Kali Maya 2.0 Helmet: Rider Review

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When it comes to protective gear for mountain biking there are a lot of choices out there these days. It can get a little daunting when trying to narrow down your choices in gear. Our friend Kenny gives us the rundown on his Kali Maya 2.0 Solid Helmet. Check it out!

Kali Protectives Maya 2.0 Helmet Matte Black Large X-Large Rider Review


I've got a few hundred miles on my new Kali Maya 2.0 Solid helmet now and feel qualified to give it a solid review. It is very lightweight, however, I feel the most important attribute is the single handed adjustments. The chin strap doesn't require a pair of pliers to adjust as well as the head cinch is easily adjusted with one hand. In the deep south were I live we can be riding in 40 degree temperatures one day then 80 degree temps two days later, consequently I am always wearing something under my helmet. A bandanna, a cooling pack (summer here is 100 plus with equal humidity) or just bare.

Kali Protectives Maya 2.0 Helmet Matte Black Large X-Large Rider Review

Seems I am forever adjusting the chin and the head cinch at the beginning of my ride. The one handed adjustments are a great improvement over the last helmet. Other neat features are the webbed forward facing vent holes, my home trails are a Forever Wild 400 acre 12 mile trail system literally in my backyard. The good thing is its a mere three minute ride from my garage to the trail, the bad thing is its in a swamp, infested with insects and spiders. The webs stick to my helmet but the webbing doesn't allow entry of these critters, the vents allow plenty of cooling air without any bugs. Lightweight and adjustable visor are another good feature for this Kali bucket. I paid less than half what most of my riding companions paid and still have just as good a helmet, A great value from Worldwide Cyclery. Thanks!

Kali Protectives Maya 2.0 Helmet Matte Black Large X-Large Rider Review

Final Thoughts 

Just very happy with this helmet and the fine service I get from Worldwide. I have a killer work schedule and live so close to my home trails I get to ride nearly everyday, 76 Miles this week, 2650 miles last year. I ride DIRT only, its single track, Hard pack with a little sandy Loam. Here in LA, (Lower Alabama) the red clay is like riding Asphalt. Because I ride so frequently I get to test (wear out) many new parts on my bike. A rear tire is a 4 Month item (250 Miles) drive train components are quickly eroded due to the sand. I go through two Cassettes a year, two chain rings, and numerous chains. I try to get all my parts through worldwide due to the great service, price, and expeditious delivery! Maybe I can give a better review on my next purchase.

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September 18, 2020

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