging over the edge. That’s good because the weather here is getting cold fast.


The OneUp pedal's bigger platform seems to provide better grip and stability. They also have more pins than the Chesters. The OneUp pedals have 10 pins per side while the Chesters only have eight. The Chester platform is 110mm x 101mm vs. the OneUp at 115mm x 105mm. There is also a difference in the thickness. The Chesters are 15mm tall while the OneUp is just over 13mm. Not a substantial difference but enough for me to again choose the OneUp pedal. As far as weight goes the Chesters are 360 grams while the OneUp is 355 grams. Again not a big difference but less weight is always a good thing.

Oneup Comp Pedal Rider Review Slim

Final Thoughts

After riding both the Raceface Chesters and the OneUp pedals, I prefer the OneUp. I like the bigger platform and more pins. The thinner body and lower weight are a nice feature too. However, I will say that I like the look of the Chesters better. It appears as a more refined design in my opinion. And I do like the look of the added graphics on the edge. It’s not loud but adds a nice element. I also like the chrome spindle as opposed to just the plain black on the OneUp. I think either pedal is great but I’m going to stick with the OneUp.

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December 12, 2019

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