Maxxis Dissector Tire [Rider Review]

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The Dissector is Maxxis' newest tire designed in collaboration with World Cup DH Legend Troy Brosnan. It combines a fast rolling tread with grippy cornering knobs in a relatively lightweight package. Our friend Sean recently put one on the front of his steed and loves the speed and grip. Read on for more!

Maxxis Dissector Tire Rider Review


Tire reviews are typically subjective, which makes sense given they are dependent upon a ton of variables (local riding conditions, rider's weight, tire pressure, etc.), and what works for one particular rider on one particular day might no work for another! With that being said, I've actually already done a review on the Maxxis Assegai/Dissector combo I had on my Yeti SB130, and I LOVED that combo and it worked for me on most days. Again, I'm a Maxxis guy, and they've been about all I've ran the last few years. I valued grip over rolling resistance with the Assegai/Dissector and it was a great combo for the loose conditions on my local trails. I recently sold the SB130 and got the new Ibis Ripmo V2. This bike comes specced with 29x2.5 Assegais with EXO+ protection front and rear which is awesome for the big downhill days, but for general trail riding I wanted to try something lighter.

Maxxis Dissector Tire Rider Review

This is where the Maxxis Dissector/Rekon combo comes in! I'm pretty sure I actually got this idea from Jeff at Worldwide in one of their YouTube videos where I saw this on the Revel Rascal. I had heard that while the Dissector is an amazing downhill rear tire, it can also be an incredible trail front tire with fast-rolling center knobs while still maintaining good bite on the corners. The Ripmo V2 has clearance for 2.6 inch rubber, and I also wanted to give this a go front and rear for the added traction. For the front, I went with the Maxxis Dissector 29x2.6 in MaxxTerra with EXO Protection. For the rear, I decided to go with the Maxxis Rekon 29x2.6 in MaxxTerra with EXO+. According to the Maxxis website, this combo comes in at 1,901 grams (1,011 for Dissector, 890 for Rekon), which was about 350 grams lighter than the stock Assegai EXO+ combo. I'll take it! By swapping out the tires, I had dropped around a pound of rolling resistance.

...the Dissector has good bite and has not broken loose so far when pushing hard into corners.

Now to how they ride. I've only had a few rides on the new bike, but I've enjoyed the lighter setup so far of the Dissector/Rekon combo! I also cannot say enough good things about 2.6 for general trail riding on the Ripmo. The traction is unreal, and the stability the wider tires offer is worth the trade off in speed for me. While not as aggressive as the Assegai, the Dissector has good bite and has not broken loose so far when pushing hard into corners. It's been awhile since I've actually had a faster rolling tire in the rear, and the Rekon has been a noticeable change to me versus the Dissector in the rear and even the Maxxis Aggressor that I typically run. The tires just roll and roll and roll...

Final Thoughts

I don't know if it's the bike or less rolling resistance (honestly probably a little of both), but I feel fast. And then you have a buddy take a shreddy video of you because you "feel fast" and you realize you're really not that fast, but still, this tire combo RIPS! I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a faster rolling combo for general trail riding!

Maxxis Dissector Tires Rider Review


October 11, 2021

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