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Today on the podcast, the guys discuss some interesting new products and epic recent rides before jumping into a stellar set of listener questions ranging from if you should store your bike upside down to the weirdest thing we've ever seen on the trail and everything in between. Tune in!


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Liam's Yeti ASR Bike Check

If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the podcast above, continue reading below!

ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 139 of the MTB podcast presented and
hosted by worldwide CCL Glory I'm Jared I'm Liam I'm Trevor that's right the
three Migos back in the house we're back baby Jeff is uh he's not feeling great today he's recovering still kind of from
his insane Adventure Race escapades huh he went too deep that's right so in this
episode we will discuss some interesting new products some of the bikes and rides we've been enjoying lately as well as
some epic listener questions ranging from the weirdest thing we've seen on the trail to if you should store your
bike upside down and everything in between well let's talk about it pretty good upside on bikes upside on bikes but
you know what they say keep the rubber side down sir that's right and uh that would be pretty good words of wisdom but
Zach's words of wisdom today bad decisions make good stories create good stor for people around you that's very
fitting so Zach's advocating for bad decisions so wise I guess so but you
know it is pretty fitting advice from a sage man such as Zach himself yep speaking of which Daniel's
fun fact most Disney characters wear gloves to humanize the characters and to keep animation simple Jeff would
appreciate that I think as a self-proclaimed Disney adult fanatic Jeff loves Disney Jeff loves Disney yeah
it's a little weird you know that each their own to each their own yes that's right and uh which leads us
perfectly into our fantastic testimonial the Pod with Ken was fantastic he's a smart guy but not seral and Polished and
I like that what SRAM has done for the biking world with things like World bicycle relief is a big factor in me
using their products not unlike Jeff and the crew with Trail one I notice worldwide cyc is not discounting like
the others I'm guessing here but I feel Jeff probably doesn't want to get into a pattern of discounting when things get weird and I'm guessing Jeff still has an
appreciation and affection for brick and mortar stores and doesn't want to screw them over if this is true I really
admire that I've worked in bike shops my whole life and always thought online bike parts companies were the devil not
contributing to their communities but after following worldwide cycy on the socials and podcasts I think you guys
are different and just a bunch of rad dudes John Brooks thanks John thanks John it's really nice you you are
correct that is a major reason why we do not discount um yeah keep margins for
everyone uh not try to undercut the little guys and you know hopefully everyone can make money in a
bike industry that's right give back to the community a little bit yep um you know we got to put food on the table and
stay afloat and and we're we're trying to do that you know we get back to nikah going off of what uh the first part of
this comment about the last podcast with the sh CEO it was great I listened to that and um I thought it was super good
just to hear his perspective I've never heard of that guy before and um that was cool he just seemed like a really
personable guy and having Jeff conduct the interview Jeff's a really smart guy and having him
like as his own CEO ask another CEO CEO questions was was pretty pretty
interesting to say the least so yeah um yeah I was I was pretty stoked about that one yeah definitely asking him questions that like we would probably
never would have thought of you know little over my pay grade you know exactly and he just had like good
answers and I mean it was there were CEO answers like he just he knew what to do what to say but like it was almost
politician talk but at the same time he was saying some really good stuff and it was super insightful yeah with a little
prying he got some little more answers in detail like my favorite part was when he basically said that his favorite type
of riding was like you know bike parks and riding trails and I was like okay my guy like that's what I'm talking about
we got the truth um speaking of bikes and rides we've been enjoying lately and bike parks and stuff uh Liam you just
got back from Mammoth I was in Mammoth true over the weekend this is true it is true you did some cool rides No Cap what
kind of bikes did you bring no cap that is that is no cap for for I brought my
Yeti ASR and my Yeti Arc wow yeah get a l to that
onear um yeah I in bring a trail bike I really just wanted to go up and pedal my
buddy is racing modotto so at had a condo stay at and I was like I'm going to go up and just get some big training days in at Mammoth where Bas at the time
we were two weeks out from dville we are under two weeks out from downeyville wow so Trevor and I and Zach will be making
our way up up there uh next week sick so yeah it was rad rode some Trails did
some big rides um the hard tail is surprisingly fast still it's a good
haven't been on hard tail that was like set up for me in nine years so not even
really even a modern hardil you've I mean I I test Rod The Arc right when it first came out and I oh and I had a he I
guess I do take that back just for a minute I had a he for a minute um L Hefe
but uh I really ride it tooo much um in the arc I kind of rode it but the way
that stock one was set up is a little too blurred for me yeah with like 2.6 Tires Tires yeah and a 130 Fork so this
one I set up Mega ripping fast you have that bike set up so proper so fast Meant
For Speed and speed only it's basically replacing my gravel bike it's it's a it's a glorified gravel bike but it's a
mountain bike yeah I got the bars cut pretty narrow I've got a really negative long stem on there I have Aspen ST tires
Maxis Aspen STS which is the fastest Tire they make now in the team casing which is the paper thin casing and I
have a 38 tooth chain ring I feel like we should do a favor for the people and include some photos in the video of this
bike because really sick yeah I don't have any photos taken but I will what P are you running in those tires for the
hard sale I didn't really check them when I rode it on Sunday um but un Li of you
yeah my well for sure not necessarily I have these zip wheels on there with the tire Wiz wi and I have it set to the
range and I think I have it set to like 165 to 175 in the front and like 185 to
195 in the rear and it's flashing green meaning it was within that range so I just took off so that's the beauty of
the tire was though you don't have to really C crazy about that cuz you know it's in the range yeah it was in the range so it's kind of cool I don't know
how always useful it is um I guess it just saves you the time from checking like if you're riding back like day to
day back to back you don't have to check your tire every single day if it's in the same range cuz I always check my
pressure every single ride I usually sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not good so you just never really know
yeah you really don't yeah that's actually pretty sick yeah that bike was ripping fast so um it was pretty fun
also can we take a second to appreciate that you go to the fraction of a PSI when you when you check your tires like
I don't think I've ever heard of anybody else doing that precise data data data mechanic I mean
sometimes you know one PSI is too low and one's too high that's wow yeah if you can feel that the midle difference
in half a PSI that is amazing I don't know if I can but mentally I might I would personally want to run the
tire wiiz just to see how much my tire pressure is changing based off the
course of a day like lately in California it's been extremely hot and starting ear starting rides very early
when it's a moderate temperature outside and then mid ride it's 100 degrees outside and
yeah who knows what my tire pressure is but it's probably way too high and it'd be cool to adjust that mid ride or just know about it and not have to carry a
gauge with a youit you can just check your phone or have it on your garment even yeah I haven't because I I guess I
could check it on my phone because I don't have a Garin head unit I don't have like that viewable but in theory
once you sit on the tires they would actually go up in PSI right cuz you are creating more pressure in them so I
