Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube 120ml Drip [Rider Review]

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With any mountain bike, you can have all the top components but if you have a dry or even over lubricated chain it can cause an assortment of issues. In this review, one of our customers shares the experience using the Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube 120ml Drip. Check it out!

Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube 120ml Drip Rider Review


I've been cycling for many years now. Everything from mountain biking, road biking to bike packing. I usually stuck with what I have been using as far as chain lube because it wasn't that technical and I want to ride 5 days a week. I was so used to using wet type chain lubes since I lived on the east coast. When I moved to the desert in Arizona where it is dry and dusty at times it became quickly evident that wet lube was not great for riding out here. I am riding technical black and double black Enduro trails 5 days a week so chain maintenance because even a higher priority. The local bike shop mechanic would tell me I had too much lube on the chain and that was evident if I brought the bike in off the trail workout cleaning it as it would be nasty dirty globs of greasy dirt all over the derailleur components and chain.

Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube 120ml Drip Rider Review

I did clean my bike after every ride because after each ride I would have to degrease and thoroughly clean the chain with all the accumulated dust and dirt. I looked into the Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube after doing some research on which lube was good for my typical type of environment I was riding in mostly and WOW what a difference.

The chain looks clean after almost every ride. If it's really dusty and dirty I can just use a dry cloth to wipe it away. I know can skip bike cleanings if just doing a quick ride.

This Muc-Off lube is great for my mountain biking trips that my wife and I do often. If we are camping and hitting remote trails in which there is an endless amount of here, with us being in the desert with water at a premium we don't have a lot of extra water to wash bikes after every ride.

Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube 120ml Drip Rider Review

We just finished a trip to Colorado with lots of fun downhill and epic climbs. Being able to wipe down the chain and in worst-case scenarios use a rinse-free spray degreaser to quickly clean and then re-lube the chain is priceless when you want to enjoy an epic day of riding and not have to deal with chain issues due to a dirty chain. On that note, I noticed there night end bikes have tighter tolerances and a dirty chain can really mess up the derailleur operation.

Final Thoughts

When I do wash the bike a quick rinse with watersheds all the dirt. No more chunks of dirt and grease on the components. While the Muc-Off is a little more expensive then some other lube brands I feel it is more than worth it with the time I save and not having to clean my bike after every ride if I'm in a rush.

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November 04, 2020

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