KETL Long Sleeve Men's Jersey: Rider Review

If you are unfamiliar with the brand KETL, they make some of the highest quality mountain bike apparel on the market. Although they are a small company, their gear rivals that of the big dogs and have become hugely popular around the shop. Just ask our customer Sean who recently purchased a KETL long sleeve jersey. He is loving it so far, check out his review for more!

KETL Long Sleeve Jersey Rider Review


Below is a review of the KETL Long Sleeve Jersey that I purchased. We've been in the middle of the freeze/thaw cycle in Bentonville, AR, so I wasn't able to really get any "action" photos of the jersey in use. I have attached a "shreddie" of myself while wearing the jersey. Yes, I just came up with shreddie. A selfie while wearing a super aggressive looking mountain biking helmet :)

Regardless, LOVE the jersey and LOVE KETL Mountain Apparel. Also, LOVE what you guys are doing at Worldwide Cyclery. I just recently subscribed to your YouTube channel. In my opinion, you guys produce some of the best content online between reviews, blog posts, and videos! Keep up the great work! Also, just looks like an incredible company to be a part of regarding culture and just work in general. This is a long introduction I know, so below is the review!

Why Did I Pick KETL?

So I just turned 30. And between that and my wife’s comments regarding my flashy kits of old, I’ve started to really appreciate those pieces of mountain bike clothing that can pull double duty. Jerseys that can be just as at home on the trail as they are at the local pub. I’m also a fan of quality over quantity. And that’s where KETL Mountain Apparel comes into the picture.

I recently purchased the KETL long sleeve jersey from Worldwide Cyclery. I wanted a jersey that I could also wear with khakis. I work a corporate job but live very close to trails, so after work rides are doable, and I wanted something that was low key enough to wear to the office.

KETL Long Sleeve Jersey Rider Review

Fit and Finish

I absolutely LOVE this jersey, and I wish I would have discovered KETL sooner. I’m a huge fan of merino wool when it comes to riding jerseys and while this jersey’s material isn’t merino, it does a wonderful job of fighting odors. I can usually go 2-3 wears before washes. Outside of the chest pocket, there are no other pockets and no zippers, which to me is a good thing. This isn’t the jersey to get if you typically carry things in pockets. I love the 3-button henley as well.

Again, I think it just helps to dress it up if you ever wanted to wear it outside of the trails, which I find myself doing all the time, and it also helps on those warmer rides with airflow. I’m a guy with long arms and struggle finding long sleeves that fit. This jersey is perfect in the sleeves and doesn’t bunch at the wrists. I’ve worn this jersey as a stand-alone in 50-65 degrees, and it feels great even for not appearing to be that thick or warm. Under 50 I’ve paired it with a merino wool hoodie.

Final Thoughts

Great jersey. Really cool company. I am definitely planning on purchasing more KETL gear in the future!"

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March 12, 2019

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