don't know it wouldn't really read like I was at 17 while riding would read probably more like 20 or 22 or something
like that from the pressure I'm putting down from my body weight you want to always check it without weight on the
bike right interesting cuz I've thought about like you know some maybe some mountain bike racing or definitely gravel racing where you're like ripping
and then you like maybe you thought you got a puncture and then you can see it on the Garment screen I guess you could see it like slow leaking down from where
you're at but I would assume that the pressure in writing that number would be varying a little bit as test I'd be to
that actually I haven't fully tested that out so that's kind of theory right now but never thought about that seems
plausible seems plausible absolutely from a science perspective absolutely wow what uh what rides have you been
doing Trevor um man I busted out the road bike recently yeah got the lyer on and just
trying to get some last minute fitness for downeyville just trying to do some big climbs and um also get heat
acclimated it's been pretty hot lately and last year when we did downeyville it was over deges on the climb and it was
just that's gnarly horrible so I just trying to acclimate my body to that and
climbing big the biggest hills I could find around where I live with that um so yeah the road bike's been good just
trying to put power down and going big rides and honestly the road bike is tough to ride but it's uh it's really
good for your Fitness and then yeah still been riding sp40 that's what I'm going to race at downeyville and I got
bird Wheels um Hawk 30 bird Wheels with Talon hubs um with double forecasters
and man that setup is fast yeah it's really fast really efficient um I saved
two pounds over the previous wheel entire setup I was running so two pounds of rolling weight is huge and man can
you tell the difference on the trail it's it's incredible how much more speed you can carry and how much easier it is
to pedal and up everything that's sick so I'm very I was kind of nervous about running the 140 at downeyville just
everyone's running these crazy lightx SE bikes and no travel and I was like man maybe I'm bringing a Booka to a knife
fight or something you know but um no I think it'll be actually pretty sweet and I'll be able to have a ton of fun on the downhill and still be okay on the uphill
so um yeah I've just been trying to cram in some miles do a bunch of big volume
right now and then rest and then into the downeyville next week sweet yeah you're just bringing a machete to The Knife Fight not bazooka you're not a
bazooka that would be like a downhill bike yeah you're going to have a little more fun right which is which is totally
cool I mean I mean I'm there to have fun that's when I'm I'm here to have a good time so just want to do the best job
that I can do and I want it to be more enjoyable for myself and being more fit makes it way more enjoyable so for sure
I want to be able to practice and um not be sore for the the race you know so that's my goal nice yeah it's like a
5,000 foot climb or something like that right day one is a 4,000 foot climb and then you accumulate like another
thousand feet of climbing roughly throughout the rest of the day and you go down 6,000 ft on day one day two you
go down about 5,000 ft and you climb about 1,000 ft wow it's kind of the best
bike riding ever it's uh last year when I did it we did the practice day and I was like wow that's the best bike ride I've ever
done we literally shuttled to the top and we we shuttle the top but we did the XE course so it kind of like mixed the
two but I mean it takes a while it took us probably like an hour and a half two hours to get down just by cruising and
looking at lines and stuff and Trevor's like that was like one of the best rides I've ever done yeah we'll just test you
it as a mountain biker in every single way you could imagine like downhill climbing technical speed flow water
Crossings like it's everything and it's all in one race one weekend so I appreciate that I try to be as
well-rounded as I can be for riding and it's definitely a huge perfect test to that and yeah pretty pretty excited
about it oh I also uh just posted my Yeti ASR bike check nice for downeyville
so sick there's a full blog up on the worldwide site with all the nitty-gritty little details of how I'm running that
down and Y wow well if I wasn't already super jealous that you guys were going i' extra jealous now cuz that just
sounds like a epic time it's my favorite week it's it's a hard week but it's fun and um yeah we're kind of disconnected
from social media a little bit too like no service out there and camping out by
the river and taking taking baths in the Ice Cold River and stuff it's just it's a good old time y it's mountain biking I
love that love that for you guys what about you Jared what you what are you up to man I'm trying to like
speaking of being well-rounded I'm trying to get a little more well-rounded myself do a little bit of cross trainining um just riding like local
Trails you know on the 140 and stuff I Run Road Sycamore um and tried backbone
since like I don't know it was a few weeks since he said it was super gnarly and overgrown I was like oh maybe someone worked on it somebody maybe
somebody worked on it maybe for service no no no it's still like good to know brutal yeah definitely um but yeah bust
out the road bike for a little bit went for r with my dad um trying to swim and like get a little extra different
workouts going in doing some yoga and stuff like that so yeah it gets so hot here recently in Southern California and
kind of I guess the Western us but yeah that you have to either ride super early like 6:00 in the morning 6:30 in the
morning or go on the road bike because it's a little bit more enjoyable but if you get caught out there midday it's uh
can get dangerous honestly yeah it can the road bike's nice because you're going faster so it doesn't feel as hot
like you have more air flow yeah you're not like that stuck sticky mountain bike slow climbing where you're just like
baking for so you're stuck in a cany and it feels like an oven then then you'll start baking yeah like I was going up
hill hill and it was like that and I was like oh this is horrible and as soon as I Crest the top and the ocean breeze
hits you it's like yes give me some more of that and then right into an overgrown descent we're lucky to live so close to
the ocean because it gets hot where we are but you go a couple miles over the hill and man it's like 70 degrees and
beautiful y all differ it really is um well sick speaking of things that make a
difference Schwab introduces the new revolutionary click valve making a
difference or maybe not making yeah I don't know it seems honestly seems kind of cool it's I'm I need to try it so
what what schi did is they basically took a new from what it seems like a new valve core system that can either be
adapted to your Presta Valve um or ran as kind of Their Own
basic yeah basically it looks like to me it adapts to their Pressa valve MH um and you need a specific pump head for
that as well correct you so what it does is it almost combines prea and shraer styles with a unique fitting on the
valve core head I guess where the pump would attached to so you can basically
put on this new pump head that just presses on click yeah so you don't need
to unscrew the little nut like you do on prea and you don't need to push on on and like pull a lever to engage the uh
valve core like you do on a straighter valve right so it's kind of combining the two and making a more
seamless pump head um it sounds like you can use your existing pump head if you probably don't
have like a screw on like L Type yeah so you can still use a press of valve MH um
press the valve pump or you can just buy the kit which comes with an adapter and
a valve course just put on your prea and it just clicks right on um I don't know
I'm curious to see where this goes and if it is actually better they claim basically twice as much or 50% more air
flow than pre valve MH but the Santa crw Reserve is three times more like three
times more something like that I think the real question about all this is does it still get clogged by sealant that was my other thing is it looks like it's
going to be the same issue of clogging just like prea wood so in my head it's not really really fixing an issue yeah
but I also haven't got my hands on it I've only read a press release and watched a video which was in German and
dubbed over in English yeah I wonder how I wonder I've never really run run I've seen it before
but run like a shraer tu setup I wonder how a shraer valve would do with sealant getting clogged in there I think it's
