Light and Motion Urban 1000 Headlight: Rider Review

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If you are going to be riding your bike at night, a reliable night light is a must have. The Light and Motion Urban 1000 has plenty of lumens to light up the trail while staying light and sturdy. In this review, our customer gives his thoughts on his new light. Check it out!

Light and Motion Urban 1000 headlight review


I'd like to start off by saying, I've been doing a lot of night riding with my road bikes and my mountain bikes for several years now. One of the biggest problems I've run into is lighting. So I've been trying to look for a light that not only has the flood range, and the spot range, at night and that can be versatile when I'm going through quick turns and up over jumps to minimize the shadowing. I think I found that light this Light Motion Urban 1000 Lumen light, with the side red LED lights it's just the best. I think in comparison to the Cycglo light, and the Blitzu lights that this is the best, and I will tell you why.

First Impressions

I have aTrek Domane SLR 6 road bike, that I ride a lot at night and during the day. The Urban Light Motion 1000 light has a nice strobe option, for the daytime running light that motorists can see when I am behind them or when they are coming towards me. I love how bright and crisp it is during the day. I do not feel that I'm going to get mowed down by motorist coming towards me and I also feel very comfortable coming up behind Vehicles when I'm biking in a 25 to 35 mile an hour traffic zone running through the big cities that I ride through they see that bright glare of flashing staggered strobe patterns in the rearview catches their peripheral attention. The three lighting options that the Light and Motion Urban 1000 light offers are great also. I don't have to have it on full blast When the Sun Goes Down which adds battery life to it. And at very very dark unlit areas the high intense mode is very bright, and I can see the top of the trees also. It is small, sleek, and slick and adds a very powerful beam that I enjoy.

Light and Motion Urban 1000 Headlight Rider Review


When mountain biking my Trek Slash 9.8, I run the Light and Motion Urban 1000 light on my handlebars, and I run another light on my helmet. One great thing about the Light and Motion Urban 1000 light at night is it has the side LED red light that other bikers coming towards you say from the side can see that there is an illumination of red light and that draws grab the attention of their eye better than seeing the big bean casting out further away. It has good wide range pointed towards the ground, as my helmet light catches everything further away so when I'm traveling through the berms, and over jumps, I don't have any dark spots or feel wary about where I'm going to land or if I might wash out a crash. With that being said, the Urban Light Motion 1000 light is a very good well-made bike light. I've also been caught in some rain, which it illuminates through the droplets without the droplets of rain having a flashback in my face. Also being that the Light Motion Urban 1000 is made by a company that also produces scuba gear, that makes this light even better and is very good for waterproof or what I am using it for.

Final Thoughts

I have not ridden with this Light Motion Urban 1000 light in a torrential downpour yet, but I don't have any feelings that it will let me down as far as the brightness or the quality that I will see while traveling in such rainstorm.

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October 25, 2020

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