iSSi Thump Pedals: Rider Review

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Although they are sometimes overlooked, the iSSi Thump pedals are one of the grippiest pedals we have tested. For just $50, you get replaceable pin and just about every color you could ask for. Our customer Stuart picked up a pair and has had nothing but good things to say. Check out his review!

iSSi Thump Pedals rider review


I have been mountain biking since the late 70's. I started with a hard tail and clip pedals. The first time I rode it down a Vermont mountain trail, I caught the clip & went over. I got down & went in for clipless SPD pedals. I continued with SPD clear pedals until this spring. On my spin bike, I could never get my Delta cleat right. I switched to SPD pedals & shoes still with pain in my knees. No pain on mtb. I started reading that flat pedals were becoming more popular & needing new shoes anyway, I decided to try flats. I watch Jeff's video review and considering I did not want to spend a lot on my first pair without knowing if I liked them, I went with his favorite in composite vs metal. I ordered the iSSi thump composite in a large, I have a 11 4E width shoe.

iSSi Thump pedals rider review

First Impressions

I first put them on my spin bike since the pandemic kept me off the trails. My knee pain disappeared. I had no trouble staying on the pedals with the pins in the low setting while standing. I was able to keep my FPT the same as with clipless.

Now that the parks are opened, I put them on my SJ and took them out for a ride. After the first ride, I was a convert. Now with a few more rides, I find the pedals to be very comfortable, reactive and even good on climbs. I like the fact that I can move my feet in different positions on the pedals. The pins keep my feet in place and the concave center must be helping. Only once my foot slipped off but it was probably more my fault adjusting foot position. I see no needed to get the metal ones. Since pedals get banged up on rocks & logs, I like being able if necessary to get another pair with out think of the cost.

I also realized I had a small fear in the back of my mind about not clipping out quickly when needed. This is gone now. I feel better knowing I have an outrigger if needed.

iSSi Thump pedals rider review

Final Thoughts

With only a few MTB rides & a lot of spin classes, I do not think I would go back to clipless and the iSSi thump has made the change over a pleasant experience. The other brands may be good also, but my iSSi have won me over & I have no need to look elsewhere. I may even pick up a second pair for my spin bike & get away with clipless. Able to stand easily on the iSSi flats with their pins in sprints. I highly recommend iSSi composite flat pedals.

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July 18, 2020

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