10 Year Old MTBs To Now, What's Different? Shock Tuning Woes, Chain Length Tips & More... Ep. 123 [Podcast]

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Today on the podcast, we discuss some bike related happenings as well as some hilarious race season recaps from the B-Team before jumping in to a classic array of listener questions ranging from how modern trial bikes ride compared to bikes of the past and why MTBs still come with 175mm cranks to debating the best vehicle for an MTBer and everything in between. Tune in!

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If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the podcast above, continue reading below!


ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 123 of the MTB podcast presented and


hosted by worldwide cyclery I am Jared I am Jeff and I'm Liam and we're joined today


by King lentil yeah Liam's pet rock Jared tried to thow them out and I caught him no


didn't try to throw him out there's some strange beef going on about the popularity of Jared's cat versus Liams


pet rock I didn't say anything that's the kind of stuff we spend our time on here there's a 30 minute conversation


and I won that's my rock on the table in this episode we will discuss some


hilarious Race season Recaps from the two amateur race teams that we sponsor the recent bikes rides and component


upgrades we've been enjoying and listener questions ranging from why bikes still come with 175 mm cranks


tuning your rear shock to perfection and how to use your spare hard tail as a


commuter bike if you blow up the engine in your truck again and your name is Ricky with two RS wow this sounds like


it's going to be an episode packed with useful information it definitely will be that that last one sounds like it could


be a episode of Trailer Park Boys yeah well I'm not sure if this was a real question or if this guy's trolling us


but either way we're going to answer his question Ricky and also today's uh episode is one two three yep


1 2 3 1 2 3 and the date well never mind oh whatever you're trying to make 1024


23 I was going to try and do that but no it didn't work it's just a date well there's a 23 at the end of the day we


record these roughly 5 days before they go out or a week before they go out anyway so wouldn't even worked that's


true wouldn't have worked before we jump into our topics oh that's right sorry


that was really strong we're going to do our intro segs int segs short for


segments yeah y um Zach's words of wisdom you booze you lose those are


Zach's words of wisdom that's what he had for us today Daniel's fun fact read Daniel's because I have fact his fun


fact this year marks the 20th anniversary of Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and they have sold over 600


million of them since it was created that is an interesting fact I


have a follow-up fact that I researched to go a little bit more in depth on this topic and according to the National


Academy of coffee drinkers also known as the nacd they estimate that women aged


13 to 24 will ingest up to 30 million pounds of whipped cream a top pumpkin spice lattes this fall season wow that's


a lot of whipped cream but I bet you if they extended that age range past 24 yeah that' be that number would be


ridiculous got hundred millions of Wham hundreds of millions of pounds are you are you a PSL guy never had one never


had one have you how about you Jeff I have usually one or two a season actually had one this morning I got it from Ragin yeah I did oh but


not from not from the bucks no I'm going to get the Starbucks one though too average PSL enjoyer in our present I've


never had one either I mean they're good wow they're good it's once a year just get one or two man they're good I it's


they don't call it a PSL ragam muffin cuz you know they're too hipster for that they call it a pumpkin dream latte oh yeah it was dreamy wasn't that


pumpkiny you know just good but I'm going to try starucks one would never Peg you for such consumerism


seasonality oh I honestly like the flavor it's good it's a good flavor so


does it rank higher than Starbucks you like it better you don't support I haven't had the Starbucks one yet


Starbucks stbu star I don't know why Starbucks cold brew it's just I prefer to support


small businesses but Starbucks just just like you always know what you're getting true you always know how fast it's going


to take it's it's good it's I don't know what they do to their their cold brew but man it's like when I crave cold brew


I want Starbucks c yeah they're putting something addictive in there for sure yeah like multiple pounds of whipped cream or something per drink I just get


I just get black coffee but according to the nacd according to the nacd okay so


race teams uh everyone who listens to this podcast frequently knows that we sponsor a couple amateur race teams uh


one of them being the fire f1re females First racing racing Enduro I did not


know that that's what that stood for you didn't no have you after all this time you didn't know that's what stood for


you just thought they picked the name cuz it sounded cool yeah exactly that um well they swept the series the


mass series uh it's an Enduro Series in out in the East wow East us and the B


team got second um the B team though this is this is the important part uh let me open up


my phone well congrats fire team for being the B team that's right good job fire Shel did say she didn't really want


to like rub it in cuz theam had some some hiccups during the season which I'm about to get into


they can stay cordial but go fire my money was on fire from the start so wow yeah big wow I won a lot of money this


one really so I got an update from Matt um saying they they they finished the series and it was awesome and they got


second thank you for support yada yada thank you Matt for running the Epic B team so of course I asked well how many


broken bones let me get the injury report because I was just curious because there's been some some injuries over the season so this is what he texts


back he says bro oh to preface there's a lot of typos in


this so if you're on the B Team listening to this and you're like I didn't break my ankle Steve was the one who did and then that's blame Matt he


says bro Aaron night before race one massive concussion but he came back and then tore ligament in his finger later


in the season Josh Ferguson race two broken ankle Johnny slipped disc Daniel broke wrist Luis separated shoulder


Elliot turd broke four bones two in each arm and all the team chipped in to get get him a bedet wow cuz he couldn't wipe


he literally broke both arms what a poor guy I know that's a bummer Elliot we love you you're my favorite B Team


racer even though be Toro Gordon is the fastest by country mile he actually swept un W he's making his Pro debut


next year he's actually like legitimately fast and a good racer wow so also known as probably not going to


be on the B Team soon enough I was going to say he's going to he's going to some te sorry Matt but he might be on he


might be on some a team soon enough he's that good uh this list goes on Tim fractured wrist Josh rode with coid


today took third and the only time he didn't take first of the year in his class uh something about the pocono's


mountain bike club Banning some racer from Racing for some drama reason I


guess I can't get into the details because they're confidential um I don't know what's I don't know what's going on


there we're just going to have to have Matt come on and see if he can politici his way out of that love to hear that that thing uh our youngest Justin who's


