Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock: Employee Review

Words by Adam Englander

The kind folks at Ohlins recently blessed us with some suspension goodies which we have been testing over the past few months. First, we reviewed their RXF36 M.2 fork, a bombproof coil fork designed to handle the rowdiest of enduro and DH trails. Now we are focusing on the rear suspension, specifically the Ohlins TTX22M coil shock. Easily one of the most recognizable shocks on the market, the TTX was designed to bring World Cup downhill performance to the enduro and trail scene. Adam has spent the last month riding the Ohlins coil shock and is here with his thoughts. Check it out!

Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock


Ohlins has been making suspension for almost 50 years now so it is safe to say they know a thing or two about building shocks. I had seen the Ohlins TTX22M on multiple bikes over the years but never had the opportunity to ride it myself. One of the most unique things about the shock is its twin tube design which allows oil to flow more freely to the backside of the piston. The goal is to create an easier path for oil to fill in behind the piston and alleviate some of the high pressure in front of the piston. All of this adds up to improved damping performance and more control over the bike. 

Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock

Specs & Details

As far as settings and adjustments, the TTX is definitely targeted to those that like to set it and forget it.  The shock offers 3 high-speed compression settings, 16 clicks of low-speed compression, and 7 clicks of rebound damping. Ohlins offers 7 different spring rates as well as a special lightweight spring option. The stock spring is intended for a 180lb rider so I just left it as is. I weigh about 170lbs and found the stock spring to be perfect.

 Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock

On-Trail Performance

As I mentioned earlier, the Ohlins TTX is definitely for riders that don’t want to worry about fiddling with their shock settings. This was an immediate plus for me because I personally hate spending hours trying to dial in my suspension. The simpler, the better. I installed it on my SB150, adjusted the rebound damping, and was good to go. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  

There are 3 high-speed compression settings meant to be open, middle, and closed settings. When I first started pedaling and flipping through the mode I was really only able to notice a slight difference. Flipping the switch closed helped the bike ride a bit higher in the travel but it wasn’t a massive difference by any means. For the most part I just left the shock in open and didn’t touch it. The SB150 is already a capable climber and with the TTX in open mode I had no issues on long, steep, or technical climbs.

Ohlins TTX22M Rear Shock review

So how does it feel going downhill? Pretty damn great. Rock gardens, drops, jumps, you name it and this shock can handle it. The consistency and control of the rear shock is what stood out to me most. Multiple times I found myself taking the rough line just because I knew the coil would eat it up and it did not disappoint. We have a few long descents where I live and I continue to be impressed with how predictable the backend of the bike is with the TTX. 

The small bump compliance of the shock is impressive as well. Especially on the smooth/flowy trails where some coil shocks might feel a bit squishy, the TTX remains smooth and controlled allowing you to pump, carve, and pop off of anything that comes in your way.

Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock Review

Final Thoughts

Ohlins advertises that the TTX22M provides downhill-like performance for an enduro bike, so does it? Well it’s the closest thing that I have felt. The TTX has been seriously impressive throughout my time on it and I have yet to report any kind of issues. The build quality, tuning, and overall feel of the shock make it a pleasure to ride and for riders like myself that want to set it and forget it, Ohlins has hit the nail on the head.

Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock

About the Rider - Adam Englander

July 06, 2020

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