KETL Logo Wool Socks: Rider Review

While they are still relatively under the radar, KETL mountain apparel makes some of the best quality and most comfortable apparel on the market today. Everything from shorts and bibs, to jerseys and socks, KETL has it all. Our customer Buz recently reviewed their Logo Wool socks. Check out his review to learn more!

KETL Logo Wool Sock Rider Review


I've been wearing wool cycling socks for many years and these are the best that I have found. The KETL Logo Wool Socks are lightweight and durable, with an excellent fit. They are actually nice enough for dress wear but are really in their element biking. I use mine almost daily, these never go out of the rotation. I was really happy to find them at Worldwide Cyclery. Oh, these are nice socks!

How is the Quality?

The KETL Logo Wool Socks are a perfect weight for year-round use. The current colors blend nicely with other KETL apparel that I have, which is also excellent. I can’t wait to see additional sock colors. KETL - are you listening? Sometimes wool socks seem too tight, but these don't, and are generously sized. Just order the size you regularly get and you'll like the fit. Just buy an extra pair or two because I know you are going to love them!

KETL Logo Wool Socks Rider Review


The KETL Logo Wool Socks are never scratchy, and because it's merino wool, they resist odors. Mine have lasted beyond my initial expectations. Absolutely no holes, no wear-through. And they breathe so well, wicking away sweat that I can't even tell that I'm wearing a sock at all. Sometimes at Christmas, I'll give cycling socks to my friends and family. However... I haven't been able to part with a pair of these KETL Logo Wool Socks yet. Maybe this year? Hmmm, maybe.

Final Thoughts

The KETL Logo Wool Socks are not widely available, so it’s nice to see them in stock by Worldwide Cyclery.

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February 24, 2019

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