14 won his first race today in 16u uh and this this is this is what


tops it all off Louis the 50 plus Rider crashed today and then lol rode the


wrong way that's what this says Lost first place in the series because of


that he won every stage but one today and that cost him the race and the series L he rode the wrong way so I of


course you know had to talk to Matt on the phone for a little more Knights when he spun out went the wrong way didn't know how to go exactly what it is so


apparently he was on some flat section and clipped his pedal and scorpioned and then in a in a just Panic haste picked


up his bike and started riding the wrong way poor God and then eventually saw another racer coming that way and


realized he was going the wrong way it turned around didn't recognize any part of the track or anything poor guy I'm a


little confused on how that happens but you know sometimes you get concussed on these mountain bike races brings up the question how many people are on the B


Team uh well I don't know 20 or something it's a Prett of them got


injured substantial and then Matt says I rode well results sucked just can't pedal man climb awesome race pedal


terrible I'm going to say for how much he crashes it's amazing that he didn't get seriously injured yeah I know the


guy's made a rubber as for people that know he was with us on the Italy trip and we watched him crash several times


and he's made of rubber amazing uh also November 11th the B Team guy


the remaining injury-free ones I guess are going to be at the canooga bikee park um having a ride day if anyone


wants to fly out and you happen to be there tell them that you know what's up with the B Team cuz you listen to the MTB podcast sick so that's our race WoW


race team recap laundry list ofies it's what happens when you ride


fast and loose good thing uh we don't cover insurance for those guys right


jeez and people wonder why health insurance is so expensive in this country you know you got to commend their efforts and the send theend respect the


send man yeah those guys are sending it if they're getting injured like that for sure that's why I don't race uro yeah


makes sense I'm scared yeah mik racing is fun but it can be very dangerous and


full of broken bones but it's all up to you if you push yourself that hard then that's that can happen yeah totally


makes sense uh speaking of pushing yourself and sending it what have you been riding lately Jared man bikes rid


have you ever the done a mountain bike race yeah I've done a mountain bike race yeah I did a couple sea otters um you


know some years back um there might have been the only


one I've ever done yeah can't really remember now yeah um what I've been


riding lately yeah been putting the miles in man on the hard tail and the on the gravel bike you know trying to get


ready for Nasco next week big gravel guy big gravel guy big ride next week Liam's


doing it a couple guys are doing it exciting I haven't missed a year since I started running bikes nice this will be


my second time doing it uh for those who don't know it's a charity ride it's about what 80 miles and 8,000 ft of


climbing or something like that and pretty much riding the big big canyons and the Santa Monica Mountains and uh it


is a Savage ride it's legit though it's hard it's hard super fun beautiful a lot


of good scenery we doing it Weaver's doing it yep for a good cause and uh


yeah yeah should be good time so basically I've just been trying to get miles in and prepare for that and also just have fun riding the heart tail and


yeah rip Sycamore to lower leg service a couple weeks ago so it's just buttery


did it yourself I sure did have you read it since yeah and it works it's not leaking the low and fall yeah I know


where you're going with that Jeff and know it's fine it's better than


before pretty yeah I know it's it's awesome I get a lot of satisfaction out of just mundane basic service you know


lower leg service is kind of a cool one I think yeah feels cool when you have all those things taken apart and there oil everywhere yeah it's actually


extremely simple it feels intimidating it is and looks yeah totally but yeah I


mean it's it's an important service to do yeah and it like I couldn't believe you know just how big of a difference it made like putting the fork back together


and all fresh seals and dust wipers I was like wow this just feels how many hours did you have on that fork um I


it's been about a year since I've put it on so I really know but I've been riding that bike a lot so usually like what 50


to 150 like depending on the fork and also just where you ride riding nice


dust on occasion as opposed to riding in mud every day difference in how often we did have a lot of mud earlier in the


year um so that kind of you know probably soiled my seals a bit soiled my


seals they were pretty gross I me Trevor and I were looking at them they're totally black and disgusting so so you were a little late on the service little


late on the service better to be late on the fork lower service than on the dropper Post Service yeah cuz the


dropper post is where it just really stops working well on you totally but yeah that's all I got what about you


Jeff I have not been riding bikes very much lately at all um I just got back a


couple days ago I was in Mongolia for two weeks which is a strange place to be


but uh he caught up on his barbecue caught up on my barbecue on the barbecue


uh a friend of mine runs these Adventure travel trips for entrepreneurs awesome actually on this trip uh Adam Miller was


there the founder of Rebel bikes that's right actually it must have been two years ago or two or three years ago he


was asking me just like hey man what are some really you know meaningful entrepreneur related business owner events that you've gone to and you enjoy


going to and I was like oh friend of mine runs this company called wayfinders he puts on these incredible trips I told him about him and then Adam ended up


going on one um last year we went to Uganda and it was incredible last year or two years ago that was last year this


was last year yeah and then this year we did Mongolia um went out to little bit


in the Eastern side of Mongolia in the capital and then most of the whole trip was on the western side and the pretty much Barren Wasteland that it is um it's


it's beautiful but there's very few of anything there's just wild herds of sheep and Yaks and some horses and it's


an incredible Place wow um yeah it was a it was a rugged trip a lot of camping a lot of freezing cold um we did a


migration with a local family there that does their fall migration so it was cool there a lot a lot of cultural stuff


mixed in there but I just put in a lot of steps yeah I rode a horse for two miles hated every second of it bear back


no there was a saddle on all right well I'm just make sure cuz you were saying you hated it so I just don't like horses