better I heard it's worse really you heard it's worse oh all right cuz you can't I don't it's not as easy to replace a valc in a Shader valve is it
it's it's the same it's the same we do them on suspension every day so there
you go but I mean yeah who knows I mean I like how you can just pop a pump on
there like I I don't like hate screwing things on but it's just whenever the valve core comes out that's just like
the most annoying thing on the planet like that or sometimes it's stuck or like it bends nothing worse than it
bending then then you can't really fully close it screwed yeah besides unscrewing
the Presta Valve there are plenty of pumps out there like Sila and a bunch of those ones make ones where you literally
just press on the O-ring so you don't have to do all that stuff so okay it's not like that much further in technology
you know um like securely fastens on there just like Cs on I would like to try it and just see how it really works
and if it clogs more worse if it clogs more or less or the same the same um so
yeah that's interesting from schab yeah pretty cool I mean they've definitely been trying things for years right they
came out schab procore which was a two valve system with like a inner tube a
smaller inner tube that you'd fill up which almost would work as a insert and
then you had your main valve which would you know inflate your actual Tire it never really caught on more past than
just like a couple downhill Racers that ran it m and then that was kind of it so yeah they're definitely trying which is
cool and like you know you're not going to innovate if you don't try new things yeah see if it works I feel like a bunch
of other companies have tried to kind of make the same kind of iteration on like a improved system that hasn't really
caught on like um e13 came out with those weird ones it's like the top comes
off and it's just I don't know so it like there's no doubt that we're using super old technology that's just there's
there's got to be a better way and this seems like it could be a better way but it's on the right path to a better way
yeah cuz prea was what originally for old road bike rims with like that were super narrow and needed a wait for it to
work right and now it's that's kind of obsolete so 100% we're still using these on 30 mil you know internal WID rims and
it's like well I would be all for straighter valves just catching on for mountain bikes yeah I think that would
be good and it probably fix a lot of the issues just because it's a wider diameter but we need like all the rim
manufacturers basically to get on board yeah so I know it's got to be tough or drill it out which I don't I don't know
about doing that especially on a carbon orever drill out oh speaking of drilling out do you want to drill out the new
Stumpy frame so you can run a mechanical drivet train I would love to no honestly
that is pretty wild I mean they got a couple of interesting things going on with that bike with like the proprietary
shock um and only electronic shifting yeah so specializ came out with a new
stump jumper today it is we don't sell specializ uh mainly Rec covering this
because uh the new stump jumper that I came out with does not have cable
routing for mechanical drivetrains it's electronic it is very on All trim levels
All trim levels that's the Bold part about it so like Liam's ASR that he has is has no ports for a dropper or or or
sh shter but it's because it's the top tier he also has the highest tier and the rest of them come with buch of ports
so that sort of makes sense but to have them on all the trim levels is pretty bold I I can say that like after riding
T type for over a year it's really good and access is really good yeah but it's kind of leaving out a lot of the market
and that's a little bit of a bummer but we'll see what the future holds I guess but that's uh that's pretty I would
think that they don't have an alloy model out so I would think an alloy model is soon to follow with mechanical
routing you hope so and that would be your option um I I think I really actually admire that specialized usually
offers alloy models and they're usually quite good they they just released that new chisel and the new Crux that are
both DSW deuso smartw um it's like high-end hydroforming alloy frames that
are quite lightweight for being alloy um and I've always like admired those bikes that they make I think that's honestly
what probably 80% of us could ride all of us included yeah 100% um for sure so
you know they always usually offer that alloy option and just might not be immediately yeah um so that might be
their you know kind of Band-Aid for that but yeah it is a big step bold step very bold uh to go along with that samam
released a s1000 t type drivetrain today that's right um which is really OEM spec
only it's going to kind of take the place of an NX level right uh drivetrain
but that's going to get you on a full electronic drivetrain at a even lower price point then uh GX transmission yeah
and it's T Ty yeah you get all the T type technology which to be honest is just amazing it's super good it's true
so that'd be cool yeah if that works out yeah that being said you know like I don't I haven't looked at pricing on
Specialized at retail but you know you can probably get 4500 $5,000 bike maybe
with this s1000 kit on there I think what is it 6,500 for the cheapest one or electric did it have s1000 or did it
have GX uh that's a good question um but yeah uh it is it is very interesting I
mean I actually rode this morning on a bike ride with two specialized employees and they were both on the new Stumpy and
in person yeah the bike looks like a normal bike it looks looks good it was pretty interesting their uh their their
paint schemes look good but they have the sort of splatter paint on there it looks pretty wild and the paint is
actually raised up so you can kind of feel it it almost looks like your bike's like dirty with sap or something like
that and that might be an issue if you're going to go ride wrap your frame I don't know if that would work at all
that's a good point um so that's just that's a little bit bold as well is that only on the S works it could be I think
it's only on the SS it could be um yeah it's pretty their bike's pretty similar to my sp40 to be honest it's kind of
like a do-it-all bike and uh you can kind of change setups more or less and have it work for
different scenarios and kind of a jack of all trades yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know I guess we'll see how many
people are like converted to electronic or you know there's going to be more Believers and more people mechanical
what I find most interesting is that obviously shimano's just out of the picture right yeah shimano's just like
no chance you're getting Shimano on that bike which is very interesting I mean Super interesting um so much market share yeah and they're all speced with
mavens I guess right um yeah yeah most of them are respect with mavens as well which again like I have codes on my 140
Shram codes and I'm so impressed by those as well they have more than enough stopping power and yeah the mavens have
a ton of stopping power I mean I I think codes would have been a better spec on that bike but okay so this the
cheapest specialized does come with a s1000 rear the [ __ ] okay GX chain
s1000 crank Set uh what looks like an s1000 cassette
for 5500 so there you go that's all the s1000 cassette is uh goes to an HG
driver that's right HG which is super interesting not an XD so if you're that's just a kind of an aftermarket
problem if you're bringing your bike into a shop and want a better cassette you got to get a new freea body as well
so just little more complicated I think you can replace the Rings as well in that too yeah I was going to say so kind
of interesting probably super heavy but again you get the te type advantage in that and um I bet that would be pretty
good for people who want that on a budget or for an ebike or something like that yeah I mean uh you know if it
wasn't that long ago maybe few years ago we a $5,000 bike was like GX or you know mechanical so now you're getting T type
which I mean yeah just a bummer though in some ways though cuz like Liam you have a bike that's fully no batteries on
it like full full uh mechanical bike it works amazingly it's really positive
feedback in the shifting and you you can travel with it with pretty much no issu it's all mechanical right so yeah just
some extra cables th in the backpack they take up enough space and yeah you know it's going be pretty reliable on
you're not going to have a battery go out on you in the middle of nowhere right so I mean I'm not really worried about electronic going out on me but I
