KS LEV Dropper Seatpost [Rider Review]

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KS has been around the dropper game for what seems like an eternity. Their posts were notorious for being the most reliable droppers back before so many companies joined the competition. Although there are so many more companies in the game, KS has maintained a level above most as the go-to dropper brand for many. With a wide variety of Droppers for almost any price-point, weight goal, and sizing option imaginable, choosing KS for your next dropper is almost a no brainer. Our buddy Todd recently purchased this KS LEV Dropper and sent over a review to let us know about his experience on the post. Lets see what he thought.

Todd's Review:

I purchased this seatpost for my 2018 Salsa Beargrease which requires a 27.2 post and could not be internally routed. I ride my Beargrease year-round and was looking for something that would allow me more flexibility on the downhill single track in the summer along with being able to make getting on the bike easier in the winter when deeper snow. It seems the 27.2 size is becoming a bit rare and the selection is getting more and more limited. After speaking with a representative from Worldwide Cyclery about what I was looking for, the KS LEV seemed to be the right match for me. I purchased the post with 100mm of travel. I wasn’t sure how this would be as both my wife’s bike and my son’s bike have 125mm and 150mm respectively, but I have never felt like I’ve needed it to go down any further than what the travel allows.

I was a little worried about how the installation would go for me. Overall the post was easy to install and since my frame had a place for the cable to run through the top tube everything looks clean.

I don’t think the installation would be much different if you need to run the cable on the outside of your frame, but I am glad to have it out of the way. The cable seems to be well protected where it connects to the seatpost and I have not given it a second thought since the installation was completed even riding in some pretty muddy conditions after an early season snowfall.

KS LEV Dropper Review at Worldwide Cyclery

I have had this seatpost on my bike for about two months now. With 3 miles of single track across the road from me and another 25 miles a short drive away, I usually am on my bike every day. Once installation was completed, it was an instant improvement and a lot of fun to ride. I love being able to get the seat out of the way so I can comfortably get my weight back.


"By no means is my Salsa a heavy bike with XT components across the board, but I’m not overly fussy about weight and have just as much fun on my wife’s Giant Yukon. I still wasn’t sure how adding a dropper post would change the feel of the bike. This post comes in at around 480 grams has not seemed to change the overall feel of the ride. I can tell when I lift the bike that there is more there, but when on the trail I don’t feel any difference and even if I did, the benefit of having the seat out of the way on the downhills would far surpass 280-gram difference from my old post. It would have been nice to have a remote included with the seatpost, but I purchased a Wolf Tooth Light Action Remote which has a little bit longer lever making the activation require less travel which has been a great match. I am pleased with the help and guidance I received from Worldwide Cyclery and love my new seatpost." - Todd

KS LEV Dropper Review at Worldwide Cyclery

April 26, 2021

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