I just can't control the thing I love horses I don't want to ride them though I don't think they should be ridden


ever unless unless you are in that situation and they're actually doing a


purpose for you i' take that back but yeah yeah maybe some like it I don't know only we


talk to they use horses for I mean if yeah there's a lot they're using for an


actual cause not not animal to go ride around not yeah not to ride around like


people out here we've had automobiles for over 100


years you should be on like one of those debates um like there should be there


should be some type of YouTube channel like the onion puts on where they put on these debates I'm still I'm still going to start my non soon yeah I could


totally see Liam like in Washington DC lobbying against like stop the horses we


should buy you one of those uh what Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy shirts that's right yeah that's totally


Le totally goes with your whole theory on this that's totally Li wow so anyways


I haven't really been riding bikes and then I came back and uh my bike still needs to get uh a refresh Liam Liam


didn't work on it I asked you to work on it and you just Ranger you just blitzed me out man uh-oh neglected me he's been


busy he's been doing more important things you got you got edged out I got edged out I was like oh I wanted to ride


this between um preparing sale and my personal vehicle


issues over the last 10 to 12 days I've been a bit busy you blow up


your truck motor twice to use your hard Tails computer uh just about total my


van and had to figure out all that mess of stuff y um but I still made time to ride bikes


because otherwise I will probably lose my mind if I do not what have you been doing in riding um upgrading well I just


rebuilt my whole rail 29 after a Summer full of travel and trips um it just felt


a bit worked so pretty much every wearable I replaced uh which you know


grips brake pads brake rotors tires true the wheels new chain suspension services from rear went


down the frame greased all the pivots torqued them all up chain chain ring all


that stuff um and you did your fork and shock too right yeah suspension service


front mirror yeah yeah yeah okay just been so wow I rode that over the weekend


all fresh put on some new tires DHR 2s front and rear EXO plus front Max grip


Double Down rear Max grip lots of grip set up Max grip mhm you pedal that bike


much yeah I just pedal I did a 4700 ft ride on it yeah where'd you go Ohio in


ohigh on that bike yeah what' you write out there secret Trail oh secret Trail


secret Trail it's not too secret but I don't want to blow it up yep um it's a


public Trail but it just got kind of cleared and brought back to life so um


yeah it's a 22 minute downhill for the Kom it's a long downhill yeah it's a two


and it's in Duro bike worthy which is why you rode the real 29 yeah yeah we were saying if if we're on short travel


bikes uh there's a whole middle section that's pretty rough and Rocky and you could get through it on shorter travel


with less tire but you definitely have to choose your line a bit and it wouldn't be as fun or on endural bike


you can definitely let off and pump through Rock Gardens and kind of get crazy um yeah it's super fun it's such a


fun trail like descending like over three ,000 ft in one go 22 minute


downhill and that's that's like km speed so sounds pretty sweet it's fun just


broke it in up there felt good if you were to recommend a winter riding


destination in the United States what would it be I just came off this this is my


question as a listener W that's a Jeff's listener question well I would just thinking about it like bar would be


awesome that's what I was thinking the trails are a little worked right now um


they don't have too many top to bottom running trails and they only have about three


um otherwise uh


Phoenix quite a good Zone true Phoenix is nice in the winter south southern Utah yeah St


George can you still ride in the winter you can it depends on yeah depends on the snow you could you could ride a


little bit of Sedona and Southern Utah just depending on snow and and weather patterns mhm um yeah the you know around


here is not bad either it's just not like a destination maybe worthy you know


but if you had some friends out in this zone or LA area you can make if you live in Minnesota it'd be pretty nice to fly into La spend some time in


Malibu so centrally located right like you can't just get a Airbnb and cruise out from there like you could in say


Sedona you need or even Santa Barbara if you got one near the hills you could you can get in some epic rides yeah if you


located yeah just be driving so mhm yeah yeah nice real 29 freshened


up nice that sounds nice you've been riding that forbidden yeah the Druid V


yeah kind of want one of those dialed man you're getting one you said you were going to get one yeah I forgot I said


that well we actually are working uh so funny you mentioned it Jeff we got a video coming soon on that bike yeah


review little YouTube video YouTube video I literally was thinking today I was like what was that bike I said I


wanted to buy and I thought about it for like hours day and I was like oh yeah that forbidden that's what I wanted to


get wow I just spaced on it I love it yeah do it man it be sick that thing


looks really good it is really good yeah love it so yeah you'll be seeing a little more of it on the YouTube nice


yeah nice nice well should we uh jump into our first listener question I'd


love to Jump Right In all right to Rob I'm trying to conceptualize what it will


be like to ride a modern trail bike I'm coming off a 2013 Ibis Mojo HD new bike


will have roughly 30 more millim of Stack 60 more millim of reach 70 more


millim front center and 60 more millim wheelbase head angle is one degre slacker what can I expect as far as


differing ride characteristics to be quite honest I'd expect more than one degre slacker


this what he's going from too you can expect it be way way better yeah for


sure next question it's like better gosh I know I'm like almost any


tangible one thing I'd say is uh it'll take a bit of getting used to um yeah


valid point you'll be you know a little bit more Between the Wheels uh instead of kind of feeling on top of them MH um


and yeah you'll run a longer you know longer reach but you'll have a steeper seat tube bangle in theory um longer


dropper post yeah it'll be more stable it'll it'll won't be as Nimble in certain sections much less flexy than a


2013 Ibis Moto that too yeah be much stiffer and and uh more


surefooted yeah be a nice upgrade yeah definitely I just feel like bikes these days are so well-rounded you know yeah


they really are and they've kind of hit I mean we've talked about this a million times but that sort of geop plateau product Innovation Plateau like they


haven't Chang a ton since 2018 I'd say 19 or 20 yeah yeah but I


mean they've certainly changed a lot since 2013 so that'll be a big difference going from a 2013 bike to a


to a newer modern one yeah I feel like it's going to be probably a lot more stable good news is if you buy like a bike nowadays you can kind of bet I mean


maybe it won't totally bet on this but I'm pretty confident it's not going to be all that much different 10 years from


now at least in terms of GE I'm sure we'll get some fancy things maybe maybe gearboxes will develop or some crazy


things like that but I don't think the Geo is going to be all that different I think we've kind of peaked out there yeah I I agree with that statement yeah


