How to Set Up Crank Brothers Pedals In Ridiculous Detail [Video]


Crank Brothers Clipless Pedal Set-Up

Did you just buy a set of Crank Brothers clipless pedals and now you're wondering how to set them up? Well look no further! Here. we take an in depth look at how to set up your Crank Brothers clipless pedals including cleat set-up and positioning, shim set-up, pin set-up, and traction pad set-up. We also dive into topics like breaking in your new shoes and Crank Brothers pedals and compare and contrast riding Crank Brothers clipless pedals vs. Shimano SPD clipless pedals. This video isn't just a quick little overview - it's for the rider who wants to set up their clipless pedals perfect and never have to think about them again. If you'd like to skip ahead to certain sections, just skip to the section below with the associated time.

For cleat set up, skip to 1:30

For shim set up, skip to 2:35

For cleat positioning, skip to 3:40

For traction pad set up, skip to 5:20

For new shoe break in, skip to 7:45

For new shoe/cleat set up, skip to 8:40

For a quick overview, skip to 13:55

For a pin set up, skip to 15:01

For SPD vs Crank Brothers, skip to 16:12

For clip in clip out practice tips, skip to 16:58

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November 07, 2017

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