Maxxis Dissector Tire [Rider Review]

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The Maxxis Dissector tire was released as a very fast-rolling tire that was grippy enough for DH racing at the highest level. It turns out that this tire became a quick favorite of ours as it inspired confidence in the loose dirt we ride daily while also keeping the wheels spinning fast and keeping our Strava times quick. Our buddy Bill recently equipped a Dissector tire. Let's see what he thought:

Maxxis Dissector Tire Review at Worldwide Cyclery

Bill's Review

When the Maxxis Dissectors first came out, I ordered a pair of 27.5 x 2.4 tires from Worldwide Cyclery. They worked very well but I wanted more meat up front so I ordered a pair of the 2.6 size. I slapped a 2.6 on the front wheel and left a 2.4 on the rear wheel. Now I have a spare pair of 2.6 & 2.4 for front & rear.

Tire weights for my two 2.4s are 821 grams and 863 grams. I only weighed one of my 2.6s and it came in at 985 grams (the other 2.6 is still zip-tied in the packing). I was kind of surprised at the 42 gram difference with the 2.4s. Maxxis' published weight for the 2.4s with 3C Maxx Terra is 787 grams and 978 grams for the 2.6 size. A bit optimistic on Maxxis' part vs. reality.

I finally got out for a real ride at the Brown's Ranch trails here in north Scottsdale, Arizona. Brown's Ranch trails consist of hard, dry, loose granitic gravel with some deep sandy spots in the washes and lots of protruding rocks that are generally rounded. No wet clay, mud, roots, moss, etc. Trails are generally flowing with a lot of climbing and then some fun twisty moderate down-slope sections. Nothing to crazy, no bomber downhills out here. I'm riding a newly-built 2019 Spot Rollik 150 with a front Manitou Mezzer fork set up at 160 mm. Rear shock is a Manitou Mara. Wheels are aluminum Race Face Arc 30s.

Maxxis Dissector Tire Review at Worldwide Cyclery

I was able to set up the tires tubeless with only 20 ml of Orange Seal Endurance Sealant front and 15 ml rear. Pumped them up to 50 psi and rode about 10 miles on pavement & dirt and they are holding air fine. For this first real trail ride I ran about 20 psi front and 30 psi rear.


"The tires performed very well! The wider 2.6 front really helps with confidence over rocks and it floats like a dream in the sandy washes. Steering response seemed to improve as well although there is still some drifting on the gravel in the tight turns at moderate speed. Probably has more to do with me than the tire. The Dissectors are also noticeably faster with less rolling resistance than other tires I've run. At the end of the ride I had plenty of cactus thorns sticking in the tires but the pressure is still holding fine now 3 days after the ride. Overall, I am impressed with the Maxxis brand and the Dissector tire. I'm also continuously impressed with Worldwide Cyclery, thank you!" - Bill

Maxxis Dissector Tire Review at Worldwide Cyclery

May 24, 2021

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