I would agree as well next question thanks Jared


yeah there just no thought it off for my input there yeah what is up with the great Kettle glove Famine of 2023 when


will those baddies be back in stock oh add a little spice there uh the kettle


gloves so we made a fair weather glove which I enjoyed I liked it gloves are very highly personal preference and we


decided to go a different route for the next glove model and we're going to make a super lightweight glove which has been


amazing we've got the final protos the touchscreen sensitivity is incredible it's like embedded into all of the


fabric not just lines on there so yeah it's a super nice Ultra lightweight glove it'll be called the vent glove and


it'll actually be coming roughly November SL early December wow perfect for uh


cold weather perfect for the weather it's a vent glove well you know what yeah we're literally getting like the lightest weight breathable summertime


glove showing up in November but you know we just we didn't really care about when it came we cared about making a


really really good glove have you worn it I have worn it yeah it's nice I do like it yeah yeah yeah super nice


lightweight uh type glove yeah I can't I can't wait for him actually I've been I've been putting off getting more


gloves because of this wow yeah they're going to be nice we have our worldwide


up gloves which are quite nice but they're a little hot for Midsummer riding so I have like one pair of really


thin gloves that have just been milk and waiting for these ones cuz I don't want to buy anything nice yeah yeah yeah hand


up gloves are sweet they've got so many different models and styles and colors in stock they do make a lightweight one


I just only have the the worldwide one that we have so yeah yeah that little collab glove we made with hand up is


sweet but yeah so an ultra lightweight Kettle glove is coming sometime November SL early December


sick it's GNA be nice it's going to be nice yeah there you go Kettle glove Famine of 2023 will be over in 2024 and


yes in late 23 late 23 all righty how about this one hey


guys greetings from Austria I really enjoy your podcast YouTube videos yeah I think that was supposed to say I learned


a lot from them got cut off I recently bought a new bike right on swoop and notice the rear end feels really stiff


no matter what I already tried having more sag less spacers but it only got a tiny bit better so I wonder if running a


vivid or coil shock might help current shock is a Super Deluxe Select Plus


thanks in advance keep up the great educational work yeah you know Liam this kind of reminds me of a bike that we


both had a little while back the Mand drer F Podium with the shock tune that was a little too harsh yeah the shock


tune that came stock on the bike was just too harsh yeah nothing you really could do I actually


like did not drive with it I didn't like it on like slower speed stuff you know


but like as a bike you definitely had to ride basically at PACE for it to come alive like if you're yeah you're moving


through Sycamore and going really fast is great and like super supportive but if you had had slow speed Tech it was


like you're just getting like rocked off the thing one thing I would do before buying a new shock is get that shock


serial number and contact Rock shocks or a rock shock service center and try to


see what tune is on there um that way you don't just buy a new shock and it happens to have a very similar tune


which should make a very similar feeling shock even though it's a coil or


Vivid ham yeah like you know yeah go in a vivid might help a bit coil shock you


know obviously has coil shock characteristics but those Tunes make a huge difference um and sometimes bite


companies you know don't nail it and you know sometimes uh making a little softer


on the tune can make a massive difference so I would I would go that route first see if that's an option um


and then you know it's also cheaper send it out probably 200 bucks get it retuned see if that works and then you know look


for a different shock if that still doesn't work there you go yeah also likely not the case because it sounds


like an experienced writer asking this question but make sure your rebound is not just too slow cuz some people have


rebound way too slow and it'll just pack up and they're like this feels so stiff and it's like well it's cuz you're just sitting way too packed up in the shock


and your rebounds way too slow good point I don't know if the depending on yeah also you know make sure your


compressions are open yeah that too exactly I don't know what SE I forget what Select Plus has for adjustments but


MH yeah make sure everything's you know pretty open and and you're you're working on that as well yeah on that


rebound note I open up my rebound a little more on I think it was my lyric and and I was like wow it actually is


amazing how much of a difference it makes just speeding up the rebound a little bit it um because yeah I was just worried about like you know speeding it


up too much and like getting you know bounced off of things but ended up being a really nice in between yep it's all


about balance there can't have it too slow to where it packs up and you can't have it too fast to where it feels like you're bouncing around yeah I always try


to run mine a touch faster um It Feels Good Jeff runs his quite a bit faster than I do MH um so I I try to go towards


a little bit faster it feels good doesn't doesn't pack up or anything yeah good to experiment with that stuff for


sure all right well we've got an important message announcement very


important very important and now a word from our sponsors hey guys Jeff again


quick note that for the month of November we will shamefully be participating in the crazy consumerism


Madness that the United States has left upon us meaning we are having big sales


on the worldwide cycl website the kettle Mountain website and the trail 1 website so if you're looking to buy some stuff


now is the absolute best time to do it because we are going deep on the discounts and maybe we'll do some funny


uh video again where Jared's pooping bike parts like we did last year that was pretty funny November blowout that's


all I got thank you and now back to the show all right this is a Hot Topic right


here the best car SUV truck for a serious mountain biker considering dirt


inside getting to the trails and looking cool in the parking lot followup best car truck SUV truck said truck twice


bike rack combo not the best bike rack but the best


combo take it away boys well if you want to be a real mountain bike you need it to come with a tailgate pad duh well


yeah definitely duh this is very I just think it's personal preference you know it is personal preference what else are you going to use your truck for you're


not going to only use it for driving to the trails well maybe I will say having a truck with a tailgate pad is immensely