do my XC bike is so techy and so new technology that it's just kind of nice
to have the polar opposite yeah h on a bike have this kind of pure raw ride um
you know kind of balance the the yingying Yang of of life but uh yeah I do actually enjoy having a bike that's
just completely mechanical um as far as you know drivet train and dropper post goes so yeah if you're a casual Rider
you can just go in your garage pick it up put air in the tires and be gone yep whereas if you have a battery bike this
something to worry about yeah for sure something to be cognizant of sure and like when Lan Morton did the uh what
Continental Divide um his axis derailer went out uh that I mean he went through
a million water Crossings and who knows how old it was before then but he was stuck almost single speeding he ended up
wedging a spoke in the parallelogram of the derailer and was getting three gears out of it he could go down one middle or
up one so in that case as well like you know even if something really went wrong
on it and like you couldn't tighten down a mechanical cable you could still kind of zip tie stuff around um and jig it up
a little bit more because there's not Servo controlling how that parallelogram moves so yeah good point yeah anyways
that it's just interesting uh kind of new quote unquote Innovation or actually
is it de Innovation you're just removing something from the bike so yeah the real
question is if you put cables on it are you drilling holes or are you zip tying your cables to the outside I'll take a gemel to
anybody no no zip ties around the top tubes please don't do that top tues gosh can you believe it wasn't that
long ago where all bikes were like that I saw a picture of a guy and it was all externally routed cables and I was like oh I was like brother actually I don't
I'm just kidding on a trailbike again I wouldn't mind it like at all it was actually more so the colored housing
like yeah these people do that I don't know like um each their own right you know how devet has that recessed top
tube like that's pretty clean that is a very clever solution really see it from the side but it's still easy to change
and U you know and pinch so yeah true speaking of interesting things um and
like your Podium gold Fork we were actually able to get our hands on a couple more Forks because they all sold
out in like 5 minutes so we still have a couple of gold Podium Forks on the webs like getting a ticket to
Coachella they sell out pretty fast you know what it's going to be better than Coachella way better than it will give
you way more Stoke than Coachella will yeah Coachella is temporary the podium gold glory is forever forever that's
right yeah there's a couple 36s 40s and 34 maybe yeah I think maybe one more 34
yeah a couple Force left I don't know if you guys are feeling that may check them out not going to last long the new
gripex tamper is quite a weapon to so it's so good yeah I'm actually super impressed by that
still um yeah well should we jump into a listener question before we go for a
break yeah let's get a let's get a quickie I'm currently in the market for a do all mountain bike since I only have
the room and funds to have one bike I have been researching the Druid and it seems like it could be a great quiver killer would you recommend it if not
what would you recommend for background I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so a lot of short climbs and descents full of
roots I am currently on an upgraded polygon cisu D7 nice um I do think
the uh Druid could be a great Quoc ker
um that being said it does have the idler which you know you might not want on your quiv quiver killer you one by
but you had it for a while and you wrote it you wrote it everywhere yeah if he's in if he's in Pittsburgh and there's a
lot of routs I think the Druid would be a perfect bike for that it's just going to have traction over all that and kind
of get just be really good for all those Tech climbs and short climbs and just kind of Jank I feel like it excels in
that stuff I agree which you know in in my situation we don't have like any of that out here so that's why I was like
well this is an amazing bike it's just not extremely well suited to our Trin so I think it could be like the perfect
setup for this guy honestly if it's and you could take it to the bike park you know any any bike park on the East Coast
I mean I mean some of these guys are winning ews uh races on Druid VT so I
mean that's the proof is in the pudding right there for sure well I uh if I were to recommend three other bikes actually
I'll recommend a handful more three others that we carry do it Yeti SP sp40 I think it really suits that same kind
of need um then the you could actually go Revel
Rascal on the slightly shortest side of things one 30 rear travel or you could do Revel rail 29 how I have it built up
with a little bit lighter um or a Banshee Titan oh yeah
do pretty sick man Banshee prime prime yeah that's a 130 bike 13 bike really
good yeah really good I'm gonna throw two more out there I think the new specialized stump jumper is a great bike
yeah for everyone qu qu killer and the track fuel ex oh surprisingly yeah wow I
did not expect that out of you also well is that mrea Ray was an
amazing bike yep um I don't know if it's a quiver killer but amazing trail bike
yeah you know all even with the heads bikes are so good nowadays from all companies all across the board it's
pretty tough to choose to be honest it has to be something kind of standing out that resembles to you that you're gonna
like to make you get that y um because you really are not gonna get a bad bike yeah I think out of all of those that we
all just named I think it's really which one fits your style fits your budget
yeah uh you know do you live in the same state as a brand is that cool to you you know like you have support nearby yeah
exactly for sure do they make cool color schemes the Banshee is all alloy you know some like Revel doesn't make an
alloy bike nor is yeti but Banshee does is an alloy like must for you cuz you know I think it's a great option for
trail bikes just to run alloy like you're never going to damage it yeah especially in a super rocky place yeah
um you know I would say if we had a druid in our uh Lancaster location you
should go ride it but I don't think we have an out there so I'm sorry to say don't think we do we might have some 140s though yeah that's so there you go
you could probably go over there and grab one and try it out that's probably the best way to do it if you got a bike
that you're interested in you should go ride it and see if you really like like it yeah always demo if possible yeah except for me I just bought the Druid
and I loved it so there you go time for an ad yep
let's do it and now a word from our sponsors hello fellow mountain bikers Jeff here I have a quick favor to ask
everyone my adventure race team the jackalopes is looking for a female to
make us a four-person co-ed team for this upcoming race in early September
called Expedition Oregon also known as American toughest race it's a Six-Day
Expedition Adventure Race and we really want to have a four-person co-ed team so
if you or you know anyone who is an absolute bad ARS female at running and
mountain biking and pack rafting and has the durability to do a Six-Day Adventure Race we would love to meet them and love
to potentially have them join our team for this race that's about all I got uh
I don't know what the guys just said about me in my last Adventure Race but it only took me 10 days to slowly recover and not become a shell of a
human so it's a really fun sport it's not very hard or taxing on the body and
uh you know it's quite fun thank you goodbye and now back to the show and
we're back I'm back we're back whoa we're back we're back we're back and
we're in sync we're back listener question what's the weirdest thing you have seen SL witnessed on the trail Liam
you first H it's always weird to come across
a female peing in the middle of the trail just like I don't know why you want to step off like five more feet
anybody really right but I have seen that a handful of times but I don't really think that's that weird you're in the middle of nature whatever yeah um
I'll tell a little short story okay so I was doing uh the great descent the other week the uh bike race in La M and I'm
getting I got past Red Box near Mount Wilson and I started to go downhill and like there's no hikers up above and
there started to be some hikers as well um I'm coming up on a a hiker and I was
like hey hello hello I did have a bell on Bell wasn't very loud but I had it on
um and this dude was holding a boulder in his hand and I was like hello hello
