KMC X10L Gold Chain: Customer Review

Do you consider the quality of your chain when buying a new drivetrain system? KMC is known for making some of the lightest, strongest and best shifting chains on the market. Here in this review, our customer Aaron Pass tells us about his new KMC X10L Ti-Nitride Gold chain. Check it out before you order your next chain!

KMC X10L chain blog review

Feeling like becoming Lil Wayne on your bike? Jazz up your drivetrain with this killer gold chain from KMC. Not only will you look like a boss when riding, but you get one of the strongest and smoothest chains out there. I couldn't be happier with this chain!
KMC X10L chain blog review
I am using it with a Shimano Di2 1x11 drivetrain with an Easton EC90 SL crank, the thing is as smooth as butter. Word on the street is that this chain outlasts the Shimano and SRAM stuff by nearly 2x. I'm not surprised. The chain comes pre-lubed and ready to go. You just have to shorten it to your drivetrain, easy peasy.
KMC X10L Gold Chain
The Quicklink system is a breeze as well. Take the chain off quickly if it needs a deep clean to get that dope gold shine back. You could even throw it around your neck for a jazzy night out on the town.

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September 20, 2018

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