convenient yeah it's the easiest way to toss your bike on the back of a truck it's way easier than a bike rack and you


can put five bikes on there which is really convenient when you're shuttling and like just having a truck is nice yeah put a kayak in there snowboards in


there toss a Mal bike in the tailgate bam it is not without its faults see you have a truck you have five people in it


and you're shuttling five bikes what if you're going camping where are you going to put all that gear you might not have


space see this is where you get a Land Rover you get a lr3 LR4 you get a


going to SLE five people inside your Land Rover not mine but lr3 LR4 has a third row so you can get the nor rack


that you can put like eight bikes on or six bikes or whatever you can fit all your homies in there and you have a full


length roof for roof rack and you have an actual trunk where you can put things in they're not going to get stolen like some sort of


savage with your open things in your truck for everyone else who has a normal over Kool-Aid drinkers all you are right


for anyone else has a normal budget maybe you know like a SUV hey you can pick up a lr3 LR4 for a


very reasonable price these days this cars are like 10 years old what's the cost to own I want how much it costs to


own it's about smiles and Miles tell you what get out of here smes and Miles you expect me not to rep my set let's go hav


on a camel trophy Land Rover and put a Tesla motor in it oh God you trying to


make people R in their grave right now well awesome you cannot take an authentic camel trophy Landover and put


a Tesla enge in it but you could take any other old Landover and put a Tesla enge in it but a camel trophy one you


that's like you have to like preserve it in like a air Tye I know man you know people puta engines in smart cars well


yeah because there's nothing better to do with it nobody cares what you do to have freaking Smart Car haven't you ever seen pit my ride if you showed up to pit


my ride you ever seen a Land Rover on pit my ride no they don't need sh up to Land Rover with an old truck not even


pimp Worthy now what I have is a van yep


I'm a van guy very practical yeah can easily throw bikes inside can easily throw bikes on the bike rack I can sleep


in it I have a Frid sleeping is nice yeah you know I'm going to be honest with you Liam if I could get a van I


would have one the last time a Land Rover my friend oh you got to ble that


Out PG-13 and you we were in Mammoth for the camping trip last year and I said


never going to do it again no that was last year is in 2022 oh you slept in it then and you didn't like it yeah too


small too tight man yeah it's not long enough for you huh it was kind of not


perfectly flat huh it has a little I kind of got it flatten out inside of it like with a platform and had stuff


underneath but like I was like okay well I got to go to the bathroom now I got to get out of the car and open it and then


P's like oh what are you doing like well yeah I got to get out of the car to go pee and then I'm like slamming doors in the middle of the night and like rolling


over her and the bed's all creaky I'm like no you know what no not sleeping in the car anymore I was like in the middle


of the night I'm like okay there's got to be a place in town I can go bu a tent so I don't have to sleep in this damn thing one more time wow and you you know


what I was doing yeah you had your big man you're you weren't even in the van you let J sleep in the van yeah you were


in a tent you were in the tent on the ground I'm all about the tent life yeah but usually I am in my van that's the


one occasion I give my van up to let our HR sleep in cuz she's a fate of bears


well that's so that's the thing it's like yeah I love my vehicle there was a massive bear that year because we left out all this pizza there was a huge bear


everyone had too many Frosty Beverages and just left out a bunch of Pizza on the tables and there was a huge bear


raiding the campsite the next morning Bear Country yeah I mean yeah we're completely off topic on this you know regardless yeah the the right car for


you is what what fits in your budget something like that you know resonates with you like for me I love Land Rovers


so that's what I love like I personally like to look at my vehicle and go oh that thing's cool yeah right so I like


the convenience of a truck and I just don't sleep in it often enough that I would care to get an SUV or a van like I


just don't do it I'm always transporting bikes so often that having a van is just so nice just to lock it up in there and


yeah be good although if I was about a week different on my timing might have


just purchased your Tacoma yeah yeah true but yeah there is no real replacement for being able to have your


bike locked in the van like yeah that is going when I used to have a 4Runner I used to just put the bike inside the


4Runner and I'd never have to worry about it yeah for sure so yeah it really just whatever whatever fits with your


lifestyle you know like if you have a family and you know you're not just going to get like like a you know Silly


truck just to take bikes to thehood but kind of what I got from all this we're kind of all on like an SUV or van or


truck but that's what's all between you can lock your bike in SUV you've got two or three rows depending on the model you


can fold the seats down you could probably if it's big enough SUV you could probably sleep in it pretty


comfortably yeah good compromise tell you what though uh Dodge Caravan cargo Edition oh


bring if you're already happily married and probably going to be with that woman for the rest of your life and you really don't care about how you look uh Dodge


Caravan cargo Edition we've got one in our Pennsylvania store that we used to drive mountain bike parts back and forth


no this one's a cargo Edition so it's not even Stone go it's just literally has like truck bed liner plastic liner


in the whole back so there's only two front seats and then it's just all plastic liner in the back so it's


basically just a van with sliding doors it's just an empty van yeah basically with with yeah that liner in there and


it's amazing cuz you can just throw multiple bikes in there lock it up you could totally sleep in there fit a ton


of stuff old yeah Transit Connect or ram ram proom Master City for that or one of


those Mercedes metc like yeah yeah those are all great um whenever we take road


trips which we've we're not like road trips we're flying to somewhere and drive somewhere we always rent those Chrysler


voyagers go seating we made a sweet commercial about one have three seats


going and three bikes and evok bags in there and all your luggage and I can't believe Chrysler didn't give us a car


for that ad yeah we tried to make an ad if you're watching this on YouTube We crushed it yeah we did make an ad if


you're watching this on YouTube you will see the ad no to put that ad in we'll key that up


we didn't I don't know why we decided we just had so much fun driving a minivan we thought we'd make a an advertisement


for it what was that pass I got to rip on that kebler keer pass color yeah when


we drove into Crest yeah one of the only times you can like beat the Google estimated time of arrival by 40 minutes