hello I mean I'm kind of racing but we're on open Trails right so I'm trying to be polite but I'm also trying to get past this dude yeah the dude like turns
around uh drops the Boulder almost on my foot whoa and then I was like whoa dude
like okay and then he like kind of like scooted over and I went to go past and there was a massive rattlesnake in the
middle of the trail and like I like almost stepped on it cuz I I was like trying to get around this dude and I
didn't really look down and I like almost stepped on and I looked back to the D I was like Hey brother like no
warning and uh I don't think he spoke any English and he just kind of stared at me and I was just like all right dude
well I'm going to let this rattlesnake go by and I'm going to keep going but like I guess it wasn't really the weirdest thing but it was a weird
situation yeah it was a really weird interaction and I also like was kind of racing so I'm like like kind of out of
breath and like tired but like yeah it was just a an odd probably most recent odd situation on trail that is odd what
about you Jared um you know I thought a lot about about this question but really the only
thing I could come up with was like seeing a gravel bike or gravel Rider on like a that way too garly to R grab a
bike on and I'll be like dude what the hell are you doing best thing you can come up with like yeah I thought
honestly I'm the same way I haven't really seen anything crazy I've heard from friends about like seeing people on
trail like doing the deed but that's like oh that would be funny yeah I haven't but I haven't come across that
you know um my buddy actually got it on GoPro which was hilarious no way I remember that uh dude at the canal
plunge that we ran into and that was on GoPro right water crossing oh yeah
that's that's for sure the weirdest thing I've seen this we're up in the middle of the mountains like pretty deep
pretty deep and going through this water crossing and there's this couple and um I'm I'm first and I kind of come up to
them say hey like I scared them a little bit and the the the girl got scared and there were two like Gypsies and they
they must have just been hiking or camping out there and man I forgot what he said but
he said something like like he like a wizard would say from like from Lord of the Rings from Lord of the Rings like he
just sent something like super intriguing he was for sure on some substances and it was just that was
really random and I was like all right man you're having a good probably a better time than me right now um I got
it on GoPro as well yeah that's awesome yeah that's about it for me everything else has been pretty normal just seeing
random people in random places I guess yeah animals people you know not too many snakes or anything really yeah um
yeah I mean that's not weird to me though like normal that's pretty normal for us if I don't see a snake during the summer on a ride it's like well that's a
different yeah I haven't seen one yet this year not one mm wow I saw four in a ride two weeks ago I was expecting to
see some this week because it was so hot I didn't see any hav even seen them on road rides seen a lot of snakes on the road yeah yeah danger noodles got to
watch out for him danger noodles break for snakes break for snakes yep Liam you want to read the next one what was your
first bike purchase like you saved up your own money to buy it and why I guess why did you buy that bike it's a
great question I guess I'll go go for it um well my first real bike purchase this
was back when I was in college and it was a 2007 Santa Cruz VP free wa yes it
was pretty sick kind of like it was almost like a cross between like an Enduro bike I'm pretty sure it still had like a two by what would had like a dual
Crown Fork you know bikes were super weird back then they were not really like dialed in um um it was all black
pretty sick marzuki Triple Eight Fork on it um Fox coil it's pretty sick see if I
find a photo of it um saved up my own money to buy it because I had my dad's hand me- down giant AC air that was like
a 2002 getting real long in the tooth you know um and uh pretty beat and yeah so
that's why I bought it and it was pretty sick I think I bought it at a bike shop called rage in Scottsdale I don't know if you guys have ever been there but
they had like a little used bike section and I found the Santa Cruz and it was like perfect shape and I was like this thing is sick I think I had like hope
breaks and all that good stuff yeah it's pretty cool damn yeah that was like my first foray into like nice bikes I would
say like before that it was kind of like weird old Giants my dad gave me and like hand-me-downs and stuff like that I uh I
guess my first one this was before I worked at a bike shop because that I think that almost like does that change
it Chang question I think it does yeah cuz I mean I worked at a bike shop when I was 15 so by that point I was getting
deals and you know like the really good deals or whatever H Downs type things blems yeah but before that um I wanted a
dirt jumper and Ray's bike shop kind of the Family Bike Shop we went to Growing Up had a giant um oh what's their hard
tail the dirt jumper called it's abbreviation don't know I can't can't
think of it right now is the giant Dirt Jump frame pretty sick frame this is probably 2008 eight or so um and I
bought that uh for a pretty good deal uh it was like part of my birthday present but my mom's like that's way too
expensive for your birthday so you have to give me you know x amount of money so I like got all this money and gave it to
her and stuff yeah nice it's sweet though I had that for a while and I actually raced my first couple dual
slalom races on that bike nice that's cool so that's sick I want to be SL soon
what about I mean I was kind of grew up riding BMX bikes around the neighborhood as kids and neighbors and stuff which
was cool so I knew how always knew how to ride and or like a sport cha little hardtail mountain bike or something but
the first bike that kind of got me into it I bought from my current roommate Blake and he it was a um 09 GT Avalanche
heart tail sick and it had cable disc brakes on it
and oh yeah like 3x 10 or 3x9 and I and I just remember that I
rode that so much it made me fall in love with mountain biking but I remember the cable disc brakes were so awful that
I would grab the brakes like a steep downhill like a fire Road or something I I was riding fire roads in single track
but I would grab the brakes by both hands fully and it still wouldn't stop
the bike and it was so scary to me oh man but I wrote that a lot I think it taught me a lot of really good
fundamentals just writing a hard tail on just simple single track and like pumping speed and getting doubles and
everything and um yeah I just like I it made me lose a bunch of weight I used to be fat honestly I used to be overweight
and made me lose a bunch of weight and um I kind of got addicted to the process of like just riding and getting better
and stronger because I would follow people on straa this is like I feel like 10 years ago now but I follow people on
Strava and I would see the rides they were doing I I couldn't believe how big they were and I couldn't believe how
much elevation and how long they were going and stuff and it got me motivated to try and get to that point so pretty
cool that's sick that's a good story I like that good origin stories of us as mountain bikers yeah and now we're
spoiled rotten right I can relate to the feeling of the breaks um the first time I ever went to Mammoth I was probably
like 11 years old and I had a bike with like V brakes you know like Rim brakes and I was going down um whatever is that
McCoy where you drop in to McCoy lot like your mid- mountain or so that's mid station mid station yeah McCoy station
and I just remember like pulling brakes into the bar and just like not stopping just like I would love nicer brakes I
looked it up it's called the giant STP nice and I do remember that bike had V brakes and I converted it to disc brakes
with a old juicy V dirt jumper W yeah V bra dirt jumper dang and but it had disc
Brak mounts so I converted it to a uh yeah Disc break bike that's pretty sick
I guess cable brakes make sense on a BMX bike in case you want to run like a gyro or you know yeah something like that I
think for both me and Liam yeah like those were before both both started working at a bike shop and pretty naive
to all that stuff like didn't know how to work on bikes or what bikes like at least for me I didn't know like the the
levels of different bikes or anything so it was kind of cool to just get like fully introduced to that world from that
for sure yep sick wow what a great question thanks for taking us on a trip down memory lane yep what's something
