Marzocchi Bomber CR: Rider Review

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Air vs Coil is a very common question these days. Both have their benefits and come down to the preference of each rider. Our friend Adam decided a coil would be best for his new Enduro. Read on to find out how that decision turned out.


I recently purchased a 2020 Specialized Enduro Elite. It comes stock with a Rock Shox Super Deluxe Select. On my last bike, I ran a Fox 36 with a Vorsprung Smashpot conversion. For me, it was a game-changer and my first experience with coil suspension. I was sold and I wanted to add a coil shock to my bike. However, I did some research and I discovered the suspension on my frame was too linear to work optimally with a coil shock. As soon as I bought my new bike I was shopping for a coil shock. Additionally, I booked a trip to Oaxaca for a week of shuttling on long rough and steep trails. I knew the coil shock would be perfect.


I did some research online and I found many positive reviews of the Marzocchi Bomber CR. I liked that it had simple yet effective adjusters for compression and rebound. People mentioned it was a rebranded Fox vanilla shock and that was a very dependable product. I found the 205/ 60 trunnion mount that I needed on Worldwide Cyclery for a good price and I ordered it. It was my first order with Worldwide Cyclery. They contacted me the following day to inform me the product was a special order item and there would be a delay. I responded that I was going on a trip and needed the product by a certain date. Jared said he couldn’t promise but he felt it was possible and that he’d do his best to make it happen. To make a long story short I was very impressed with the service the team at Worldwide Cyclery provides. I received the product in time for my trip and the prompt professional response to my inquiries was appreciated.

Installation and Setup

I went online and found a spring rate calculator. For my weight, a 500-pound spring was recommended. It was easy to install the spring and mount the shock. There are very simple set up instructions. I started with the rebound and compression adjusters in the middle and went for a blind ride down a 4000 ft. descent with some steep loose chutes and gnarly rock gardens. A perfect test for a new Marzocchi coil shock.

Marzocchi Bomber CR Review

The Bad News

The shock has a 5 mm spacer that converts a 65 mm stroke shock to a 60 mm stroke shock. I did a 5 ft. drop to flat out of necessity and heard a loud crack. Upon inspection, I noticed the spacer was gone and the coil was rattling. The impact and hard bottom out must have shattered the spacer. The coil perch was a bit deformed but I was able to re-tighten the coil and ride out. Luckily there were no clearance issues riding the bike in the long stroke form. I’m not sure if I need a heavier spring? I’ve since purchased a 525-pound spring to install once my shock returns for FOX Service.

Ride Impressions

I did ride the bike a handful of times with the stock Rock Shox Deluxe Select so I do have a baseline for comparison. I’ll say that it took me about 30 seconds to realize I made the right decision. I was riding with a group of buddies all week and I was slotted in my normal position in the pecking order. I immediately felt more comfortable. As expected the traction in the loose off-camber sections and the composure in the rock gardens was confidence-inspiring. One of the surprises for me was it made the bike feel more poppy and playful. Overall it made the bike feel better in every aspect. I did end up letting off the rebound and compression adjusters a few clicks.

Marzocchi Bomber CR Worldwide Cyclery

March 16, 2020

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