Lezyne Micro GPS Loaded Cycling Computer: Customer Review

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. That can definitely be said for our customer Carlos who recently purchased a Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer to help him stay consistent throughout his rides. Rather than pull your phone out while riding, the Lezyne cycling computer has everything you need at the click of a button and right in front of your face. Check out Carlos' review to learn more!

Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer Customer Review

I started riding a little over a 1 1/2 years ago and had a biking accident that caused me to miss 6 months due to shoulder surgery and recovery time. I feel like the crash was mainly due to the bike, but also me not knowing when it's necessary to take a break. I then decided I needed to monitor my heart rate, distance, and cadence.

Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer

First Impressions

I purchased a few items before like a smart watch and a distance monitor and tried to pair it with my phone, but always felt that my readings were a little inaccurate. I finally gave in and purchased the Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer. I have to say I was initially disappointed because of the size of the device but wow was I wrong. I thought it would be difficult to read the numbers while riding and toggle through the different screen but again, I was wrong.

Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer

Features and Final Thoughts

The Lezyne computer packs everything I wanted and more into a small and easy to use monitor. I will admit that I still have not used everything that it brings. I will say the heart rate monitor not only works great but it is really comfortable. The speed and cadence really helps you see what sections you are improving on and what areas you need help. It maps your ride and it also connects to Strava. I highly recommend if you are like me and just a rider riding for fun and trying to get in shape. The installation was simple and this coming from a guy that has trouble changing a tire on a bike.

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October 24, 2018

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