Maxxis Assegai Tire 29 x 2.50 Tire [Rider Review]

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Tire upgrades are truly a low cost, big impact component you can buy for your mountain bike. A great tire won't break the bank but will improve trail performance dramatically. In this review, our customer tells us about the Maxxis Assegai Tire 29 x 2.50 Tire. Check it out!

Maxxis Assegai Tire 29 x 2.50 Rider Review


I have been using the legendary Maxxis Assegai as a front tire for quite a few months now, after finally switching from the well-known and trusted Minion DHF. I was searching for a bit more side knob grip and found the tread pattern to be just what I wanted. I generally ride the more burly, rocky trails which make Southern California such a desirable riding destination, and especially during the winter, this tire serves those conditions beautifully. Being a bigger guy, 6’5 215lb, I went for the DD casing front and rear for added stability and toughness. Although I try to avoid them. I often find myself smashing over the biggest rocks in the trail and often dent and bend rims catastrophically. I sought out this heavier casing which I am running alongside CushCore in order to have a more ‘bombproof’ setup and to make it through more rides without devastating results.

Getting used to riding with the Assegai does not take much effort. I found myself leaning farther into corners than I normally would, carrying more speed than I would often dare to, and picking up the bike over large gaps without fear of the repercussions of a horrible case.

The tire does undoubtedly roll slower than the DHF, and even than the Assegai EXO+. I quickly noticed this on my first road climb, there is more rolling resistance, due to not only the added weight of the tire but the softer rubber. Fortunately, it is that softer rubber that makes the tire so fun to descend with, ripping around corners at ungodly speeds and leaning deep into long sweeping turns.

Maxxis Assegai Tire 29 x 2.50 Rider Review

During these summer months, I have chosen to run the Maxxis Aggressor DD in the rear in order to get a bit faster rolling tire while it is less necessary for me to have tall lugs in the rear. I have found that these shorter profile tires work really well in bone dry conditions where there is no moisture, rather than having a tire like a DHR II digging in really deep into the trail. The Assegai / Aggressor combination works really well together, complimenting each other. I can always trust my front tire to stick to the ground reliably while knowing at exactly what point my rear tire will break loose and begin to slide.

Final Thoughts

I will continue to run an Assegai upfront on my bike for seasons to come, the real question for me is the casing, but you cannot go wrong! I would encourage people who are looking for a bit more grip or traction to pick up an Assegai and give it a try. The added confidence that I have received from this setup change is astronomical. Yes, I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

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November 30, 2020

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