Industry Nine A35 Stem: Rider Review


When I began looking for a stem to match my silver Chris King headset, there weren’t a lot of options. After seeing the release of the A35, I knew I needed one. I went with silver to match my headset and frame bolts. Now let me say, the Industry Nine A35 is pure bike bling. From the artistic machined shape to the premium hardware, this stem leaves nothing to be desired. Sure other stems get the job done, but nothing gets it done looking like the A35.

Industry Nine A35 Stem

Finer Details

From the start, unboxing the stem is an experience. Perfectly nestled in a box wrapped in protective bubble wrap, you know I9 didn’t want to settle for tossing it in a bag like some other brands. I thought it was also cool to see that they even recommend reusing the box for other purposes to help cut down on waste. It just goes to show how much thought and care they put into the entire experience and not just their product.

Once I had it out of the package I was able to admire it. This stem has the perfect balance of squared off looks with smooth corners. Its beautiful shape looks semi-organic and the machining is top notch. In addition, there are dozens of color combinations possible between the stem body and the stem faceplates.

Industry Nine A35 Stem Rider Review Stem

Final Impression

I’ve been running this stem for a couple of months now and it gets compliments on nearly every ride I go on. Other than my bars randomly coming loose 6 miles into a ride after several hundred problem free miles, I haven’t had an issue. I wouldn’t even say that was the stem’s fault, but I’ve never had a stem come loose like that, and a little bit of thread locker will prevent that in the future.

Overall, the A35 is a beautifully crafted stem from an outstanding company. When you want the best, this is the one for you.

Industry Nine A35 Stem Rider Review CTA

July 04, 2019

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