Maxxis Assegai Tire: Rider Review

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The right tire has an incredible impact on the quality of your ride. Imagine having the confidence to rail that berm without worrying that your tire will wash out. Or winning that race because you have the incredibly low rolling-resistance and lightweight tire. Whatever your riding style is like, having the proper tire is key. Our friend, Ben Child, just started riding the Maxxis Assegai upfront and gives us his review. Check it out and remember to keep the rubber side down!


I recently got Maxxis' new Assegai tire mounted on the front of my Yeti SB150. Over the past few years, I have been a pretty loyal user of Maxxis' DHF as my front tire choice and I was excited to see if they had truly been able to get a better front tire to market. I went with the Assegai 29x2.5 3C EXO+, mounted on a 30mm DT Swiss EX511 rim. I went with EXO+ because…well, it was all that was available at the time…and I had yet to try one of Maxxis’ new EXO+ tires. I spend most of my time riding in the mountain trails of northern Utah and the occasional day here and there riding at resorts in the Park City area. The trails in this region are either very hard pack or very loose and rocky.

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First off, the Assegai looks a lot more aggressive than a DHF, especially once it is on the rim. I was a little nervous that the combination of the more aggressive tread and EXO+ casing would result in a noticeable difference in resistance while pedaling. I’ve been able to run the Assegai with an Aggressor, SS Minion & DHR II in the rear now, and even with the slight weight penalty, I have not noticed a difference in rolling resistance when compared to the DHF. And based on my experience with the Assegai EXO+ tire, the EXO+ casings will be my go-to for front tire protection.

The real news though is in the overall performance of the Assegai tire! Besides the more aggressive-looking tread pattern, the knobs are also slightly taller than a DHF. A lot of the trails in my area switch back and forth between really hard pack clay and loose/rocky silt. I was hesitant when I started out, watching for the tire to squirm under braking or hard cornering in hardpack areas. After multiple rides and pushing the tire harder and harder, it has been just as stable as the DHF only with more grip. When the ground gets dry and loose though, this tire really comes alive. I repeatedly entered dry, loose and dusty corners expecting the front to push slightly, searching for grip as the DHF did, only to have it maintain traction and hold its line.

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Final Impression

It is truly amazing how much traction this tire is able to generate while cornering in loose conditions. I have not had the chance to ride with this time in muddy conditions yet, but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with the Assegai if your local trails are similar to mine!

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November 12, 2019

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