IXS Trigger FF Full Face Helmet: Rider Review

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As enduro bikes get more and more popular, more riders are going faster and faster on these bikes, thus needing more protection. The enduro style of full-face helmets has emerged in the past few years and brands like IXS have come out with an enduro specific lightweight full-face called the Trigger FF helmet that can be ridden all day long and provide the protection of a full face while keeping you light and vented like a half shell. We have featured this helmet in our Enduro Full Face Shootout and we also found that the IXS was one of the best in overall ventilation, comfortability, and protection. Let's check out what Dusty has to say about his purchase of the IXS Trigger FF helmet. 

Dusty's Product Review:

A few hard hits to the noggin', while racing amateur Enduro, were the sign that a full-face helmet was in order—an extra bit of protection. After all, I'm a Dad, racing with my son, and I need to attend a job in order to maintain this hobby that we share. I was looking for a helmet that was light, comfortable with good air-flow and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. I'm the type of guy who can research for weeks...even months. It's a bit of a sickness, really; the research and shopping.....the "chase" is one of the most exciting parts of a new purchase for me.

The IXS Trigger FF had just hit the market while I was shopping; there was little info that I could find about it, except that it was indeed extremely light. A few brief reviews also revealed that it had great airflow, 1-piece construction and, for me, it passes the test for "looking great".

IXS Trigger FF Helmet

Fit and Comfort:

I was a bit concerned about picking a helmet with size ranges that are only S/M or L/XL, compared to a helmet like the Fox ProFrame that comes in S, M, L, XL. I waffled between a couple of the colorways, after a brief price reduction and a coupon from Worldwide Cyclery, the time was ripe to bite-the-bullet and place the order. Alas, the helmet is already so popular that I had to wait a month before it could be shipped. The day finally arrived when I received the shipping notification. The helmet was packaged great, and it comes with 2 sets of cheek-pads and a cloth bag with a pull string.

It fits incredibly well; after swapping the cheek pads for the larger ones and getting the sizing dial adjusted, I can get the helmet extremely snug (while maintaining comfort). It works great with goggles, though I still haven't figured out how to "park" the goggles on the forehead of the helmet, below the visor; it just doesn't work for me. The fidlock chin snap is sooo much better than the standard 2-prong snap on my 1/2 shell helmet. I like how the chin-bar is mostly out of your sight-line, but not too low, like with some other helmets.

IXS Trigger FF Helmet

On the Trail:

The true test is what it's like on the trails. My first field test with the helmet was at a lift-serviced park, where you're constantly taking the helmet on/off, which seems like a perfect way to put the helmet through the motions. I feel that it's important to note that, for me at least, the dial on the back must be loosened to remove the helmet from my head, then retightened each time, unlike a 1/2-shell helmet. Even when doing that, it's a bit of a tight squeeze to get my face and head into the helmet. With that said, I appreciate the tight fit and ability to get the dial cinched into position.

Final Thoughts

This helmet stays in place once you have it fitted properly. I give the helmet an A+. I actually couldn't stop talking about how much I liked riding with the helmet after the first ride was over. The fit was perfect for my head, the airflow was plenty and while it provides more protection than a half shell helmet I didn't feel as though I had on a heavy hot full face and I could ride all day. If that isn't just the perfect middle ground for a vented full face. 


April 03, 2020

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