you carry with you on a ride that has saved your butt in a pinch mine was an ace wrist brace that I had shoved into my first aid kit I was able to ride 5
miles out of the trail with a sprained wrist without it I would have had to one hand push my bike
back well uh in my back country pack I do have a little first a kit which you know always
is good to have but in that I make sure it has athletic tape which kind of works as the same as you have a you know wrist
or a broken bone can really kind of tape it up and kind of secure that so you can get out of there like KT Tape type thing
yeah it's just athletic tape just like the white kind ofe got it um and got to
have the toilet paper oh literally saved your butt literally saved the butt saved
a sock you know oh yeah but yeah you got to have the toilet paper if you're going
far out there it's honestly really smart yeah for coming from a guy who's had to sacrifice article of clothing before
yeah um I would say something that has saved me is masterlink um on multiple occasions and
I would have been stuck you know 10 plus miles out like in Sycamore or something like that yeah yeah something that I
bring in my pack now um just from experience is just a little bottle of St Stan sealant I've gone rides not really
from me but from my friends who haven't checked like tires in a while or whatever and tire keeps on going flat
put air in it like if you have a pump or anything and it still keeps on going flat get a thorn in it keeps on going flat just put a little bit of sealing in
there goes a long way and also just a multitool man that saves so many problems good multi-tool with a chain
breaker yep you need that got to make sure it has a chain breaker or have a small chainbreaker and the multi-tool
but yeah yeah yeah funny story about sealant so um when I was up in Bay with my buddy um he actually rides a ranger
that I sold him a couple years ago and he's like still on the same tires and they like are Weeping ceiling out the
side wall and he's like super busy he's got like a toddler and doesn't have a lot of time to work on his bike and um
he was like yeah tires are going flat so I pump him up to like 25 psi and uh it's usually enough to last me until the end
of the ride I was like wait what do you mean he's like yeah they're going flat by the end like dude you need to swap your tires like right now we're
finishing the ride like two hours later his tires are flat that's just asking for like dude how do you live like this how
long have you been living like this man like literally a couple days later he's like okay I'm ready to pull a trigger on new tires and stuff I was like okay
thank you that's funny I also think like having like just a couple zip ties and then some like Gorilla Tape I always
wrap Gorilla tape around the CO2 that's a good call um just it just will save you so well like just in a pinch just to
get home you know yeah both of those are a must and know zip ties CO2 Gorilla Tape yeah all good things to
have Tire boots Tire plugs Tire boots oh yeah tire boot a patch well to kind of
like if you have a big slice and you have a tube you're not going to fix it anyways M so tire boot um I still have
them left over from this but I'm sure you could probably go to any bike shop and ask them for a really old worn out
road bike tire cut off the bead and it is a perfect tire boot to put inside of
a mountain bike tire H yeah the bead of what the road bike tire yeah really so you just have like basically like a 23
or 25 width uh road bike tire that's kind of worn down so it's still pretty thick rubber
but yeah you cut that thing to like maybe two inches by 3 Ines or so yeah and it's best tire boot if takes up
nothing put it right against your spare tube and it's going to be thick too and it's going to be thick and it's going to be good nice so the more you know yeah
look at that Tech tips from Liam Trevor you want to read that next one I should have my own podcast you should gosh
that's so funny during periods when you are not riding your bike do you ever per recommend periodically storing the bike
up upside down saw another YouTuber recommend this because it helps with fork oils uh drain to the top and keep
the foam ring saturated is this a thing something that you practice thanks so much well I actually did see the owner
of push suspension in a video saying that all him and his co-workers at the top of a trail will push their bike up
on one wheel and kind of bounce it upside down to like soak the foam rings real quick right before they drop in
okay and said there's a noticeable difference really said you'll look like a total goon doing it at the top of a trail like that but who
cares right yeah I like that actually yeah I mean I I've heard this and like I
know people have kind of done it in semi- practice I've never really done it but I do guess if my bike is being store
for a long time a lot of the time it's on my bike wall same which kind of Acts almost as it upside down yeah yeah yeah
on the same my my bikes in my garage are stored not vertically but a little bit past vertical they're hanging upside
down and um I guess it does sort of saturate it a little bit I haven't really thought about that but um I would
I guess make sure your brakes are blood well because otherwise you're going to get a bunch of air at the top and sometimes regardless you'll you'll go
squeeze the lever and it's going to go straight to the bar but just pump it up and you'll be good yeah so yeah if your brakes are bled really well you could do
that um another thing which kind of relates to this but if you live in somewhere where there's a real winter
not that we have that um but uh I would and you're not going to be riding your
bike I would remove the sealant from your tires oh just completely remove it cuz it'll dry or it'll kind of get old
and it'll dry weirdly right like in a puddle yeah exactly so I would just completely remove it and then add fresh
come spring when you're going to ride your bike again another great tip from Liam wow CU it will it will affect the
rotating mass and you'll kind of get like a wobble effect and it it no good yeah yeah I've definitely seen that
before next question loving the pod do you think that the Fox Float X
compression adjuster upgrade is worth it for the performance float X it's only 25 bucks and just requires some work are
the extra compression adjustments necessary I actually didn't even know that this existed and then uh with this
question I looked it up there's a whole procedure um on the fox website to swap it out and upgrade your performance
floatex yeah to be completely honest with you I didn't know that either right I didn't know
that I've had bikes that I've boughten before previous ly come with uh float X's like performance ones and without
the compression knob and I'm like I want the compression knob and I literally went out and bought a factory Edition x
cuz I wanted the compression adjustment so same I would say 100 25 bucks 100% worth it yeah do it because there really
isn't much range of adjustment on the performance flowex at all yep um just
there's like a climb switch and rebound right so to have some compression adjustment is huge on that and that is a
really good shock as well I really like that shock yeah yeah if you're like mechanically inclined I mean yeah it
doesn't really look all that hard I'm looking at now I was I in my head when I first read this I thought that it might
require you to basically unbuild a shock and let the nitrogen charge out of it because that's
what you often have to do to mess with damper stuff and it looks like it you don't have to do that so if you don't have to do that go for it if you do have
to do nitrogen charge maybe not worth it yeah but yeah I would completely do it if it is as simple as this procedure
future makes it seem so yeah could be a fun project probably would only take you know two three beers I was I was going
to say an hour tops yeah two three beers pretty close good for Fox for for making
this even a thing right because they could like make so much more money and have people just buy the factory Edition
shop you know it's a couple hundred bucks more or whatever and yeah um you just get what a Kashima coat and that's
kind of it so totally um that's awesome that they did that yeah super cool all right next question do you want to read
that one yeah I guess so I believe in a past episode I heard Liam say that he
uses squirt clean long lasting chain lube I recently started squirt for all my bikes in conditions and my chain is
quiet however I noticed that leaves stick to my sprocket and pull the wheels much more than they ever have in the
