Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender: Rider Review

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No one likes getting poo in their face while riding out on the trails. Stop that once and for all with a riding fender! Mucky Nutz has a few options available and our customer Mark settled on the long version of the Mucky Nutz Mug Guard. Check out his review!

Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender: Long, Black: Rider Review


I love these fenders, they have completely transformed my (wait for it...) e-bike! --Don't worry, I have a Yeti SB130 LR that I put plenty of miles on, but ebikes are amazing for rest days or quick rides, don't hate, appreciate!

Anyways, I live in Utah, which has pretty sticky soil that gets everywhere if you happen across some mud on your trail. #dontridemuddytrails. There is a area near my house that is high elevation that doesn't dry until early June, this area is also open to Motos, and horses; not to mention the moose and deer that live there and tear up the trails. So when those trails open, lots of people hurry up to get in on the action, but even when they are open they tend to still have areas with snow still melting which can create some pretty soggy sections of trail.

After several messy seasons, ruined headsets, bottom brackets, suspension bearings, etc. I decided to invest in some high quality mud guards! These are a game changer! Although they don't stop me or my bike from getting messy, they stop about 90% of the mud from going up my back, in my bottom bracket (now motor), in my rear shock, and all over my downtube. I have a bike that is also able to mount two long fenders, one on the front of the fork, and another on the seatstay bridge to cover the rear wheel.

Mucky Nutz Mug Guard Fender: Long, Black: Rider Review

First Impressions

Another huge benefit is clearance. On this bike, I am running 2.8 tires, and I have had no issue with clearance, even when my tires get muddy. If the fenders are lined up perfectly the tire will rub, but it's easy to fix even while riding by just taping the fender with your foot. Although, after about 2 months of riding the Mucky Nutz Mug Guard, once I put a couple hundred miles on them, I haven't heard any rubbing or had to worry about moving them around.

Tips on installation: When purchasing Mucky Nutz mudguards, they provide some Velcro straps, which seem to work, but for ease of installation I just used some black zip ties, so I didn't have to cut the Velcro to size and worry about it collecting dirt and rubbing on my paint.

In the picture you can see how my upper part of my top tube is pretty much free of mud, and I took this picture after muddiest ride of the year, and I was very happy with how well these worked for me. 

Final Thoughts

If you live in an area that has mud that can ruin your ride, or even your bike, you defiantly need to consider purchasing these mud guards! They are easy to install, very well-made, have massive clearance, and offer piece of mind that makes them worth their price tag.

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July 30, 2020

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