KETL Long Sleeve Men's Jersey in Avocado: Customer Review (Its 2018, We Wear The Avocado!)

"KETL?" "Who's KETL?" "Never heard of KETL before."

Things I've typically heard in reference to the KETL Long Sleeve Men's Jersey. But those phrases are typically preceded by something like "Man, I like that shirt!" or "Is that a cycling jersey? Sweet!"

KETL Long Sleeve Mens Jersey Avocado Review

I've been wearing this jersey on pretty much every ride since I bought it. Road rides, long-haul mountain and XC rides, canoe rides, car rides, you name it. In Southern Colorado, we get the full swing of weather throughout the day and this jersey seems to perform well through all of them. From cool 40-degree (F) mornings to hot, sunny, windy afternoons. The KETL Long Sleeve Men's Jersey seems to keep you warm in the nip, and breathes great when you really start to rip. I've worn it with a cotton tee or short-sleeve jersey underneath, or just let its softness brush right up against the skin, and it's always comfortable. The PowerDry fabric seems like a good durable weave and it's taken a few falls and encounters with trees and rocks without a flinch. This fabric cleans easily too. I thought it was ruined with a stain from a big greasy gyro at a festival a couple weeks ago, but a quick shot of Simple Green overnight cleared it right up, good as new and ready for looking good on the trail again!

KETL Long Sleeve Mens Jersey Avocado Review

The seams are well-sewn and the extra features like the earbud loop in the collar are great. Plus it's got a chest pocket, which is always cool for stashing things like your sunglasses, beer tickets, or an old receipt with that pretty girl's phone number on it...which you'll certainly be getting when she catches you in this jersey. And with the fresh Avocado color, you know it's healthy with those omega-3's so you can ride guilt free. I just hope no one believes how good this jersey is so I can remain the only one wearing it around town.

Great stuff!

KETL Long Sleeve Mens Jersey Avocado Review

KETL Men's Long Sleeve Jersey Avocado Review

August 16, 2018

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