Maxxis Rekon [Rider Review]

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Maxxis tires have proven themselves to be a gold standard of Mountain Bike tires. Maxxis offers tires for short track courses all the way to the gnarliest and burliest trails around. Our friend, Shan, has been running the Rekon. See what they think! 

Maxxis Rekon [Rider Review]


I recently purchased the Maxxis Rekon 29 x 2.6 60 tpi Dual Compound EXO. I purchased this tire to use as a rear tire on my Santa Cruz Hightower LT. Several of my friends have been running this as a rear tire with good feedback so I decided to give it a try. I wanted a bigger volume tire that was a fast roller for the summer time and this seemed to fit the bill.

Mounting was easy on a 31 mm internal carbon hoop. Beaded up and mounted the tire first go with no issues using Stans sealant. The tires actual width from knob to knob was 2.54 so it was a bit smaller than the advertised 2.6, however, this thing looks every bit of 2.6 on the 31 mm internal hoop that it is mounted to.

Maxxis Rekon [Rider Review]

Sizing of your frame is important here when pairing this tire with your bike as it may be a tight fit in the rear triangle for some bikes. I actually had to pass this tire onto someone else as it had borderline clearance and I would not suggest you use this tire on the rear of a Santa Cruz Hightower LT (at least the current version). That being said this was the only down fall of this tire. Iam told they are making this tire in a 29 x 2.4 but I have not seen it for sale anywhere yet. When this tire becomes available in a 29 x2.4 I will purchase again as I loved it for a fast rolling rear summer tire.

Final Thoughts

On the trail this tire will absolutely rail as it is a very fast roller with tons of grip. The tread pattern does not look particularly grippy but Iam here to tell you this tire will hook up. I was a bit skeptical of how it would grip when conditions became slick or wet but these fears were calmed while climbing a local piece of track that was both technical and slick. This tire was very grippy even in the slick conditions we experienced that day climbing technical rock sections and roots.
Maxxis Rekon [Rider Review]

March 27, 2023

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