Marzocchi 2019 Bomber CR Coil Shock: Rider Review

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Upgrading to a coil rear shock on your trail bike has never been easier thanks to the Marzocchi Bomber CR. If you've been toying around with the idea of going coil over air, the Bomber CR should at the top of your list. Fellow rider, Tomas Rupinkas recently installed one of his Jeffsy and gives us his review. Check it out!


My previous set-up on my YT Jeffsy 27.5 included a RockShox Deluxe. I wasn't unhappy with the set-up but was interested in upgrading the performance. It's hard not to be drawn into the possibilities of the "coil shock world" when initially doing my overly critical online research. The one consistent comment that I experienced was the ability to set it and forget it. It was hard not to take a closer look at the Marzzochi Bomber after seeing the price. So I decided to go for it. Thank you Worldwide Cyclery for the attentive and prompt technical assistance when needing the correct mounting hardware etc..

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My initial impressions that jumped into my brain during my first ride is grip. The back end is planted and continues to stay planted. My previous difficulties with tinkering with air pressure, tokens, and compression went away. I do admit that these previous difficulties could have been due to my limited experience. Either way, I was blown away how the back end would track through berms, small rooted sections, and small chunk.

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Final Impressions

I've been riding this new set-up with Marzzochi Bomber now for about a month and still am incredibly impressed. I love that suspension set-up is an afterthought. It just performs. You do pay a weight penalty. But I feel that the efficiency that I get through the climbs and descents cancels out the weight penalty. You will experience the pedal bob associated with the coil rear. But again I will take the added grip while climbing over that pedal bob.

I am super happy with this new set-up. Yes, there are other more expensive coils shocks available with more adjustability etc..., but you can't beat the value and performance of the Marzzochi Bomber Coil. If your looking to change to coil go get this thing and get out and rip. Crazy value and high-end performance!

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August 12, 2019

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