past what gives what gives um leaves sticking is kind of new but um I would
say you have to put it on and let it dry yeah if you're yeah night before is best
case if not hours before but if you're not doing that you're not going to get the full benefits from the squirt and
you might as well just use an oilbased Lube um put it on fully coat it let it
dry do a second coat let it dry your chain will be dry it won't attract anything to it because it is an actual
dry wax chain not a fully wax chain but a you know L drip wax dry chain um and
literally nothing s sticks to it not even dust nothing out here um so if
you're not letting it dry that is probably why more stuff sticking to it um to be honest if I forgot to do that I
just don't Lube it I just run it dry it's a little annoying but to me a dry chain is better than a wet gunky chain y
for my cleaning I believe it's also better for longevity of your chain and drive chain life mhm so yeah yeah I I
would agree with that too like we did the whole waxing thing and I would I would say that having squirt dry on your
chain overnight is pretty similar to that honestly I think it's getting you 85 90% of the way there it's damn close
I think so it's Dam it's damn close and it keeps your thing keeps your drive train really clean but I have seen like
some customers come in and they use Squirt and they just do it right before the ride and man it's not good it really
gunks up pretty bad and it attracts all the dirt possible M um so that is just a little asterisk with squirt is you just
need to let it dry and it's awesome yeah don't it's your pulley wheel's going to get caked your shifting is not going to
be good your chain Rings going to get caked as well and that's the case with any wax based Loop any wax based drip on
Lube got to let it dry and that's you know ceramic speed UFO Sil a super
secret squirt smooth I don't know I'm running out of the other wax Bas ones but any of those
so impressive you named all those in general um but honestly after waxing the
chain it's like how you said like when like the waxing chains and the vegans will let you know you do it like I'm so
stoked the wax chain like it's amazing everybody should do it so I don't know
what 10 podcasts ago eight podcasts ago we you know uh talked about chain waxing a
little bit and um I think zero friction facts commented back and you know said
you know blah blah we were misinformed which I don't really think we were fully but I want to give a try and we did we
did dive into a Sila crockpot with a silk of wax um and it's pretty good you
know I think it's a good base and then you top off with your wax strip on in the meantime um it's not something I'm
going to be doing weekly but maybe monthly and I think it's worth it like we're us at the shop it's worth it it's
like hey we're going to have a chain wax day bring your bike in we'll clean a bunch of chains we'll wax a bunch of chains it's worth it if you're doing
like three to four chains or more if you're not doing that I think a squirt
or a smoo or a ceramic UFO or the Sila super secret any of those wax based ones
really clean it dry it put it on let it dry it's going to get you like 85 or 90
90 85 or 90% of the way there that doing the full crockpot wax does yeah I agree
with that when we did wax a chain I noticed myself being a little bit more like cautious when cleaning the bike I
didn't want to touch the chain cuz it was already waxed I didn't want to like get that off of there yeah disturb it because it was so good um so that was a
little bit weird to me and I'd rather just use like clean it really good and just put some squirt on let it dry and
call it a day a little easier I do love how clean the drivetrain stayed and like I'm not doing really any water Crossings
right now so like my bike is just Dusty I haven't really cleaned it like it's quiet too I haven't needed to clean it
and the drivetrain is totally clean like not a speck of the gunk which you would get from an oilbased Lube or something
like that um super impressed can't believe it's taken me this long to try it um um yeah stok and like kind of like
you're saying it doesn't make sense to just do it like once and then you know but like maybe get another chain maybe
do it you know every other time right invite a buddy over do a couple at a time type of thing yeah or like you know
like how I did get a second chain drop it in there so you have one that's already waxing ready to go to put on and
then you're just doing it once that's a real pro move you know Jared's stepping it up I'm on top of it man I saw a uh I
was watching a like a gmbn video about the tour to France going over like new by Tech and stuff and um I don't know
what the guy's name was but he's famous writer and he was so obsessed with wax chains that on his chain stay there's a
little sticky note like a little note on on his frame that says no oil please
take chain off before cleaning bikes cuz they cleaned the bike so much that were to France wow so he wants them to take
the chain off and just keep it preserved cuz he likes the wax chain so much yeah yeah I saw some teams this year are
having full like they they have like three or four Drive chains they rotate out like every really every kind of T to
France team does every couple stages or something every stage every stage every stage lav it gets ripped off wheels come
off chains get pulled it's kind of savage they get checked well they get they get checked for breakage cracked
links all that stuff so then they'll and then and that yeah bar bar tape every
stage no way yeah you didn't know that no mechanics go hard they basically get a close to full rebuild every stage and
they have 21 stages but oh my God so now they're doing like two or three chain swaps with chain waxing wow you know
they have a full crockpot like a mega siiz crockpot they're probably dunking in 10 chains at a time letting them all
dry you know party right there that's a waxing party dang I thought like the
downhill World cut mechanics were like wild with a full I mean that makes sense right the bikes are getting gunked and
like muddy full tear down rebuild like I mean but I mean I think yesterday's two to FR stage was 230 km long that's 160
Mi or something like that I guess that checks out you know what I mean they riding them hard just throwing a ton of
Watts that's basically like 10 and also like they're some of the guys are like drooling from their mouth it's kind of gross sweating of drink mix drink mix
it's all sticky like it's kind of gnarly that makes sense it's just getting beat up in a different way I guess in a
mountain bike would wow the more you know that is crazy all right next
question go for it Trevor it's uh it's hot and dry yes it is hot and dry yes but you are hydrated what is your
preferred remedy for mountain bike cotton mouth hair BOS Halls vitamin C drop
what do you guys think um I love a good Mandarin mandarin orange that's like ni
little snack I like dried fruit that's my goto is dried mangoes dates something like that but I also just will babysit
my water all the time like just a little mouth coating just all the time yeah yeah sometimes it's tough to
like to deal with that honestly but yeah if you just put a little water in your mouth and squish it around a little bit and help you with kind of dry mouth but
man sometimes when it's hot and dry you you drink some water and the water is hot it's not even helping you it's kind
of hurting you if anything the worst so that's just tough like maybe get an insulated bottle or put some ice in your
camel back or freeze it yeah um something like that but that's tough my
my least favorite thing is like when the water in your camel back that just exposed part of the tube is warm so I
always try and like push it back out a little bit into the reservoir so I don't get that hot blast of water I don't care
I just get a hot blast because more than what I hate is the air that you're pushing into the bladder sosing around
in your back so I like my bladder like airtight yeah me too that's that's a good point actually thought about that
cuz it does slash around a little bit yeah um I have to say like if you do have like gels when you're riding that
can really dry out your mouth pretty pretty horribly not Mar gels but like I've been using Martin gels lately and
it's uh super good they don't do that well it's like Jell-O it's like a jell
so interesting it doesn't really dry your mouth out and and yeah I've been just living off those lately and it's great yeah those are
good next question demo days are sparse seasonal and usually not too local would
a turo model work for bikes if I listed my bikes so that locals or Travelers could demo and or get a decent bike to
