KS LEV Integra Dropper Seatpost: Rider Review

With so many dropper seatpost options these days, how can you possibly decide on the right one for you? For our customer Eric, he was looking for something reliable and most importantly, light. After checking out all his options he decided on the KS LEV Integra dropper and has been stoked on it ever since. Check out his review to hear more!

KS LEV Integra Dropper Customer Review

After getting my a** jackhammered and OTB by my SB100, I decided a dropper seatpost was needed and worth its weight in gold (in this case the 517gram 100mm dropper was worth 0.18 oz of gold.)

My Options

I was considering the Fox Transfer but was turned off by the post weight of 550-600 grams not including the hardware. In addition, you had to buy the remote and cables separately. I considered the Thomson Covert since it worked flawlessly on my previous bike but again the weight was greater and the cost exorbitant at $470. Never even considered the Reverb because of the messy hydraulic fluid and post movement.

KS LEV Integra Dropper Customer Review

The Decision

I never tried KS before and knew they had issues with their first/second generation models but it seems they have cleaned up their act together to stay competitive in the expansive field of droppers. I was between the KS Lev Integra and the KS Lev carbon. I emailed KS and they stated the carbon dropper was only 50gram lighter but over $150 dollars more. This was a no-brainer for me and I went with the 100mm KS Lev Integra.


Installation was pretty straightforward. The dropper comes with a simple lever remote, cable, and housing. As long as you're comfortable swapping derailleur/shifter cables, have some patience, and eyesight to watch a YouTube video, you're good to go. Fine tuning the shifting was a bit finicky but much easier than my previous Thomson Covert. Dropper action was smooth and the return action was extremely quick and had the pleasurable sounding "thunk" to know it returned to full extension.

Performance and Final Thoughts

I've ridden over 100miles on this dropper and it's worked flawlessly. There is no side to side play and no post movement with my full weight on it (I am only 150lbs geared up.) Overall it's a winner because of the reasonable price, low weight, and reliability thus far. I would highly recommend this dropper to anyone. Don't be a fool like me! Save your bum and get this dropper!

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November 04, 2018

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