yeah driving like a rally driver MH you know I got to say also if you're not into a SUV truck I mean like a Subaru


would also probably work pretty well is one of the most popular cars mountain bikers haveu all drive you can put a


hitch on it yeah or a Forester like I had cross TR it was just a little bit too small yeah for like if you want to


get other people in bikes and stuff camping gear speaking of limited cargo space um but yeah Subaru you get a


little roof box on there and a bike rack you're good to go man yep there you go


even you could even have a rally car and a bike you know I mean come on there you go get WRX STI speaking of uh cars


did that on purpose I did that on purpose yeah trying to slide them into the same spot like that a perfect seg


right there read it up all right hey guys I recently blew up the motor in my truck again I'm thinking of using my


aggressive hardel as a commuter until I can afford another motor or car what are some good 275 in Tire options for


commuting and Dorking around on the road also are bigger odors a worthwhile upgrade with lower-end brakes thanks


Ricky yes sup Bean Ricky Ricky with two RS I don't know if this question is


serious or not but we'll answer it we will address it as if it is a serious one so 27 and 1 12 inch tire options for


commuting and Dorking around on the road well do they make a Maxis hookworm in 275 they do I a better a


better Schwab might have a cool7 plus hookworm would be sick like


if you're yeah not if you're not planning on going on the dirt at all I mean a hookworm would be I was thinking


Holy Roller which is a they don't make it in a 275 really I


know they make the hookworm at 29 I'm not sure about 275 h i mean a icon if you're going on


the dirt what's the what they do make a hookworm in a 275 oh there you go which is basically a slick there you go from


Maxis but it's like make it in a 275 Max's hookworm mhm legendary 275 by


2.5 it's a big fat slick tire that is so cool you could go on the dirt with that thing too not the mud I would toss some


of those on there and rip that thing wow until you buy yourself an


lr3 yes LR4 that's our guy he's a Land Rover convert yeah I mean that would be


super sick honestly I've never ridden hookworms but I've always wanted to they looks so


cool what if I put some worms on the L he huh what do you think about that and just used it for


commuting I don't know that doesn't make any sense I know it doesn't at all that's also a 29er you have a lot more


Tire options that's true yeah yeah I could put hookworms on the ebike page has wouldn't be much sketchy ebike yeah


what's the brand of that thing aventon don't ever buy any of those if you're listening to that is the I think we


talked about this before but essentially what your mom bought it rode it crashed


broke ribs and then gave it to you and then we were riding did you ride


it it just gets massive head wobbles the uh head tube is so steep that is


dangerous to ride and it's fast which makes it extremely dangerous to ride you know what that reminds me of do you


remember when we were kids those things called atc's it was a three whe it was like a quad with a motor three wheer did


you ever ride those yeah dude they banned them literally made them illegal United States ilal to make but you could


still own them if you had them my bud's dad had two of them with banse two-stroke Motors in them yeah I


remember seeing one and we would sneak them out into the river bottom and we would go rip those things and we got


ejected multiple times off these things so dangerous so sketch that's that's what Jared's mom's ebike reminds me of


yeah you take your hands off the bars dangerous didn't you determine that it


was because there's no like rake to the fork like the axle basically right into the yeah the whole concept of of like


understanding and correctly engineering Trail offset and head tube angle is just out the window on that bike out the


window which is why your mom crashed it I don't blame her whatsoever that thing's treacherous to ride and which is why you can't ride at no hands and to


make it even more dangerous it has a throttle yeah right you don't even have to Pedal Lally has a throttle a class


two e bike right not a class one yep yep so you can throttle it and I also hack it to go over 30 m hour


yeah it's great for going to buy one of those no buy or beware there's a lot of


random strange brand ebikes right now that are not welld designed no so if


you're buying a commuter one be careful yeah well there's so many you may buy it from your mom for Christmas and you


might break cool ebike commuter that I really love the lamond bikes have you


guys seen those no lemon like lemon cycling they make an ebike commuter they only make ebikes look at it right now L


only bikes what do you mean that's a they made a bunch of other bikes did and they went out of business boner bought them or GRE lemon the old road racer oh


this is like the rad power type bike oh lemond yeah leemond bikes Le when I was


a kid working at uh a local bike shop we sold Lamont at some point they got


bought by track right oh they have oh it's like a gravel B look at that thing Dude Looks Like A yeah oh that looks


awesome look pretty SLE so rad it's like a flat bar commute is that that's an ebike yeah can't even see that there's a


motor in there L if you're listening I would love to test one for you six grand


huh yeah they're not cheap they're it's because it's an that's what real ebikes cost yeah yeah not two grand from some


random website and you're going get squirly and break Von incorrect engineering crash Avon don't get it was


a fixie brand I believe and when fixies lost their big hype they probably jumped


on the ebike train yeah these are super cool looking bikes you literally can't even see the motor battery or anything


yeah I've had a lot of uh random friends reach out to me in the last few years


that just say hey can you recommend an ebike I really want to get something and and I try and explain to them the price


point that they're need going to they're need basically have to spend to get something of quality and they're just really upset about it yeah it's like I


sorry do not buy an ebike from Amazon for 1500 bucks I think like a commona or


Canyon or someone has a pretty affordable like full suspension even a hard TA E Bike yeah that's probably


where I'd go yeah you go like yeah Big Brand you're probably okay um but yeah like even that like rad power company


they're in like a couple of huge lawsuits cuz people die riding those I mean


jeez well there's a lot of crazy stuff going on with ebikes batteries blowing up the consumer uh consumer product


safety commission trying to get uh like all these ebike Brands to have UL Standard Electric Chargers so light on


fire that there was a bike shop in the news that lit on fire because they were charging an ebike over couple of them are in New York New York's passing some