ride while they're in town would a reasonable daily rate cover the maintenance if the concern is damage
reliability how does turo make this work so for those of you who don't know turo is like a it's almost like an Airbnb for
your car you know you can go if you're going traveling you can check on turo for a bunch of people's personal cars or
whatever sometimes it's like a rental car business somebody runs that's just you know a little more diverse array of cars you get a classic car or a cool car
or whatever um so this guy's basically asking you know would this work for mountain bikes and if there's damage how
does turo make that work well turo has like a extra insurance policy that you pay for same thing like when you rent a
car um but I don't know what do you guys think would you turo your bike I would not turo my bike your bike's dialed for
that I think I think it in theory it could work like it could probably pay for the bike it could definitely you
know depending on your day rate you know like I mean we charge what $95 for a demo these days and like $150 for an
ebike so you know if you're around there like it could I think you'd probably run
into the issue of either one uh the sizing of the bike two pedals
helmets shoes type of thing um but you know true if you could work out those
things or like you know you have this app and it's like you have to bring your own shoes pedals and helmet I don't know maybe it could work yeah yeah it's not a
bad idea I think I would how would just get the most like indestructible bike out there like just a full alloy bike
aluminum wheel set alloy alloy everything no carbon anything and um just like thick tires just make sure
that like the bike's not going to get damaged from just like someone sing it inevitably will right like that's the
thing that's tough It's Kind nature of mountain bikes on the other side of things my concern would be as a consumer
renting a bike that is not safe to ride yeah just like how dialed is it is it tuned up are the bolts
tight that's that's tough it's not you know it's it's not a car it's not a vehicle yeah and the sizing thing is
also a big deal too cuz anyone can drive a car but not anyone can ride a specific style bike or size bike you know yeah
and with turos you kind of get the same experience like I most recently rented one to drive down to Orange County um it
was like a three series it was pretty cheap you know um maybe like 75 or 80 bucks for the day and get to you get to
put a couple hundred miles on it right whatever um and it had just like random warning lights like airbag not
functioning or like this and that I was like okay that's kind of like disconcerting but um kind of same thing
with the trail right I've had great experiences and somewh I'm like I definitely would not like rent a car from those guys again I mean same with
Airbnb a rused cabin might be cool and a rustic cabin might be a POS it might be like a murder shed
yeah um but yeah you know there's definitely potential there for that to work I think it just could be the
details need to be ironed out a little bit um or maybe if you're like a bike shop and you just want a more like
formal way to to list your bikes to be demoed or like a more Universal platform that could be cool um but yeah that
could be cool I don't know man try it out let us know well I can read this next question Cool seems like the soes
of my shoes aren't as sticky as they used to be is this normal am I imagining this um if they have lost their
grippiness can anything be done to revive the grip my flat pedal shoes are crank bro stamped Trail lace flats and I
absolutely love the fit they're about 2 years old also a couple months ago I bought a set of clipless at e cliping
pedals and shoes Mallet Crank Brothers Mallet e petals with a pair of Crank Brothers Mallet lace clip-in shoes nice
those Souls of the of the new shoes do seem tackier than my 2-year-old Flats H well 2-year-old mountain bike shoes are
that's that's an old mountain bike shoe for sure depending on how much you ride and yeah rubber as a whole all rubber
usually gets harder or softer depending but most rubber gets harder with age um
tires quity yeah tires are two years old they're not going to be as sticky as they were when they're new um grips
sometimes they get harder sometimes they get that sun damaged mushy gooy um so yeah I've never really
thought about it but I would assume shoes are very similar you're in dirt you're in water you're in Sun you know
like they get shoes are shoes live a hard life on a bike so yeah I'm pretty guilty of running shoes until they're
until they're dying oh I I always do they're on their last legs like even the mountain bike stoes like cuz they're so
comfortable they're so like worn into my foot and I don't even think about it anymore and um and and getting a new
shoe can be a bit of a process to get that back um it's like takes like a couple weeks sometimes honestly but once
you do that it's so worth it so maybe just invest in a new pair of shoes and you'll be good to go yeah also with flat
pedal shoes I mean you have the point where the pins are digging into the to
the um souls or whatever the you know yeah the souls so they're going to be a little more worn in those High wear
areas so they're not going to grip the same no matter what you do true they will wear so but in the case of like
clipless shoes like I've been running the same crank brother shoes for two or three years like as long as you're putting new cleats in for the most part
they're going to keep on trucking you know but yeah I would just invest in a new pair of shoes or just run your M at
ease and then you're good yeah the flats especially those are going to get torn up especially like if you look at the
bottom you'll see like six pins exactly where you grip it every single time and of course that's just going to get worn
away worn away so yeah and the grip the stickiness does matter for the grip on
Flats we're not so much on clipless yeah clipless doesn't it's just how is the shoe how stiff is it still yeah other
holes in it yeah exactly all right I'll answer this last question uh we're going
a little long but so Liam in reference to last episode why would would people be embarrassed to ride specialized H I
don't know if I fully said that I might have I don't remember what I say on this podcast maybe just made a little joke or something under the breath um it's not
so much be embarrassed I just said how good the new specialized stum Trumper is um I do think it's a great bike uh I am
in the privileged position to where I can choose what bike brand I want to ride because I identify with the bike
brand um I like the niche Brands the smaller Brands the brands that are
innovating and supporting the industry um you know and I don't want to ride a
big box brand I.E specialized track uh so on um Santa Cruz might even be
approaching that that big of a market right getting there um it's just it's just more of a personal opinion uh I
think it's really cool that you know the likes of Revel or Banshee or these smaller Brands can make a bike that
literally goes head-to-head with the biggest bike brand in the world specialized for sure um you know it's
more or less I just want to choose the brand that I want to support uh you know in the industry I become friends with them
you know I like that stuff um and they're also supporting the industry they're not discounting bikes they're
not overselling bikes uh they're holding margins um and that's not really what
the big bike brands do in especially the last two years there's there's a reason why bikes the bike industry is the way
it is right now they've been in a you know a bad spot of having too much inventory which you know bad forecasting
greediness the way the industry just happened there's a many factors but uh
yeah so I just choose to support smaller brands that I identify with and I think
make cool [ __ ] yeah and if we weren't in the industry like maybe we would ride specialize cuz they offer Great Value
and like a great product obviously there's I'd probably write a commona personally yeah that's a good one too
alloy great affordable Yeah Bang banging bikes bang bang bang don't drink the
Kool-Aid don't drink the Kool-Aid yeah yeah well said Liam as good answer to uh
you know to a good question but I think that just about does it boys that's it
that's all everybody thank you so much for tuning in if you are so inclined and you really enjoyed the podcast feel free
to rate US screenshot your rating on Spotify Apple podcast whatever email that screenshot to podcast worldwide.com
and we'll send you a little gift and I guess we'll see you in the next one Cheerio cheers love you

July 08, 2024

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