Kuat NV 2.0 Base Hitch Bike Rack [Rider Review]

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Let's face it, our bikes are our babies, and transporting them to the trailhead securely is like getting a nice stroller. Why not make sure your bike is secured with one of the industry's leading racks? Our friend, Samuel, has been using the Kuat N.V 2.0 rack. Check out what they think! 

Kuat NV 2.0 Base Hitch Bike Rack


I had put off purchasing a Kuat NV 2.0 base bike rack for years due to the cost. I used a rack I made from fork mounts and a large piece of wood for the back of my truck. After getting tired of taking the front tire off and on my mountain bike, I decided I was ready to try a hitch mount style rack. I placed my order from Worldwide Cyclery and got excited.

The box arrived in great shape, and shipping was much faster than I anticipated given the size of the box. Once opened, the instructions were clear and the rack is assembled with nothing more than a hex wrench, which is provided in the box. Side note and tip for anyone getting one of these racks, the bolts on each rail go in opposite directions! After assembly, I tossed it on my truck and was amazed at how nice the quality is on this rack. The included lock and keys seem to be of good quality and work easily for taking the rack on and off.

Once slid in the hitch, you line up the holes and slide the pin in and add the lock. Next, turning the knob on the back end of the rack will tighten the ball inside the hitch to secure it and the rack becomes extremely stable. Next, lift your bike and set it on the rack! My handlebars clear the back window of my camper shell, which was an area of concern for me. The front wheel sits in the cup on the rail and the wheel holder extends out and up over the tire. I tried it on 3.0-inch tires, and 2.6-inch tires so far. I’d have no question thinking it would also hold smaller tires. The rack also comes with an adapter for bigger tires. As you slide the wheel holder over the top, it then slides down and ratchets as you push it down onto the front tire.

Once the bike is held on the front tire, you moved the back. The back wheel is held onto the rack with a ratcheting strap that slides along the rail to get perfectly in between the spokes. You slide the strap through the spokes and over the rim and into the ratchet. Pulling it through will hold the rear tight and you’re now ready for travel. Unless of course, you have two bikes, just repeat all these steps and add bike number two for the upcoming day of fun!

Final Thoughts

My bike travels securely and I’ve been very impressed with the ease of use and how nice it’s been over the old “custom” rack I had made. I’ve only stopped and needed to lock my bike once, but it was extremely easy to use. The lock slides out of the rail end and extends twofold. You easily track the locking cord through the frame of your bike and back into the lock. The same key for this lock also controls the hitch pin lock. I regret not buying this rack 2-3 years ago!

Kuat NV 2.0 Base Hitch Bike Rack

September 23, 2022

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