actual laws with it about it they're having bike shops are being dropped by


their insurance providers their liability insurance for their shop because of ebikes being in there wow


yeah but the insurance company of course isn't disclosing specifically that's what it dropped them for but that's obviously the W consensus jeez yeah I


mean I've seen videos of the ebike batteries like exploding on the Chargers and it's like wow do not yeah the reason


number two do not buy a cheap Chinese ebike off Amazon yeah you do not want your house to burn down because of it


yep you got to go you got to go bougie when it comes to ebikes Y can't go cheap well that was quite the tangent and uh


to answer the second part of the question yes bigger odors are worthwhile upgrade for I forgot about that


completely forgot what question we were even answering yes they are worthwhile how about the next question


okay I see some sham chains that specify axis in the product title is that really


a thing or are we good with using a non-axis tagged chain on an axis derailer also can anyone actually spell


derailer without autocorrect yes I can but only because no way we've been spelling yes I can d e


r a i l e u r um I have because it's taken me a long time probably I've


worked you can't even spell trail or trial correctly I can spell them both I just typed too


fast this is in the Liam roast podcast all you have to do is pronounce it like


how it's supposed to be der der derer it's a der but it never spell it wrong ever


again like the British way they just called a Mech Mech oh you got your rear Mech mate it's a Mech your rear Mech oh


your Mech is crashed it it probably took me two or three years of working customer service to be able to spell it


correctly all right well let's answer this guy's question about the access chain oh yeah no you don't only t if you


have t type you should get T type chain T type has a specific transission what it's actually called I think what they


did when this happened was like this called ttype 2 why did they do that t type and transmission why didn't they


just pick one SEO it's an SEO nightmare it is a SEO


nightmare no so they have 12-speed Eagle chains which work across everything you


could run NX chain 12sp speed on xx1 or xx1 chain on NX and anything in between


axis just specifies the colored chains that they came out with later yeah so I


think the the rainbow is called axis maybe only


rainbow actually yeah when I was looking at the side that's what it said only rainbow cuz yeah cuz remember they had like Eagle AIS cassette but it was like


just the colors they came out with when they came out AIS and everybody's like oh do I need this if I have access like


no yeah all that eagle stuff's compatible with itself aside from yeah transmission T type which you do need a


transmission or t type chain that stuff's all specific and those are a little expensive so Ram just had to go and confuse


everybody yeah what was funny is I think that original at least from what I remember some of the original sales copy


when they put a XS they're like access and it's all cross compatible it's all accessible from different things you can


use xx1 x01 and GX and all matches family and then they're like and here's


G type and none of it's compatible with all the old stuff and it's but T typ


compatible across all T type yes so GX to X XSL is still all compatible makx a


match yes speaking of drivetrains why in the world are bikes still coming with


175 millim and 17 mm cranks why I think 170s are still relevant I think 175s are


uh for 80 to 90% of people trash yeah I


guess it depends on the bike but yeah there is a lot of trail bikes that are Trail on and duro bikes that are still coming with crank lengths that just


don't really make any sense 175 doesn't make any sense yeah 175 old school I


haven't R 175 cranks in 10 years I never have in my life I um I mean is it simply


because that there's still the product out there and we're transitioning away to a shorter crank length and they just


need to use these cranks and it can also be bad spec managers I know one company


Road 175s up until like two or three years ago because the owner of the


company overruled all the spec decisions oh these ones are better so wow yeah and


then there's 100 employees telling them otherwise and um hundreds and hundreds of uh consumers customers that buy bike


and sell the crank set so 170s I think are okay I think it's a good starting point yeah but I do think if you're ring


a proper endur you basically should be on 165s in my in my opinion I agree yeah


I mean just the way that Geo's evolved and bikes are so low nowadays and if you're pedaling an Enduro bike up techie


trails and it's sitting that low like you kind of have to have 165 otherwise you're just going to whack your pedals


yeah it's been kind of proven that you know 170s to 165s you don't really get any less efficient but you can actually


spend better circles and it's more relevant on like XC or road bike but hip flexes are more open therefore you can


put out more power hm so yeah you know it's just it's just different things if


if you're really concerned about figuring out power and watts and Q factor and all that stuff then you're


probably on the cross countryroads side you might be a little bit more concerned with figuring out the exact right crank length for you and your situation but if


you are not doing that and you just want your pedals to not smash into the ground and you're riding a you know 130 mil


bike or longer travel then yeah just go 170 or 165 yeah yep think so I think so


yeah all right hey hey why'd you just yell that because it has exclamation point yeah hey go ahead Lan I was


wondering if you could cover your go-to chain sizing method and other methods of choice out there I don't know that other


methods of choice means uh for all bike types small small big big are you following manufacturers instruction


instructions solely thanks love the podcast um up until transmission I


pretty much didn't necessarily listen to the manufacturers installation instructions and I always


went through the well this is I guess according to mountain bike with a single


front chain ring cuz I haven't set upem a one by I haven't set up a two by system in decades probably at least a


decade ages ago um so for one buy I go through the rear derailer as if it was


routed correctly make sure you don't uh go over the tab so it rubs on your rear


derailer which happens with a lot of shano derailers cuz it makes no sense where it is um I go over the cassette


and I go around the chain ring and then I come to the bottom and I basically make sure that there's just enough


tension on the derailer so it's it actually has some tension in that smallest uh Cog and then I cut the


chain so and then by that point you know you can get up to your uh small small


small small small small doesn't really mean small small because the front just yeah is but for most all systems you can


shift into your largest Cog or your first gear or whatever you want to call it your easiest gear um and still have


some movement for the suspension to move in that situation with current modern


Drive chains from like 11 speed on up they have enough chain wrap and they've been designed around that so but then


came a long T type and it's a lot more specific how you got to cut that chain it's very very specific and you really


need to follow dire basically you just need to look up your bike model on the Ram's uh database MH and it'll tell you


