Kuat NV 2.0 Hitch Bike Rack: Rider Review

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When traveling with a bike, no matter if it's a 5-minute drive to the trailhead or 5 hours for a road trip, the worst thing is to not have confidence that your bike is safe while transporting it. With a solid bike rack, transporting a bike is easy and safe and you can start to get stoked on riding rather than keep checking if your bike is still there. Below is a review of a Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack, a solid and very safe option to travel by car with your bike, it even features a bike stand to work on your bike at the trailhead. Check it out!

Steven's Review:

I received my Kuat NV 2.0 very quick, the package was protected and placed in the box very well. The instructions could have been way better but I figured it out.  After going back and forth from pages I just had to start guessing a few pieces and it worked out for me. The biggest thing is patience, you got to have patience when putting it together. It took me about 30 to 45 minutes to put together and there are only like 10 pieces, maybe it was just me. Once put together it goes on the hitch very easy and has a knob on the lower part of the rack to tighten to stop the bike rack from wobbling. Also, it comes with a hitch pin with lock and 3 keys if you lose 1 you have 2 more.


Putting the bike on the rack was very easy, I had to mess around a little bit to figure out the best way to lock the bike in place but once you figure that out it's the same way every time. I really enjoy the bike stand that comes with this model as I use it to lube my chain before my ride and to wash the bike after my rides.

I also really like that you can just lift the Kuat rack up and get it very close to the rear of your vehicle, it doesn't stick out too far and I can keep it on all the time. I drive a truck and it works great for me, I can still open my tailgate with the rack on that's the reason I bought this one because I didn't want to unload everything in the bed of my truck every time I wanted to go for a ride and have to remove my tonneau cover. The construction of the bike rack is a really good material seems like it will really hold up over time, the thing that I think might need to be replaced over time is the tire straps but Kuat has replacements so that's good.


Final Thoughts:

Besides that, I think its a great bike rack. I love the color, I bought the orange and dark grey! It looks pretty cool too. I know it's pretty expensive but I think it's worth the money, I bought a bike rack from saris just before I got this one and had to return it because my bike didn't fit and saris measurements said it would fit up to 50 inches but it didn't work with my bike and this bike rack say it holds up to 48 inches and it worked perfectly. Go figure that out. I'm very happy with Worldwide Cyclery and I plan on buying more stuff from them. Thanks worldwide from all your help!



January 19, 2020

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