exactly how many links to cut your chain two mhm so you actually don't have to guess you just have to look it up and


follow instructions it's true yeah but what if your bike is not on the database I think every every bike with the udh is


on the database unless you have like a small what about Nico's framework yeah exactly a small handmade bike um a


bespoke bike but then you put in I think you put in your suspension type High pivot normal uh


your chain Len your chain stay length um and your front chain ring size and it basically spits it out for you there you


go sounds you like that one Jeff yeah Prett there you go hopefully that works


wow mhm wraps that one up huh next question when I was a kid in


late 80s early 90s getting into trail riding and mountain biking in central Pennsylvania a bunch of people were


riding with bar ends that extended forward with the presumable purpose of offering a different grip on the bars


when climbing obviously Nobody Does that anymore why not and what happened what


other MTB Innovations have come and gone or what are we doing now that may go the


way of the dodo PS I'm a huge fan of Liam but feel the need to note that pet rocks seem to have gone the way of the


dodo no offense to King lentil intended is that why the rock got put on the


table no it's a coincidence no unless you saw that and put it on the table no I don't know what the way of the dodo


means so so his insult went right over my head the way of the doo basically means that uh it's extinct doesn't


happen anymore like like bar to go the way of the dodo means that something is destined to go out of existence your


barends went in the way of the dodo yeah they that's what he said yes um so why


did they go the way of the dodo and what other Innovations have come and gone or what are we doing now that will do that


I think mountain bike uh geometry and position has changed a lot when you're running bar ends you were also running


like 65050 mil bars and 100 Mil stems true um and you needed the leverage to


get far out there to crank up hill yeah the GE was so messed up yeah Bas road


bikes Offroad so you needed that leverage um as bikes got longer slacker


stems got shorter and bars got wider you got the leverage you needed from those bar ends um and quite honestly they're


they're dangerous you hooked on stuff they're totally on trees and dangerous and they're just


not necessary the way that the bike geometry evolved you'll see some


mountain bike marathon races like cross country races or people at Leadville will put those on the inside of the


grips now what are they call them the spr up it's called toss.com yeah you had those don't you


leam I did you those on yeah I tried them once I think James and some of his friends ride those things out I didn't


really enjoy them cuz I actually like to rest my hands kind of over the top of that


um and not like Leverage that but uh no they'll use the actual old school ones like the two or three in ones on the


inside of the grips oh yeah I've seen those and use them as like mini extensions almost wow but on the inside not on the outside okay yeah okay cuz


I've seen like some uron grips that you could still get those crazy yeah uron grips have some models that still have the sort of bar and funky funky looking


things yeah just think the way geometry is gone and bars got wider stems got shorter you didn't really need that


leverage that was provided yeah wow to be honest I didn't really ride mountain bikes when those were in in so honestly


me neither I mean those started fading out in I don't know late 90s maybe yeah


90s late maybe early time ever seen yeah when I was a kid there you go I I mean


it is nice too like just just for clarity though I I move my hands around a lot like if I'm climbing or something


or like big long days I don't always have my hands in the normal riding position I'll like put them on the end


like this or I'll like hang them over the front or I like to drape them brake levers basically I get some


forearm pain too if I ride super long time without like climbing and twisting my wrist in a like vertical fashion H so


what do we think that might go the way of the dodo now with bikes yeah 175 mil cranks on


mountain bikes yeah that should be the way the doo already yeah uh super boost


oh that would be great yeah I mean less less standards


like that I don't know or like the difference between 20x 110 boost and 20x


110 regular why is that that's pretty n what is happening with super boost it's been


a lot of new frames that just aren't is not coming with super boost yeah for what I know it's like salsa pivot and


evil I think use super boost yeah stupid boost remember when I was trying to


convince you to go on change.org and start a petition start a petition and and then you're like I don't know man


says it needs to be like a serious like political or societal thing it is serious


stupid I guess we're not actually that serious about this yeah like looked there's like All These Warnings terms


and conditions and they're like oh yeah we probably shouldn't be like making using this as a joke apparently change that orus for real things not not not


people to make jokes about stupid boost and super boost oh man last question


last question we don't have time for it you're going to have to rip these notes from the past okay notes from past well since I'm listening to your most recent


one and apparently want emails about your podcast here you go I have tried listening to other bike podcasts and honestly cannot get into them like the


pink bike one is absolutely Dreadful I actually look forward to your podcast all the time I genuinely can't think of


anything I would change I wouldn't be upset if you talked about single speeding once or twice though it's because of your podcast that I try to


buy from you guys when I can afford to I'm currently rocking Kettle shorts and I ride not the newest bike specific ones


which I hope to get soon the kettle stuff is really nice one day I'll have some more anyways great podcast have a


peachy J Tyson thank you Tyson we really appreciate that you just read a testimonial I thought this were notes


from the past it was a note it was a teson but it wasn't a note from past


episode like correcting us or or or adding into a question that we asked no not necessarily but it is relating to


the last episode and that's why I put it there and you know what can a guy brag a little bit we got a great podcast and he


said we're better than pink bike and it it is the most highly reviewed mountain bike podcast in the world I think single


spe not much competition but true yeah I think I think single speeds are cool and our boy who rides for Revel Gordon just


won single speed World Championships oh yeah in Spain pretty sick bike uh


LFE yeah LFE that's what I'm talking about um single speeds are sweet and if I was tougher and or had flattered


terrain I would love to ride single speed but I'm wussy and we have really steep hills around here but if you got that chain ring tattoo with the ratio on


the back of your calf you do it my calfs are all tattooed up in my room so


that's it that's all for this episode if you've made it that far this far thank you very much we genuinely appreciate it


if you leave us a review on Apple podcast or Spotify it really helps us out thank you so much talk to you guys


next one thank you

November 01, 2023

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